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The Play Station Virtual Reality Headset will be cheaper than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Great news for reality gamers is the news that Sony are retailing their VR headset and what is conceived to be a “knock down” price of $399 in the US which converts to around £282 here in the UK. This price is certainly cheaper than Facebook’s Oculist rift which costs $599 and a massive $400 less than HTC’s Vive.

However, the PlayStation VR is seen as much less advanced by the two rivals, but experts as saying that it will still outsell the others, because as they say price does talk. As we understand Sony will not be releasing their VR until October which of course means that it will fail to meet its earlier target of the first half of 2016. It did however say that that it expects more than 50 games tailored to its headset will be available at its launch.

Unsurprisingly to many who visit the US it will not be selling at the same price here in the UK as the converted figure of £282 suggests, but will be £350 which includes VAT sales tax. It is of course unrealistic to compare pricing in different countries because of differing tax regimes and transport and distribution costs. (more…)

Amazon uses severe new tactic to prevent warehouse thefts

Theft from retailers whether they are large or small is an ongoing problem and stores employ a range of measures to try to prevent the losses of their goods. However, Amazon is employing tactics which is causing surprise to many in the retail industry. The online retail giant is now screening video clips of some of the employees that have been caught or accused of stealing and subsequently dismissed from the company’s employment.

Cyber security issues cause concern for 64% of Brits

A recent study, looking into how mobile phones and tablets, as well as the internet now play an integral part of our lives, found that 64% of Brits are worried about the intrusion they can have. They found many people are worried about cyber security, third parties accessing information and other personal details. However interestingly 54% of people could not live without this technology, so we seem to be in a bit of a catch-22 situation. (more…)

Google self-driving car in collision with a bus

The fact that a Google self-driving car was in collision with a bus, and has effectively admitted that it was at fault, may set back the time when these are seen on our roads in numbers. This is a blow for the company which had reached a breakthrough with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who were considering giving the self-driving computer the same legal treatment as a human driver.

Amazon signs deal with Morrisons to supply food to their UK customers

Amazon, the US online giant already has an online food retailing arm through its Amazon Pantry, that was launched in the UK last year, escalating competition with the big four supermarkets, they did not however, offer fresh food. Under the new arrangements that have been agreed, Morrisons will supply will supply products for both the Amazon Prime Now and Amazon Pantry services, tis will now include fresh, frozen and non-perishable goods.

Biggest Xbox software update for players rolls out today

The competition between Microsoft and Sony is great news for gamers as the two companies are constantly challenging each other with innovations, all of course to the benefit of the players. Microsoft have answered Sony’s new PS4 firmware beta test by introducing updated software that will see several big changes to their console.

ARM forecasts that you’re mobile will be more powerful than consoles in 2017

It might have seemed impossible just few short years ago, but according to ARM, the Cambridge based company that designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, that your mobile, or super computer that we all carry around with us, is set to become more powerful than Sony’s and Microsoft’s latest home gaming consoles.

Twitter chief pledges to slow the decline in growth

Jack Dorsey returned to Twitter last year which many will remember he co-founded; he was given a mandate to stop the good ship Twitter from hitting the rocks and sinking. Twitter has not lived up to expectations and has faced increased criticism over slowing growth in its audience. Jack Dorsey has laid off employees and discarded the proposed new headquarters in San Francisco, but for investors the changes he is making are not doing enough. (more…)

Drone Hunting Eagles being considered by the Metropolitan Police

The threat from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) otherwise known as drones, is very real and we are all aware of their use by the military, but it could be the simpler quadcopter than can now be bought on the high street that is causing police forces and anti-terrorist units concern.