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35 million Getty Images now Available for Free

A good day for independent bloggers who can’t afford the extortionate prices of Getty, the company have lifted the copyright for 35million photos, which means it’s much easier to get usable images. They have released a number of images for free in a bid to combat piracy, which cost them money and time to monitor. The millions of images now available for everyone to use, include a number of historical pictures and those of celebrities Like Marilyn Monroe.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras, like most modern-day electronic gadgets have come a long way in their history. It used to be that only the rich and influential could afford cameras in times past. Cameras were just too expensive for ordinary folk to buy. But luckily for us, technological advancements have made it possible for us to have cheap digital cameras, most mobile ‘phones come equipped with a camera, some of very high quality too.Breakthroughs and growth and development of cameras created the digital camera, in which taking photos isn’t so troublesome any longer. Now it is really is much cheaper in the digital age, simply because you can view the photographs prior to printing them which means you could pick what to really print out; remember all those disappointing pictures with the heads and feet cut off? Digital cameras have a wide range of prices due to the different functions that each brand or model has. The type you should buy will depend on what you want to achieve with the camera. Unless you are a pro, start with something simple, you can always upgrade as you become more professional.

Ultra slim Sony Cyber-Shot TX100V

The slim and ultra-compact Sony Cyber-Shot TX100V is light weight and easily sips into the pocket.  It is faster and is the first Sony camera to include a 3.5 inch OLED touch screen for more vibrant pictures, selection and viewing pictures. The 3D still image feature allows you to create a 3D effect by combining two or more images taken at the same location. Another great feature from this Sony is the new backlight correction function automatically adjusts the light according to the surroundings, providing sufficient brightness and clarity of the picture. Using the background defocus you can highlight the foreground subject and at the same time blurring the background.Some other features include: Anti-blink, motion detection, face detection, smile shutter, superior auto mode, soft skin tone, high speed shooting and anti motion blue.  There is more; it is shockproof if fallen from a height of 1.5 m and works fine underwater up to 5 meters.

Sanyo Xacti CA100 Outdoor/Waterproof Dual Camera

Keep your special memories alive with a great camcorder; even better get a waterproof camcorder which you can use snorkelling or scuba diving to capture all those colourful fish and coral. One that will fit the bill is the Sanyo Xacti CA100 which can be used underwater up to a depth of 3 metres for 60 minutes, more than enough time to get a selection of fish, or friends!The Sanyo Xacti is capable of full HD recording, 14mega pixel still images, has a 5x optical zoom facility with a 10x digital zoom, giving a massive 50x in total. The video format “MPEG-4 AVC / H.264” enables videos to be handled on a computer or the Internet using a single file, just like a still photo and the format is fully supported by the latest Windows 7 operating system for even more convenient use on a PC. All the usual Sanyo accessories are available for this camcorder overall a good package.

CANON EOS 550D Digital SLR

Digital SLR Cameras have come a long way over the past few years, and building on their rapidly growing reputation for great cameras the latest Canon offering is sure to fulfil your photography needs. The Canon EOS 550D can take pictures up to 18 megapixels, has continuous shooting of up to 3.7fps and can record video in full HD.Canon’s DIGUC 4 processor produces 14-Bit image processing, providing smooth graduations and realistic and natural colours. It’s ISO range means that pictures will look clear and concise even in low light situations where the flash is undesirable.Reviewing your pictures couldn’t be easier with the rear mounted 3 inch Clear View LCD screen, where you can view and edit your pictures and videos effortlessly.The Canon EOS 550D is able to capture full HD (1080p) video at 29.97fps and features full manual control and selectable frame rates for the perfect video. It can also shoot up to 69fps at 720p for fast action shoots making it a versatile all in one package.The Canon EOS 550D is available now from all major outlets for around £550 (body only) or £620 with the standard lens kit.

How about a camcorder for Christmas?

For years, affordable standard-definition camcorders offered good-quality video. Now, for the same amount of money, you can buy high-definition video cameras that let you shoot movies with gorgeous colour and clarity, save footage to flash memory or hard-disk drives, and upload to the Web with ease. Whether you want to snag clips of your playful spaniel or create the next independent masterpiece, there is a camcorder that will fit your bill.Amongst the many HD camcorders the Panasonic HDC-SD60EB-K offers a lightweight camcorder, weighing in at only 225g without the battery. Its compact size lets it sit in the palm of your hand for anytime, anywhere recording for high-quality images. Also features a 2.7” LCD screen, optical zoom x25 16:9 recording and a memory card slot.

