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Brother GT-782 Direct to Garment Inkjet Printer

At Techlounge we tend to stick to the smaller gadgets and maybe pocket sized devices but the Brother GT-782 Direct to Garment Inkjet Printer caught our eye, and we thought that it would be great to have in the office so that you could make some cool t-shirts whenever you like. The only problem with this machine is that it’s huge and costs $55,000 so it wouldn’t be a small purchase but a wise investment for a t-shirt printing company.


The Brother GT-782 inkjet printer allows for the single print of a t-shirt, so printing companies can offer a single shirt service rather than having to impose a bulk order. This printer is fast and can print up to 60 full t-shirts in an hour. It would mean that potentially you could upload a design to a site, have your t-shirt custom made and sent to you exactly how you wanted it. Printing t-shirts has certainly come a long way in the last 10 years as the demand increases for more unique and stylish t-shirts.