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This year’s Super Bowl to be a Drone free zone

It is one of the biggest sporting events in America, guaranteed to have millions of people, both there and around the world, glued to their television screens. The event attracts people not only for the sporting prowess of the players, but all the “razzmatazz” that the average four hour performance takes.

However, this year’s event, which takes place at the Super Bowl stadium in Santa Clara, California, has had a new restriction placed upon it, nothing to do with the cheerleaders or other entertainers, but the latest technical craze, people operating drones. (more…)

Whatsapp Logo

WhatsApp clocks up a billion monthly users

WhatsApp is the brainchild of programmer Brian Acton and computer engineer Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo, who left the company in 2005, after which the pair travelled South America, simply to get away from work and no doubt dream up new internet based ideas.

New wristband that could monitor health being trialled

Health Wristband

There are a number of fitness trackers on the market, often worn on the wrist, which are used by athletes to check their heart rates and the number of steps taken, sometimes calories burned, but even the most sophisticated can do no more than that. The medical profession, particularly in a hospital environment, use a device called an oximeter, which fits onto the finger and measures pulse rates as well as oxygen levels, widely used particularly after surgery.

Four key executives to leave troubled Twitter


Jack Dorsey who founded Twitter and returned to the fold last month, vowed he would make changes and the first thing that he did was to lay off 8% of the workforce. Now some executive heads are starting to roll as it has been announced that four people in top posts are to leave. These are the head of product Kevin Weil, the head of the media Katie Jacobs Stanton who will depart in the next few weeks, these are to be followed by Alex Roetter who is the head of the engineering and by human resources executive Skip Schipper. (more…)

Drone team enters the Guinness Book of Records for carrying the heaviest cargo ever

Drone Megacopter

The use of the drone is becoming something of a normal feature of everyday life and not just in a military context. However, what we have just seen puts the use of the drone into a whole new category as a team of engineer who are based at the University of Oslo have entered the Guinness Book of World Records, not for how high it may go, or how far it can travel, but weight lifting.

robot wars

BBC to reboot a new six part series of Robot Wars

The much loved technological game Robot wars is scheduled to be shown again for a new six part series on BBC2 which will once again see a whole bunch of new devices, with perhaps some old favourites. These will, we imagine, take advantage of the advance of lithium batteries, materials and computing that have moved dramatically on since the show was first aired in 1998.

Apple music now reaches 10 million subscriber mark

Apple Music

The battle for the online streaming music service shows no sign of letting up as Apple has just announced that it now has over 10 million paid subscribers across the 100-plus countries in which it is available. That in itself is a wonderful achievement, even more so when it is realised that the figure is half as many as Spotify the Swedish company which launched in 2008, compared to Apple Music which launched just over six months ago.

Iconic brand name Motorola to be phased out


The name Motorola first came to the attention of the American public in 1928, 87 years ago, when they began manufacturing battery eliminators, which enabled radio sets to be powered directly from the mains electricity. But it was the burgeoning motor car industry that brought the company early success when they began selling Motorola car-radio receivers to police departments and municipalities in November 1930.

Netflix and chill in an autonomous Volvo

volvo netflix

Teaming up with Ericsson, Swedish car maker Volvo made an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016, which said that it was working closely with Ericsson to develop HD streaming television in its future self-driving cars, this will allow the occupants of the car to watch all their favourite shows in HD.

Star Wars Force Awakens is a box office smash

Star Wars

There can be very few people that believed that the latest Star Wars movie would be anything but a huge success and the tickets sales worldwide of $517 surely vindicates the decision, questioned by some, that the $4bn that Disney paid for Star Wars producer Lucas Films was justified.