Sony Alpha A33 review

The latest offering from Sony looks like being a winner from day one; it is neither a compact nor a digital SLR in its purest sense, though outwardly resembling an SLR, the 14.2 megapixel A33 has not done away with the mirror mechanism, but rather established a first by making the mirror translucent.Sony is calling this new camera not an SLR but rather an SLT or single lens translucent mirror camera, nice one! It would seem that the benefits include faster autofocus, a 7fps burst mode and improved response times across the board. When used, this is in effect pretty much instantaneous and you can be taking the first shot within a second. Not a great deal larger than a super zoom camera, at 433g, the A33 also feels lighter than you would expect a DSLR to be. It looks as though Sony have simplified the art of taking pictures and this features some of the most up to date spec you could hope to find on a consumer camera.

Aiptek HD 3D – the UK’s first 3D Camcorder

A couple of weeks ago Panasonic announced that its new HDC-SDT750 would be the first consumer 3d camcorder, but it seems that a German company called Aiptek has beaten them to the punch by releasing their portable HD 3D camcorder.The Aiptek HD 3D can’t really be compared to the Panasonic in terms of class, but for a sneak peak at what 3D can do it’s well worth it. The Aiptek HD 3D uses two separate lenses to capture in 3D which can be viewed straight back on the 2.4 inch 3D display.Movies can also be played back via HDMI to a 3D enabled TV, but if you don’t own one the files can be converted to view on a standard screen with the bundled software, but you’ll have to don the supplied glasses to see it in 3D.The HD 3D camcorder can also shoot movies in 2D at 720p and capture still images at 5 megapixels; an SD card slot is built in and can support up to 32GB, giving around 800 minutes of video time.The Aiptek HD 3D is available now for around £199.

Gorillapod Magnetic – sticks your camera to any magnetic surface

The Gorillpod has become one of the most popular tripods for digital cameras and camcorders since it hit the market, and things only get better with Joby’s new release, the Gorillapod Magnetic. Designed for compact cameras and mini camcorders like the Flip, the Gorillapod Magnetic has everything you would expect from a Gorillapod, 30 rotating and bending leg joints, quick-release clips for the camera/camcorder and a lock ring to keep the device secure and steady, but the best bit is its magnetic feet which can hold the Gorillapod to any magnetic surface.The Gorillapod Magnetic is available in a range of colours including grey, red, blue and pink and is available now for around £24.95.

Samsung HMX-R10 HD Camcorder

As the boom in High Definition consumer goods continues, its no wonder that Samsung’s HMX-R10 HD Camcorder is so popular. This ultra-compact device is ergonomically designed to make it easy to operate over long periods of time, thanks mainly because of its angled lens and curvy shape.Not only is the Samsung HMX-R10 easy to use, it also boosts some hefty features such as full HD video capture, 9 megapixel stills camera and a 2.7 inch touchscreen LCD display to change settings and preview your files.It also features a 5x optical zoom, so you can get close to the action from a safe distance and comes with a HDMI socket to watch your movies and pictures on your TV, as well as a USB cable for transferring your data to a PC for editing or archiving. Data is stored on either SD or SDHC memory cards which makes it easy to swap and change when you need to.The Samsung HMX-R10 is available in black or silver for around £280 and is a great device to replace your old camcorder and camera with.

Panasonic DMC-FT2 camera – rugged and tough

Panasonic has introduced a new camera to its Lumix range, the DMC-FT2 which is designed for active outdoor use. Perfect for those who like to wrestle bears and wash with sandpaper, the DMC-FT2 is waterproof up to 10 meters, shockproof and is freeze-proof up to -10 degrees C.The DMC-FT2’s case is reinforced with toughened glass, rubber padding and carbon fibre resins to provide an airtight body capable of working under extreme conditions. It features a 14.1 megapixel sensor for quality photos and is capable of recording video in High Definition.Advanced image stabilisation and Intelligent Resolution technology combine to produce stunning pictures and videos, while the built-in 2.7 inch intelligent LCD gives you a great preview of your media. Pictures and videos are saved on to SD cards for easy transfer to a PC or television for a better view.The Panasonic DMC-FT2 is great for any outdoor enthusiasts and will be available in yellow, orange and blue. Priced around £320 and shipping in March it’s not cheap, but its strong and sturdy exterior may temp the more adventurous types who need a rugged and tough camera.