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Free portable battery chargers for every EE customer

We have all been there at one time or another, you are out and about and for whatever reason you have had to keep using your mobile, then it happens, the message comes up that the battery is about to run out of charge and you are not able to plug it in ti recharge. Well if you are an EE customer, help will soon be to hand in the form of a portable charger which is being given free to every customer, both contract and pay as you go if you have been with them for more than three months.

BT enters the 4G mobile market with SIM only deals

A lot of things have been happening in the mobile ‘phone market this week with the announcement that 3 is on the point of acquiring O2 for a reported £10 billion. But what is probably of more interest to a lot of people is the BT announcement that it is to get back into the mobile market after an absence of ten years.

Nintendo to bring its games to mobile devices

The news that many fans have been waiting for seemingly for a long time has finally been announced, Nintendo is to bring its games to mobile devices after concluding a deal, which took the industry by surprise, after signing an alliance with Japanese mobile gaming firm DeNA.

A look at the main mobile phone players in 2015

As always we are expecting some interesting developments in the mobile field for this coming year and we look at just four of the ones that have been released for 2015.

The HTC One 9M is the first one we take a quick peek at and although a lot of the specs that have been mooted have not appeared, the ‘phone does not disappoint and it has upgrades in just about all areas. We believe and we are not on our own here that this particular mobile will be to vying for the title of best phone in 2015, mainly because it is a sleek design and carries a lot of high power specs. The ‘phone was seen at the MWC in Barcelona on March the 1st and it is anticipated that release will be mid-March. (more…)

Online bullying and access to adult content worries parent’s most about technology

Technology has come a long way in the last decade and now even children are using mobile phones and tablets to search the internet and keep in touch with their friends and families. Online voucher site My Voucher Codes wanted to find out what parents feared most about their children using this technology and found that the majority of parents were most worried about online bullying and access to adult content.

iPhone 6 survives 100,000ft fall from the edge of space

We cannot guarantee that this is the ultimate drop test for a mobile phone, but we would be very surprised if there was a bigger or more dramatic one than the latest test carried out over English countryside on an iPhone6. Now we have heard of devices which have been dropped from aircraft, tested in molten lava, but being taken to the edge of space has got to be as dramatic as it gets surely.

Do you really need a mobile?

It is a well-known fact that very few people actually use their mobile phone for talking to people, for most people it is texting, checking emails or accessing Twitter that you see the majority of people using their mobiles for, so we have to ask, why do you need a mobile.

Merry Christmas from Techlounge!

It’s been a fun filled year full of great technology and our team here at Techlounge want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

If you have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket here are our top technology picks for 2014: (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge hits UK

The latest offering from Samsung has finally arrived in the UK after much speculation that it was not going to be released here, just where do people get this mis-information from? However if you are wanting to get your hands onto the Note Edge, you will have to go through Vodafone, well that is for the moment anyway, it is due to be released to other network providers on January 9th 2015.

Microsoft Lumia 535 vs Motorola Moto G

When comparing these two smartphones we are looking at the first non Nokia Lumia and the 2014 version of the Motorola. First screen sizes, both have a 5 inch Gorilla glass 3 with the Moto G which has better resolution superior pixel giving a much better image, both phone have multi touch support and 16 million colours.