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Gogoro SmartScooter

Gogoro launches innovative electric Smartscooter to combat pollution in big cities

For major cities, London is one example, pollution is on the increase and measures to combat this are being sought. Currently measures such as such as Low Emission Zones and Congestion Zones are being implemented in an effort to reduce the effects caused through engine exhaust fumes.

Electrically powered transport is being increasingly used and the Taiwanese company Gogoro’s Smartscooter, which was launched at the Consumer Electronic Show, could be one way to successfully combat the problem. What makes this electric scooter different is that the company envisages a series of battery swapping stations that will allow the user to simply remove the depleted cells and change them for fully charged ones in a matter of a few seconds. This has always been the “Achilles Heel” of electric vehicles which have to have the batteries recharged at designated charging points. These stations are referred to as GoStations where the batteries can be exchanged without having to wait around during the charging process. (more…)

Commodore PET Smartphone main

Commodore pleads with customers to take home its Android phone

Those of a certain age can probably remember the days in 1977 when the first Commodore computer came onto the scheme and introduced a host of people to computing. The computer had the initials PET attached to it which stood for Personal Electronic Transactor, rather sweet don’t you think? Well it looks as though the company is reviving the adorable name as is having another go at bringing this back, this time though in the form of an Android phone.

Online Cheating Site Ashley Madison Hacked

ashley madison

Ashely Maddison is an online dating site, but with a difference it promotes adultery; indeed its slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.” The site is apparently used by 37 million people mainly in the USA and Canada and most of those users will be waking this morning very worried, as it has been reported that the site has been hacked by a group calling themselves “The Impact Team”.

Taxi booking app Uber fined $7.3m in California


Uber Technologies Inc. is an American company that specialises in allowing customers with a smartphone or computer to arrange a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars. Uber’s app allows passengers to request rides from drivers in the area and its fares are generally lower than those of traditional taxis.

BMW trials 40-ton electric truck on the road

electric truck

The first all-electric truck of 40 tons has been put into operation by motor vehicle manufacturer BMW and transport and logistic operator Scherm. It will operate between the BMW Group Plant and Scherm’s logistics centre in Munich, delivering items to the BMW plant such as shock absorbers, springs and steering systems and although the distance is not going to be great, just around 16 kilometres in total, it is a trial that is being carried out by the two companies.

Apple Watch sales down by 90% since April

apple watch main

According to unofficial figures, Apple Watch sales have fallen by 90% since its release in April. The drop means that Apple are selling less than 20,000 watches a day in the US, dipping as low as 5,000 devices by the end of June.

GoPro Hero 4 Session

New Hero4 Session mini action camcorder from GoPro

This very proactive US Company already dominates the market, but that does not stop it from continuing to develop and introduce new improved products. The latest of these is the all new Hero4 session cam which is smaller and lighter than its earlier models.

Twitter employs only 49 African Americans


America as most people are aware is a diverse nation made up of many people from different origins a large proportion of who are black with roots from Africa. The Rev Jesse Jackson, a black American has long campaigned for tech companies to be more transparent about their lack of minority employees.

Mobile phone calls to 0800 numbers are now free

mobile phone

This is great news and one which many believe is long overdue; calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers are now free from all phones including mobiles under new Ofcom rules. This means that the changes force mobile operators to make calls to all 175 million “freephone” numbers really free and not impose any charges at all. (more…)

Gmail finally makes ‘Undo Send’ an official feature


It has probably happened to us all at some time, copying someone into an email by mistake and hitting the send button only to realise what you had done! Google however, has introduced a feature that that lets you recall that hastily sent email to the wrong person and whilst it does not actually recover the email, what it does is delay the sending of it for up to 30 seconds. This is how you can set the feature up which will then work for all the emails that you send.

Emoji could replace PIN codes in online banking


It is well known that most of us use memorable dates such as birthdays when we are asked to provide a pin code comprising four numbers. This makes it remarkably easy for crooks to access our pin codes if they do some simple research into us or our families.