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Android Wear now compatible with iPhone

So this is great news for those Android Wear users that might just happen to have an iPhone as it has been officially announced that the watches are now compatible with iPhones Users will be able to check messages, track fitness and use voice commands by installing the new Android Wear iOS app, compatible iPhones are 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 and above.

Android Wear is very popular and they offer a multitude of choices, even more now that they can be paired with many iPhones, although as you might expect when paired with an iPhones the Android Wear does lack some of the features of the Apple Watch. We have seen that Android Wear watches feature always-on displays, this means that the time is always available, calls and alerts are displayed, and it is also possible to respond to messages using the watch, even if you do not have your phone with you. (more…)


Emails are here to stay!

Turning on your computer and seeing an inbox which is full and might turn you off for the rest of the day, but you will have to get used to it because according to survey results, which has just been released, they are to be part of the workplace for years to come.

Faulty iPhone 6 Plus cameras will be replaced free by Apple

iPhone 6

It is no secret that a number of users of the iPhone6 Plus have reported poor quality imaging when using the smartphone’s ‘iSight’ rear cameras. Apple has responded by saying that they have announced replacement program for those smartphones with faulty cameras.

BBC unveils new features for the iPlayer streaming service

bbc iplayer

National broadcaster BBC is going to roll out some new changes to its streaming service which will bring it more into line with Netflix and Amazon Prime. These changes will be brought in over the next few weeks and will also offer extended hardware support for existing options.

Checking UK mobile coverage now available through interactive map

Mobile Coverage Checker

It is now possible, with the help of the mobile coverage checker released by Ofcom, to avoid what for many has been the disappointment of buying a new smartphone and entering into an agreement with a service provider, only to find that when you got home there was limited, or worse no signal.


Owner of fights back against Disney

A fancy dress retailer based in Berkshire is in a real live battle with entertainment giant Disney over a web address, which the retailer uses to direct customers to their Star Wars section of its store. The fancy dress company was instructed by Nominet which oversees .uk domains, to give up the address along with six other domains which it owns. These are,,,, and

Controversial car share Uber losing millions

Uber smartphone

Controversy is never very far away from Uber, an American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Leaked documents, published online by the website Gawker, are suggesting that the firm is leaking money at an enormous rate; these suggest that this is several million dollars each quarter. In the second quarter of 2014 these show that this was $100 million, although revenue has also grown.

Vandals end the US tour of HitchBOT the hitchhiking robot

Hitchhiking Robot

This rather lovable robot, HitchBOT had managed to travel all the way across Canada as well as a large part of Europe completely on its own, but sadly when continuing his adventure across the US the robot was vandalised and damaged beyond repair. It is strange that due to the kindness of complete strangers, the robot had travelled across many countries before the adventures were brought to an end in Philadelphia, known to many as the “City of brotherly love”. Perhaps this should be changed in Wiki now!

Sony posts a profit for quarter 1 up 39% annually


It is great news for investors in the Japanese giant and also for those who are users of their products, it seems that the company’s camera sensor business and PlayStation 4 arm outperformed the analysts past expectations and the reported operating profit for the quarter is a healthy $780 million