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Korean baseball fans take control of cheering stadium robots

A Korean baseball team has come up with a novel idea to improve the atmosphere at their home games – by installed a group of robot fans. Hanwha Eagles fans who cannot get to the stadium can now control a robot to cheer their team on over the internet.

The robots can cheer, chant and perform the Mexican wave, and users can also upload their own picture which appears on the robots built-in screen. Matt Cutler, editor of SportBusiness said that the idea was great for professional clubs and allowed fans that normally wouldn’t be able to attend the games to experience and add to the atmosphere. (more…)

Explore London in 3D with Google Maps

London GMap

Google Maps has now added London to its list of cities that now feature 3D renderings, so you can now fly through London in all its glory. This new addition allows users to zoom, pan, rotate and tilt throughout the city through Google Maps and Google Earth and has faithfully recreated every building in London in 3D.

New iPhone on the way very soon

iPhone 6

We have been reading reports that the new Apple iPhone 6 is about to begin production in Taiwan late this month to be ready for the launch planned in the autumn. The first of the new models is apparently going to be a 4.7 inch, with the widely rumoured 5.5 inch version to begin manufacture in the second week of August this year.


Tablet market in dramatic slowdown

An unexpected dramatic slowdown in sales of new tablets has taken the industry completely by surprise due to owners of the devices keeping them far longer than expected. One of the causes of this is possibly due to better and more prolonged battery life, software updates and robustness of the tablet itself, which has resulted in owners happier to use their tablets far longer than was first anticipated, much longer than smartphones for example.

Heathrow warns travellers to the US to ensure all electronic gadgets are charged

airport charging

Heathrow Airport officials are warning passengers travelling to the US with electronic gadgets in their hand luggage that they must ensure that all their devices are charged or face having them confiscated. Details were posted on the airports website and official Facebook page and comes after a request from the US that ‘certain overseas airports’ implement enhanced security protocols over fears of terrorist threats.

Smartwatches – are the masses ready for it?

Moto360 main

It seems like every man and his dog is producing a smartwatch these days, but are the masses really ready for a wearable device? If history is anything to go by then the answer is no. Smartwatches have been around since the early 80’s and have had nowhere near the success as mobile phones, tablets and laptops have had during this time, so what makes the manufacturers so keen to reintroduce this technology.

The Pick of Google IO 2014


Google sees wearable technology in its future This year was one of the first years for a good while, where focus was not on Google Glass, due to the fact it’s officially on its way. But it doesn’t there was no wearable technology being showcased and no attention grabbing products, in fact, at a time when many companies are scaling back what the offer, Google are expanding even further, from watches, to televisions and gaming set-top boxes to cars, is there nothing Google won’t try their hand at? (more…)

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