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After four years Google will still not give up on Google+

The social media place organized by Google is either loved or hated and it could be described as a bit of a black sheep in the world of social media, but it that has grown faster than many of the current leaders, Google+ has been disparaged and shunned by much of the public, this is said to be mainly due to the moves Google has made with it. One thing we can say for certain though is that it is not going anywhere.

Google are looking to re-focus and try to make it more an interest-network than a personal one, they recently said in blog post that they intended to put Communities and Collections which will be both front and centre focused around interests, which will make, they claim Google+ much simpler. (more…)


Sony follows Fox and announces Ultra HD films on disc

It seems a long time ago when the war between VHS and Betamax was in full cry and both Philips and Sony decided, very sensibly in most people’s eyes to co-operate when it came to the DVD which is now universal. There have been a lot of improvements since 1994 and just like television the picture quality has improved beyond recognition.

Disney unveil new device to give parents control over their Wi-Fi network

Disney Circle

They though that they were on to a really great idea, but for Circle With Disney it all went wrong when they discovered that it locked down the kid’s devices from afar! The idea was that for the small sum of just $99 parents could see what their children were could access through a connection to the WiFi network, but it has all been sorted.

Create Windows10 apps without having to write a line of code

Windows 10

Many of us have been aware that the Windows Store is not exactly what could be described as being a robust app marketplace; they themselves are fully aware of this and have been looking for new ways to attract developers to the platform. Previously Windows has made tools that will allow iOS and Android apps to port to Windows.

Facebook trails local Market for buying and selling

Facebook Local Market

We all know of EBay which started as a small online auction site and has since grown into a successful organisation, Amazon was once a site dedicated to retailing books. So it will come as no surprise to many that an organisation which has as many followers as Facebook, would not look seriously at doing something similar.


TalkTalk hack, what to do if you have been affected

As everyone will be aware now, telephone and internet provider TalkTalk has been the victim of a significant and sustained cyber-attack. It is thought that personal and financial data of its four million customers could have been compromised and although the details are as yet unconfirmed, the company has said that it has no idea if the data was encrypted, surely a terrible sign.

The Fairphone2 Modular Phone arrives this December

Fairphone 2

Although it will only be available to selected countries, for the time being anyway, this new Android smartphone is offering something that is new. Android phones are coming to the market in increasing numbers, so it is important that manufacturers offer customers something that has an edge over their competitors.

BBC cuts access to iPlayer through VPNs

bbc iplayer

As we know a VPN provides a secure way for you to connect one computer to another over the Internet. In the old days, a direct connection would be achieved by using dial-up modems but the ubiquity of the Internet makes it easier to use it for the connection. They have many uses of course; using a UK VPN masks your true location, and convinces the BBC you’re in the country and presumably a license payer. However, the BBC is planning to block access to iPlayer from UK VPNs, no doubt to the dismay of those fans that wish to watch such shows as Doctor Who and others broadcast by the “beeb”.

Facebook pays just £4,327 in Tax and defends the decision


Nothing to do with me “Guv” cries Facebook as it insists that it is complying fully with UK law after only paying £4,327 in corporation tax for the whole of last year. This meagre amount is surprising to many as it registered revenues of £105million, which included a profit base in Ireland.

A running shoe made with 3D-printed materials, is this the future for Adidas?

adidas 3d print

Whilst Kanye West seems to be worried about people 3D printing shoes at home, Adidas does not seem to share his concerns; they believe that technology is the way forward for footwear in the future. As a measure of confidence in their belief, Adidas have introduced Futurecraft 3D, this is a running shoe that has been made with a 3D printed midsole and has the exciting prospect that this can be made tailored exactly to a person’s foot, even down to their personal preferences of cushioning requirements. (more…)