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Android robot peeing on Apple was not Google they claim

Well it went viral on the social media sites and few people cannot have seen the image of the Android mascot urinating on the Apple logo. It was spotted on a google map on a piece of land which is situated just to the south of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Quite how the image appeared on the map remains unclear, but it could have been put there by someone using the Map Maker tool that allows people to contribute to the google maps.

Map Maker edits are always moderated, but this one seems to have slipped through the net, for a while at least, someone has claimed that they knew who it was– a user called nitricboy according to Hacker News. Naturally as it seems that Google had no part in this they have quickly removed the image and have apologised in a statement posted in the Washington Post newspaper. (more…)

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No queues are expected at Apple Watch launch

When Apple launch a new product television footage always show hordes of people queueing overnight to be the first ones to get their hands on the product, but not his time with the new Apple Watch, which is released today.

World speed record shattered by Japan’s Maglev Train


Hitting a speed of 366 miles per hour, a magnetic levitation train in Japan has broken the world speed record which was undertaken with a seven car train on an experimental track in Yamanashi on Thursday. The new record beat the old one which was set in 2003 and stood at 361 Miles per hour, but it is expected that the new record will only last for a few days as a new test run is scheduled to take place on Tuesday and a speed of 373mph is anticipated.

Game of Thrones leaked episodes triggers angry response from HBO

game of thrones

HBO is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Home Box Office Inc., an operating subsidiary of Time Warner and has been angered by the showing on Sunday night of episode 5 of Game of Thrones. This has resulted in the broadcaster sending “take down” notices to Periscope, which is the live-streaming video app owned by Twitter. However Twitter seems unconcerned by the threat as they maintain that the Periscope app complies fully with US copyright law. The verbal battle rumbles on with HBO indirectly criticising the video streaming company, suggesting that developers have the tools to prevent copyright infringement for occurring on their apps, suggesting that presently they only react to copyright infringement allegations rather than trying to prevent them happening. (more…)

Jawbone UP3 ready for shipping after delay

Jawbone UP3

The very long delayed Jawbone UP3 will make its debut just four days before the much publicised Apple Watch which is due for release on April 24th. Jawbone has been forced to apologise for the long delay to the fitness tracker and for customers in the US who pre-ordered the item, shipment will be sent out in the strict order that they were received. It is anticipated that most will have the tracker on their wrists by mid-May at the latest

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‘SuperTruck’ doubles the MPG of a standard truck

The Environment protection Agency has estimated that the motor vehicle is to blame for contributing to about half of America’s smog-forming volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide emissions every year. Much of the blame for this is laid at the door of the trucking industry, which is understandable when you consider that an eighteen wheel truck and trailer returns only around 6 miles per gallon.

Free portable battery chargers for every EE customer


We have all been there at one time or another, you are out and about and for whatever reason you have had to keep using your mobile, then it happens, the message comes up that the battery is about to run out of charge and you are not able to plug it in ti recharge. Well if you are an EE customer, help will soon be to hand in the form of a portable charger which is being given free to every customer, both contract and pay as you go if you have been with them for more than three months.

BT enters the 4G mobile market with SIM only deals


A lot of things have been happening in the mobile ‘phone market this week with the announcement that 3 is on the point of acquiring O2 for a reported £10 billion. But what is probably of more interest to a lot of people is the BT announcement that it is to get back into the mobile market after an absence of ten years.

Taylor Swift buys .porn and .adult web domains

taylor swift

Web domain names traditionally go for general public sale on June 1st but some stars and companies are given the opportunity to buy them ahead of this date. These are all part of public sale by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Many famous named people do this for any number of reasons, but it can be well understood in one particular case.