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Google deal for Motorola finalised

It was though that the deal for Google to buy Motorola was all over last year, but it had one significant hurdle to overcome and that was China.  Motorola is a great American tech company that has driven the mobile revolution, with a track record of over 80 years of innovation, including the creation of the first cell phone. Now Google won approval from Chinese regulators for its $12.5bn (£7.9bn) purchase of Motorola Mobility earlier this week, and Google co-founder Larry Page confirmed in a blog post that the deal has now closed.This is the largest wireless-equipment deal in at least a decade, now Google becomes a competitor to the other handset makers that make Android devices. In addition to Motorola Mobility phones, the software is used in handsets made by companies such as Samsung and HTC. As part of the approval, Google needs to ensure that Android software versions are free and open over the next five years, China’s Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on its website. Google will report to an independent monitor in China on its efforts to comply with terms of the deal approval, according to the website.

Motorola mobile phones and their many features

Motorola offers a host of different mobile phones depending on what exactly you are looking for. There are many different styles of phones, such as the candy bar, slider, or the clamshell style that also proves popular.  A number of the Motorola mobile phones have many standard features including a camera and video.  Some of the phones have an impressive 5 megapixel camera that takes great photos when you are out and about. The video cameras are also quite often sophisticated HD cameras that are great at capturing those precious moments, giving you peace of mind that the quality of the picture will be good.  Many of Motorola’s phones also offer Bluetooth and GPS which both come in handy when you are on the go. Some of the phones even feature a MP3 player so that you have the convenience of being able to listen to your favourite tunes whenever you feel like. And that’s not all; on some of the phones you can even listen to your tunes on 3D surround sound.

The history of Motorola Mobile Phones

Motorola have been at the forefront of mobile phone development since the market began, however the company really came into their own in the mid 1990’s after being the first manufacturer to introduce flip phones. After pioneering flip phone technology and enjoying a significant boom, the company’s rivals eventually caught them up and forced Motorola mobile phones to reconsider their designs.

The history of Motorola mobile phones

Motorola was founded in the 1930s as a company that manufactured car radios.  Only with the mobile phone revolution that began in the 1980s did it change and expand to make its most famous line of products.  Motorola had already been making car telephones although these would generally consume so much power that they could only be used whilst the engine was running.Since that time, Motorola has become known as one of the most important mobile phone manufacturers in the world.  Its first commercial mobile phone was released to the market in 1983 and its first phone had the model name “DynaTAC”, which was short for “Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage”.Whilst the technology was revolutionary in theory, the fact that it cost many thousands of pounds meant that it did not appeal to the mass market.  As mobile technology changed, it became a household item and by the late 1990s it was estimated that Motorola mobile phones brought in approximately $20 billion revenue for the company.  This figure dropped after 2000 as Motorola mobile phones became less popular and less competitive with other manufacturers.  This was during the era that phone capabilities were widening and some suggest that Motorola phones had poor implementation of those features compared to their competitors.  With the move towards smartphones and the Android platform in particular, Motorola has seen its market share increase again.  Manufacturers now need to place more emphasis on hardware and casing design than software.

Deals on Motorola Atrix Phones

The hype surrounding the Motorola Atrix has not died down since the mobile first debuted.  One reason that this phone is a popular choice is its WebTop feature, which is distinctive to the Motorola Atrix and especially appeals to tech-savvy consumers.  Fortunately, getting such a popular and high-tech phone does not have to be a costly venture.  Several Motorola Atrix deals are available.  One form these deals may take is refurbishment.  A refurbished Motorola Atrix phone is not brand new but is still in good condition.  If someone returned the phone for any reason, the company may refurbish it before reselling at a discount.  There is no need to sacrifice quality in order to save money, as a refurbished model is still high-functioning and can be bought from reputable dealers.Other deals on the Motorola Atrix take the form of tariffs.  Sometimes it is possible to get these types of deals by being selective about the calling, messaging, and data plan purchased for the device.  For example, with a 2-year contract, Amazon Wireless will sell the Motorola Atrix 4G smart phone for AT&T Wireless at an approximate price of £30.  This offer also includes free shipping. also sells Motorola Atrix phones at a discount directly on its website.  The phone will cost more if it is purchased along with a contract.  However, it is possible to buy only the phone, without any sort of calling, messaging, or data contract, at a discounted price.  Just be sure to pay close attention to the exact item description.

Motorola Milestone aims to compete with the big boys!

