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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hits UK

The latest offering from Samsung has finally arrived in the UK after much speculation that it was not going to be released here, just where do people get this mis-information from? However if you are wanting to get your hands onto the Note Edge, you will have to go through Vodafone, well that is for the moment anyway, it is due to be released to other network providers on January 9th 2015.

Apple and Samsung back in court in $2bn lawsuit

Apple and Samsung are back in court today as the fierce rivalry continues between the two biggest players in the smartphone scene.

Apple is suing the Korean electronics manufacturer for copying distinctive features such as the ‘slide to unlock’ function in an unprecedented lawsuit that if Samsung loses could cost them up to $2bn. Apple wants Samsung to pay a $40 royalty on every device the Californian company deems to be copying their software.

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S5

Samsung has finally revealed their Galaxy S5 at a special event at the Mobile World Congress 2014. The internet was abuzz with rumours before the event, and although some of the details were right, Samsung still had some aces up its sleeve.

Samsung Galaxy Glass could be launched at IFA 2014

Google Glass has been in development for some years, with testing currently going on, before a full consumer launch. Now it looks like Samsung may pip them to the post, somewhat with their Galaxy Glass which they will be launching this coming September. Although they are unconfirmed reports, it would make sense as the company announced their Galaxy Gear smart watch at the event last year.

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Sees 800,000 units Shifted in two Months

Considered a novelty item, which wouldn’t be of much use nor would many people be interested in it, the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch from Samsung has seen some surprising sales. In an attempt to prove the worth of the device, Samsung published sales figures for the watch which shoes 800,000 units have been sold since the launch. However it’s not clear if these are sold to customers or retailers to sell on.

iPhone ranked last in tests

It may come as a surprise to some, possibly not to others, but in a series of test that have been carried out by Which? the consumer watchdog, that performed the same tests on seven of the most popular Smartphones, the Apple iPhone 5 trailed last behind its rivals in speed.

Hackers attack the Galaxy S3

Hackers attack the Galaxy S3

A code is circulating that can trigger a complete reset of the best selling Galaxy S3 Smartphone, completely wiping all contacts, photographs, music , apps and valuable data stored by the user, it has been learned. Comprising of just eleven digits and symbols, the code is freely circulating around the web and was discovered at the recent security conference held in Argentina.The unfortunate Samsung owner is powerless as the whole attack takes but a few seconds and the data is gone. The fears are that malicious hackers are now, for whatever their distorted reasons, able to trick Samsung Smartphone owners into wiping gigabytes of data. It seems that the codes conform to USSD, which is normally used by mobile phone operators to provide basic services such as pre-pay top-up. In a statement Samsung has said that a recent software update had resolved the problem and urged all customers to download it as soon as possible. Also that all customers should be aware that that the recent security issue concerning the GALAXY S III has already been resolved through a software update, according to a Samsung spokesman.

Samsung order to stop selling tablet

A US judge has ordered Samsung to stop selling its Galaxy 10.1 tablet computer while the court considers Apple’s patent infringement claims. Seen as the main rival to best Apple’s selling iPad, Samsung sold 1.6m tablets from January to March, giving it 7.5pc of the market, it is powered by Google’s Android operating system.Many in the industry believe that Apple, successful maker of the iPhone as well as the iPad, is using patents too aggressively in its bid to stamp out competition. The company has aggressively waged a war using the patent system since 2010 in an effort to try to stop competitors from gaining a foothold into the very lucrative market for their products, as well as to try to limit further growth of Google’s android system, which has proved to be the best selling system for mobile devices. Success for Apple could mean that an agreement is reached for companies to use each others’ technologies currently patented.

Samsung Galaxy S3, will this rival the iPhone?

Samsung Galaxy S3, will this rival the iPhone?

Samsung’s pervious model, the Galaxy S2, proved to be very popular within the mobile market. The phone competed alongside market dominators such as Apple’s IPhone 4S.So what made the phone so special? Samsung managed to create a phone with a very powerful processor, alongside the ability to download apps and a very developed camera into an incredibly fashionable and extremely thin design.  After the success of the S2, of course, there was going to have to be a sequel. May 3 at Earls Court, London is the launch date for the new, improved model, the Samsung Galaxy S3.In order to upgrade the last model, the S3 is bound to run off a dual-core processor, at least. Although there have even been some rumours of a quad-core chipset to power the S3. Alongside this powerful processor, the phone is thought to have around 1Gb or RAM and around 16Gb of on-board memory. Following the model of the S2 the S3 is also thought to have got rid of the SD card slot, allowing owners of the handset to have the 16Gb of on-board memory only. As well as its power, the S2 was also highly popular for its large and easy to use screen. The last model of the galaxy had a whopping 4.2” screen and the latest model is thought to have gone one better as rumours have surfaced that the S3 is said to have a 4.6” screen. Wow! Rumours have also surfaced about the mobiles camera. The rumours suggest that the S3 is going to be built with a 12MP camera built into the back of the phone, meaning that there will be no ‘bump’ as on the last Samsung model. And finally the price, the last model was put on the market for £500 to begin with, alongside contracts of around £46 per month. These prices however dropped quickly and this is what we are expecting from the S3, too.

What is so special about an Android phone?

What is so special about an Android phone?

Choosing the right mobile phone really is a matter of deciding what you want out of your mobile phone.  There are many different types of Android phones on the market today and all have varying features that suit different users.  An Android phone is essentially one that runs on the Google operating system called ‘Android’, hence the origin of the term ‘Android phone’. These phones offer a great deal when it comes to mobile phones.  They have an endless list of features and a variety of phone designs and styles to suit each individual.  They have the all important email functionality and if you use Gmail, you are in luck because the Android operating system cleverly integrates all of your existing email contacts into your phone, a feature that inevitably saves a lot of time and effort. You can access the internet and view your pages on different screen sizes depending on the type of Android phone you have.  The majority of Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Y, have cameras and video recorders that take fairly decent photographs. The Galaxy Y has an eight megapixel camera but there are many different quality Android cameras out there.  Androids normally offer a decent internal memory in the event you want to store anything on your phone, such as photos or music. However, the amount of memory available on each phone varies. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Y has 16GB of internal memory whereas the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has 32GB of internal memory, and the amount of memory you need depends on each user’s preference. And the list of features goes on and on.  There are some great deals out there on Android phones.  It is simply a matter of shopping around to find the best phone and best deal for you.