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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hits UK

The latest offering from Samsung has finally arrived in the UK after much speculation that it was not going to be released here, just where do people get this mis-information from? However if you are wanting to get your hands onto the Note Edge, you will have to go through Vodafone, well that is for the moment anyway, it is due to be released to other network providers on January 9th 2015.

Vodafone are offering a number of incentives to get the Samsung through them before it goes on general release and these include, a three month NOW TV Sky Movies Pass or NOW TV Sky Sports access for the duration of the contract. The Galaxy Note is being offered on contract only with no SIM-free pricing yet. This will cost you £49 a month for 24 months on the network’s Red XL plan, or alternatively £58 per month again for a two year contract. This will give you unlimited minutes talk time, unlimited texts with 10GB of 4G data. It is possible to get cheaper deals from Vodafone, but you will have to pay an upfront charge from £199 up to £479. (more…)

ipod classic

iPod classic is still selling for £593

It was in September this year that we reported that he iconic iPod classic MP3 player had been quietly withdrawn by Apple, but we are now wondering if it was a hasty decision. Reports are still coming in that retailers who got hold of large stocks of the classic are selling them on the internet, new and boxed for an eye watering £593 leaving us to wonder if they pulled the plug rather too soon.

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Motorola Moto G

lumia 535 moto g3

When comparing these two smartphones we are looking at the first non Nokia Lumia and the 2014 version of the Motorola. First screen sizes, both have a 5 inch Gorilla glass 3 with the Moto G which has better resolution superior pixel giving a much better image, both phone have multi touch support and 16 million colours.

Micro networks connects rural blackspots

No signal

We have seen over a number of years a lot of talk and little action on the problem of covering rural mobile phone blackspots. However it does seem as though one service provider, EE is taking steps to fill the black hole by using new “micro network” technology that can be deployed without building masts and laying extra cables.

Are the “Trolls” winning the battle?


Comment forums can make interesting reading and reading other people’s views on a subject can be informative, or infuriating, depending upon your particular point of view. But whether we like it or not, these comment forums have gained a reputation as a haven for internet trolls.

BT plans to buy back O2

O2 BT logo

What goes around comes around it is said and mobile operator O2 was once part of BT which at the time went under the name of Cellnet. However, BT got themselves into a spot of difficulty by buying up some duff companies mainly in the USA and found that it was in a massive amount of debt. Selling off their mobile network was a way out of it and this was snapped up by Telefonica for a reported £17.7bn.


Google faces break-up call from EU

The highly successful internet giant Google has yet another battle on its hands as there are now calls for MEP’s to vote to break up and to curb the undoubted dominance that the search engine enjoys in Europe.

Meet the real Robo-cops of Silicon Valley


Brand new robots equipped with high tech microphones, surveillance equipment and a whole host of sensors have been deployed to go on patrol in Silicon Valley. Called Knightscope, these robo-cops are designed to spot suspicious or criminal activities and relay information back to controllers.

A Quick guide to GTA V on Xbox One and PS4


Rockstar has finally released its re-mastered version of Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so we thought we’d tell you why you need this game.

Grand Theft Auto V was the biggest selling game of 2013, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide. The games huge open-world map allows players to roam free and create all kinds of chaos as you follow three criminals as they plan out and attempt a range of heists.

How good is your 4g signal?

4G phone

Well we imagine that unless you live in a large city or conurbation, it will not be very good and even if you do live somewhere that 4g is available, almost certainly it will be patchy. In 2010 the government instructed mobile phone networks to ensure that 90% of the population was covered by a 3g signal by June of this year, so far only Vodafone has achieved that. However, covering 90% of the population is a far cry from covering 90% of the country and many areas in our country are blackspots for a telephone signal never mind 3g, so for many there is a long way to go.