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iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

It’s here at last – the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

People queued all night and slept on pavements waiting for the store to open, one person was lucky and then dropped it live on television and the glass shattered, in Paris a fight broke out in a shopping mall and it was all over the launch of a new mobile phone. Yes it is here and we all know what it is, the Apple iPhone 6 and 6 plus, so was it worth the wait, the fights and for some, disappointment? (more…)

iPod Classic

Apple stops selling the iPod Classic, is this the end of an era?

The beautiful gadget that put paid to the Sony Walkman, has sadly died and is no more; we are referring to the iPod Classic which has apparently been withdrawn, with no announcement from Apple. The fact that it no longer appeared on the webpage for the classic was spotted by tech aficionados and the page took you to the iPod Touch

Amazon Fire Phone hitting shelves soon!

Amazon Fire Phone

The launch of Amazon’s Fire Phone has been delayed but news is out to those who have a registered account with Amazon that the ‘phone is getting closer to its delayed release. With the email message also came the news that the mobile is to be sold exclusively through O2 and for those who may have contracts with other suppliers, or the O2 signal is poor are going to be in for a disappointment!

Beware fake iPhone chargers

apple iphone charger

The London Fire Brigade has issued a warning concerning the use of fake chargers for Apple iPhone’s and other Apple devices, after a number of accidents and fires have been caused through the use of these fakes, which can cost as little as 99 pence.

New infographic shows who owns our social media

social media

Social media now plays a large role in many people’s lives, keeping them connected with their friends and families, and giving them access to the latest trends and news from all over the world. With the average user spending 3 hour per day on social media sites, it may be useful to know just who owns our social media.

Identity theft; beware


The recently reported case of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities having private photographs hacked demonstrates just how vulnerable we all are to online security theft. However, we imagine that for many of us having photographs taken from our phones or tablets would not cause too much concern, no it is identity fraud that we all should be worried about. Reported figure suggest that more that 132,000 British people were the victims of having their identity fraudulently taken through the internet in last year alone.

iPhone cracked

Do you have your smartphone insured?

We ask the question because apparently the claims over the bank holiday weekend are likely to be in the region of £580,000 and according to the reports we have read, the most likely claimants are 26 year old women, for reasons unknown to us!

Driverless cars are programmed to exceed speed limit!

Google car

According to news reports, the driverless cars from Google that are currently being tested have been programmed to exceed speed limits by up to 10 miles per hour. Google’s lead software engineer, Dmitri Dolgov informed Reuters, that because vehicles that were around them were exceeding the speed limit, going more slowly could present a danger, we do not think the police would be impressed with that reason.

The latest Nokia to hit the shops next week

Nokia Lumia 930

We have at last got the release date for the Lumia 930 which is the previously announced replacement for the successful Lumia 925. The 930 comes with a five inch display, and an impressive 20 megapixel rear-facing camera. Power for the Nokia comes from a quad-core 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 chip; it has a RAM of 2GB and lots of storage, in spite of there being no MicroSD, of 32GB.

Gigaset QV830 – an impressive tablet for under £100

Gigaset QV830

If you caught sight of this whilst browsing the internet or on a shopping trip, you could be forgiven for thinking that, because this device is made by Gigaset the makers of home ‘phones, that it was somehow connected with a landline telephone. However it is in fact an eight inch tablet with a good spec that compares well with some of the cheaper offerings from Amazon, Apple and Tesco.