The Motorola Milestone is excellent for use on the web and delivers a first class messaging system and the best of media features, all packed into the thinnest QWERTY slider phone you can buy. It’s fast too, with its Flash 10 html ready browser and high speed processor it is one of the latest devices from Motorola Mobile phones.Features include Google Mail push to your inbox, 3G, web browser, Google Maps and Motonav which is Motorola’s own navigation system. It also has a 5 megapixel camera complete with flash, image stabilisation facility, auto-focus, zoom and top DVD quality. Motonav provides a hands free GPS system with spoken directions. It even converts into an alarm clock, digital photo frame, or music player with the addition of the optional Motorola Milestone multi-media station. The Android operating system means that there is a huge range of apps in the Android Market  that can make your phone do almost anything. The possibilities with apps are increasing continually.Battery life is good on this model and you need it if you want to use a range of apps. You get up to 260 minutes of continuous talk time on 3G and 390 minutes on GSM. Standby time is up to 380 hours on its 1400 mAh Li lon battery. If connectivity is your priority the Motorola Milestone does not disappoint with its html5 webkit browser, stereo Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro USB, and built in headset jack. If you want all your contacts in the same place, easy access satnav, media player facilities and a camera, all in one very slim line package with a large, easy to view screen, then this is the answer.

Motorola FLIPOUT Review

The FLIPOUT is one of the latest mobile phones by Motorola as they attempt to gain some market share after a tough couple of years. This quirky Android handset has a square design with rounded edges and has a 2.8 inch touchscreen display that rotates to reveal a five row QWERTY keyboard.The Motorola FLIPOUT is set up for social networking and features both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a 3 megapixel camera on the rear. A microSD card slot and 3.5mm headphanoe socket are also featured to store and listen to your music and video files.As in keeping with other Android mobile phone on the market, the FLIPOUT has Google maps with Street View, social networking apps and of course access to the Android marketplace to customise the phone as you like.The Motorola FLIPOUT is expected to be released in Q2 2010 (so soon) and will be available in a range of colours including black, blue, green, red and orange.

Motorola Milestone packs a big screen and QWERTY keyboard

Motorola’s new Android powered device is sure to have a few heads turning this year as the firm tries to edge back into the Smartphone market after a lacklustre couple of years. The Motorola Milestone proves that Motorola mobile phones do have what it takes to compete in this fiercely competitive market as it looks to steer consumers away from the latest offerings by Apple and HTC.The first thing you will notice about the milestone is that it is big, 115.8 x 60 x 13.7mm to be exact but it does boast a huge 3.7 inch touchscreen which is vibrant and sharp; the European model also features multi-touch capabilities whereas the US version doesn’t.Using the Google Android operating system, the Motorola Milestone is easy to navigate and although the Android market isn’t as varied as the iPhone app store it does have a decent range of applications for just about anything.The Milestone also features a slide out QWERTY keyboard which is handy for typing text messages and emails, but can become frustrating at times as the top row is quite close to the screen making it a little uncomfortable to type for long periods.As is standard nowadays there are a range of other features including, a 5 megapixel camera, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS. There is also a multimedia player capable of playing numerous music and video files and a gratefully appreciated 3.5mm headphone socket.Is there a market for the Motorola Milestone? I think so, it’s not going to sell a gazillion devices like the iPhone, but will no doubt sway a lot of undecided consumers because of its features and price.

The Motorola A3100 – powerful touchscreen smartphone

Motorola had a busy year last year, releasing numerous mobile handsets including the music playing Motorola ROKR E8 and a whole host of pre-pay devices, but started this year by announcing a brand new Smartphone, the A3100. The A3100 is one of the most powerful Motorola devices to date and features a 2.8” touchscreen display, built-in Wi-Fi and Windows Mobile 6.1 OS.The Motorola A3100 is quad-band so can work worldwide, and features 3G HSDPA connectivity as well as GPS, multimedia player and a 3 megapixel camera.  Internal memory is 256MB and a microSD card slot is also included, which can take up to 32GB; perfect for storing all of your music and video files on.As stated before, the Motorola A3100 has the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system, which is capable of browsing the internet, receiving emails and opening Word and Excel documents. Connecting the device to a PC is easy with either the USB cable or Bluetooth connectivity and a trackball is also included for alternative navigation of the device.The Motorola A3100 measures just 110 x 59.7 x 13.7mm and weights 199 grams, which is pretty small by today’s standards and battery life is up to 298 hours on standby and 7 hours of talk time.There is no word on whether or not the device will come to the UK, but being a quad-band device you can expect it to come at some point. The Motorola A3100 will be released in Asia and South America in Q1 2009, with other territories to be confirmed.