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Tinder to charge older users more for premium facilities

It has been a while coming, but Tinder has just announced that it is adding premium facilities as well as the ability to reconsider rejected profiles, to the dating app. However, what has come as a surprise to many, is the news that the pay-to-use add-ons would cost more for older people, for users in the UK if you are older than 28, you could end up paying nearly four times the price of younger users.

It has been described as being “sleazy” but as you would expect, Tinder has rigorously defended its position, claiming that the rates were based on extensive tests carried out. In an example they claimed that Spotify gave a discount to students, but most organisations do that anyway. (more…)

pebble time main

Pebble returns to Kickstarter to build its new smartwatch

Following on from the first successful exercise of crowdfunding which brought the first pebble watch three years ago, raising more than$10m (£6.4m) chief executive of Pebble Eric Migicovsky, remarked that there could be no better way to share the new watch. It was certainly a success as about 11,000 backers pledged more than $2m (£1.2m) within the first hour completely outpacing the target of $500,000 (£323,000). (more…)

Moving towards a smarter house

smart home

Technology does not stand still and as most of us enjoy smart phones and tablets, more devices are becoming wireless, bringing the dream of a fully automated home closer to reality, with app controlled devices making for a simpler life, controlled by your tablet or smartphone screen. Some of the things that a smart home can deliver are streaming audio to multiple speakers, adjusting heating, lighting, controlling TV are some of many.

Online bullying and access to adult content worries parent’s most about technology

child tablet

Technology has come a long way in the last decade and now even children are using mobile phones and tablets to search the internet and keep in touch with their friends and families. Online voucher site My Voucher Codes wanted to find out what parents feared most about their children using this technology and found that the majority of parents were most worried about online bullying and access to adult content.

RBS and NatWest agree to Touch iD allowing fingerprint recognition for payments


In a surprising change to previously accepted practice, two Royal Bank of Scotland Group banks have agreed to the use of fingerprint technology for users of Apple iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus mobiles to access their accounts. The move is an industry first but many are doubtful that the technology is foolproof and a security expert has already voiced concerns. Ben Schlabs, a German hacking think tank spokesman in an interview with the BBC said, “I think it has been shown that it is pretty easy to spoof it and the risks aren’t fully understood.”

lutz pathfinder pod

Driverless cars a step nearer

The first move to driverless cars being seen on the roads of Britain took a step nearer to becoming reality when transport Minister Claire Perry and Business Secretary Vince Cable, announced some of the trails which are due to take place and which the government is funding to the tune of £10million, including a fully autonomous shuttle in Greenwich and a BAE System-developed Wildcat vehicle, which will be tested in Bristol. Also unveiled for the first time are the self-drive cars or pods as they are known which will be tested in Milton Keynes and Coventry.

Samsung plays down ‘Big Brother’ fears

Samsung Smart TV

The revelation earlier this week that Samsung Smart TV’s are recording their conversations and could transmit the messages to “third parties” sent many people into a spin. This is because many of the latest Smart TV’s have microphones so viewers can change channel, put on a DVD, even browse the internet by voice command. Of course in the small print it does warn users that general conversation are being recorded and companies are advising customers to avoid, what are described as “personal” conversations.

Xbox One February system update

Xbox One

Today we can reveal the first updates for the Xbox One for 2015 and some interesting improvements have been added, together with one or two tips to enhance your enjoyment using your Xbox.

First off are some eye catching ways in which they have improved the controller, first up is Quick Connect where the time has been speeded up to power on, now it only takes a couple of seconds. They have acted on feedback and fixed some of the controller disconnect issues, along with stability issues that have been fixed.

Still no decent Wi-Fi in British Hotels

mobile phone

In this modern age of mobiles and internet, it is still a shocking revelation to find that for businessmen and travellers around the country, hotels in Britain are some of the worst in the world for providing guests with an adequate Wi-Fi service; we lag behind countries like Romania and Vietnam for example.