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BT enters the 4G mobile market with SIM only deals

A lot of things have been happening in the mobile ‘phone market this week with the announcement that 3 is on the point of acquiring O2 for a reported £10 billion. But what is probably of more interest to a lot of people is the BT announcement that it is to get back into the mobile market after an absence of ten years.

The plan for the telecom giant is to acquire EE, but as yet it still has not got regulatory approval. In the meanwhile under an MVNO agreement, it is tapping EE’s network and for the moment anyway it is offering SIM only deals to try to tempt the price conscious user and has made the decision, for the moment anyway to stay out of the subsidised handset business. (more…)

taylor swift

Taylor Swift buys .porn and .adult web domains

Web domain names traditionally go for general public sale on June 1st but some stars and companies are given the opportunity to buy them ahead of this date. These are all part of public sale by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Many famous named people do this for any number of reasons, but it can be well understood in one particular case.

Motorists ‘not to be trusted’ behind the wheel according to Google

Google car

No, this is not another tirade that is occasionally let loose at motorists, but it is all about the latest technology, driverless cars, which comes from the head of Google X, when he suggested that humans are just not to be trusted as a reliable back up for their latest driverless cars. The comments were made during a talk at the SXSW festival on Tuesday.

Controversy and Video Games – Is it just part of the industry now?

tech lounge hesader

With the latest game in the highly popular Battlefield series dropping this week, it seems that controversy isn’t far away when it comes to first person shooters.

Battlefield: Hardline shuns away from army warfare, instead opting for a cops vs robbers gameplay style; this has already caused a bit of a stir with some of the more conservative folk out there and does pose a question of the morality of law enforcement and militarisation, and ethics when it comes to shooting police officers with all manner of weapons and missiles. (more…)

Nintendo to bring its games to mobile devices

nintendo mobile games

The news that many fans have been waiting for seemingly for a long time has finally been announced, Nintendo is to bring its games to mobile devices after concluding a deal, which took the industry by surprise, after signing an alliance with Japanese mobile gaming firm DeNA.

Bafta Video Game Awards 2015 – Destiny wins best game


We are now used to the film industry bringing out new film that may have cost a huge amount of money but now the same can be said for the very realistic video games industry. Here too the cost of producing these picture perfect games can run into many millions of pounds and quite rightly, they are being honoured with awards by the same organisation, the Baftas.

Mercedes-Benz F015

Mercedes-Benz self-driving car causes a stir in San Francisco

Mercedes-Benz self-driving car the F015 Luxury In Motion has been creating a stir this week as it was seen on the streets of San Francisco for the first time. Unveiled at the International CES in Las Vegas in January, the F015 Luxury In Motion was caught on camera by stunned bystanders as it cruised through the city.

Apple’s Smartwatch to Go On Sale Next Month

apple watch main

The much anticipated and long awaited Apple Smartwatch finally goes on sale in the US, Britain and China on 24 April, with pre-orders taken from 10 April. As with a lot of things Apple, it is expected to be a roaring success, but it will not be a cheap end product, the main watch starting at £479 rising to £519.

A look at the main mobile phone players in 2015

mobile phone

As always we are expecting some interesting developments in the mobile field for this coming year and we look at just four of the ones that have been released for 2015.

The HTC One 9M is the first one we take a quick peek at and although a lot of the specs that have been mooted have not appeared, the ‘phone does not disappoint and it has upgrades in just about all areas. We believe and we are not on our own here that this particular mobile will be to vying for the title of best phone in 2015, mainly because it is a sleek design and carries a lot of high power specs. The ‘phone was seen at the MWC in Barcelona on March the 1st and it is anticipated that release will be mid-March. (more…)

84% of Britons Fear Remote Controlled Technology in Their Homes

smart home

Research conducted on behalf of an online window blind retailer has found that the majority of Britons fear remote controlled technology in their homes. As technology creeps into every aspect of our lives, it appears that many are not comfortable with Artificial Intelligence or remote controlled technology.

Tinder to charge older users more for premium facilities


It has been a while coming, but Tinder has just announced that it is adding premium facilities as well as the ability to reconsider rejected profiles, to the dating app. However, what has come as a surprise to many, is the news that the pay-to-use add-ons would cost more for older people, for users in the UK if you are older than 28, you could end up paying nearly four times the price of younger users.