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Judge Outs HTC M8 Release Date

Adding to the woes of HTC, is the news that the launch date of their M8 has been ousted during a recent court case against Nokia. Documents revealed that the HTC M8, or HTC One Two as it is also known could be released in the first quarter of 2014, and possibly as early as February 2014 according to adduced evidence from Nokia.

Another Gold Carrot Finish from HTC

Last month HTC announced a very special limited addition 18 carat gold HTC One which costs an eye watering £2,750. Joining other handsets, from Apple and Samsung, HTC has only made five copies which have been made to commemorate the 18th anniversary of the MOBO awards. So if you’re disappointed about not being able to get your hands on that edition, HTC have very kindly brought out a standard gold version.

HTC Desire S Deals

The HRT Desire S is one of the latest mobile phone handsets offered by the popular mobile phone manufacturer HTC. The handset is an updated version of the market leading HTC Desire and offers a number of improvements such as a better screen, quicker processor, faster web browsing and reduced weight. Perhaps the most impressive feature on the HTC Desire S is the full HD camera the phone boasts, which can capture movies and pictures in high definition. These movies can then be streamed wirelessly to any HD Ready TV with a DLNA connection. As the handset is incredibly popular, there are a huge amount of HTC Desire S deals on the market. People looking for HTC Desire S deals with a contract can expect to pay around £20 to £25 per month, and with that they can usually expect to receive an average of between 100-300 free calls, a minimum of 500 free texts and at least 500MB of data transfer from web browsing per month. Most of the contracted HTC Desire S deals also give customers the phone for free; however, some will expect you to pay around £30 for the handset. Unfortunately, pay as you go HTC Desire S deals require customers to buy the handset themselves. This can prove expensive, as the phone by itself and without a contract is quite costly, ranging between £300 and £420 depending on the exact version of the phone required.

HTC Incredible S Review

The HTC Incredible S is one of the latest handsets offered by market leading mobile phone manufacturer HTC and an updated version of their successful HTC Incredible model. The new HTC Incredible S carries with it a number of significant upgrades on its predecessor, including an improved 4′ screen, reduction in weight and updated Android operating system. One of the best features on the HTC Incredible S is the 8 megapixel, 720p HD camera the phone has, which will take crystal clear HD images and videos. These images can then either be uploaded to a computer or streamed directly to any HD Ready TV with a DLNA wireless connection.

The HTC Incredible S Smartphone

When the HTC Incredible S debuted, many were curious about the design and function of this smartphone.  HTC markets the Incredible S as a new and improved phone that uses the Sense interface.Some aspects of the Incredible S remain the same as those of other HTC models.  One such component is HTC Sense, the basic interface used on most HTC mobile phones.  Sense allows users to access weather, internet browsers, maps, clocks, and additional smartphone apps.  One new feature of the Incredible S phone involves the buttons.  They are lit rather than painted on and can flip depending on what direction the phone is facing.  However, some HTC Incredible S reviewers have expressed criticisms, as these users feel that the buttons are not sufficiently vibrant or evenly lit. Browsing is a popular smartphone activity, and consumers seeking HTC Incredible S deals will be pleased with the phone’s capability in this area.  The screen of the Incredible S is a good size, more than 10 centimetres in total.  This allows for easy viewing of websites.  Additionally, HTC Sense is powerful enough to quickly display browsers on the phone’s wide screen.  Website content appears clearly on the screen and can be read with ease.The large screen is also useful for other functions, such as watching movies, recording video, and taking pictures.  The 8-megapixel camera and HD camcorder are also bonuses for users who want to use the phone for recording images.  High-quality videos and pictures are accessible in the palm of a user’s hand with the HTC Incredible S.

Mobile Phone News: Handsets to look out for in 2011

Nokia N9This slider phone, released in 2011, is a stylish handset made with aluminium.  It has the stylish look of a miniature MacBook Pro.  Very little is known about the functionality of the N9 at this time; however, it will have a 4.2 inch screen, which will be particularly useful for taking pictures and browsing the internet.  Its 1.2 GH processor should make it fast and good for multi-tasking.  The 12 Megapixel camera is a feature very few smartphones have, so it is worthy of making mobile phone news.HTC 7 ProThis model is said to be the Windows 7 mobile phone that everyone will want.  It is a slider phone, but this model only has a 3.6 inch display.  It also has a full-sized QWERTY keyboard, which will make texting and working with documents easy and fast.  Its 1GH Snapdragon processor should make it quick and easy to use for multi-tasking.  The 5 Megapixel camera is impressive, along with its 8 GB storage. iPhone 5A rumoured update to the iPhone 4 is making mobile phone news, but it has yet to be confirmed.  Some experts say it will be a quite different from other mobile phones, while others predict that iPhone has pushed the envelope so much that they may take it easy on any updates this year. With the mention of just a few handsets that are about to make mobile phone news in 2011, it is easy to see why fans of the latest technology are eagerly anticipating developments.

Recombu competition – win a MacBook Air, Xbox 360, HTC Desire and more!

Christmas is a time for giving, and the folks down at mobile phone comparison website Recombu have taken this literally, by offering up a bounty of prizes in their Christmas competition. One lucky winner will win a MacBook Air, Xbox 360, HTC Desire, Logitech Squeezebox and a Three MiFi, and the best thing is you can do it on twitter. Two runners up will also win a Three MiFi each.To be in with a chance to win these great prizes simply tweet the following sentence:”I want to win a MacBook Air, Xbox 360, Three MiFi and more! from @recombu and #Three for a very #ThreeMiFiChristmas”Or alternatively go to the Recombu competition page and click on the ‘Enter Competition’ button; this will take you to the Twitter home page and after you log in the sentence will automatically be ready to tweet out.The competition will run till the end of 2010 and the winners will be announced in January 2011; you must be a resident of the UK to enter.

HTC in big sales push for 2011

Not satisfied with the huge impact that it made in 2010, successful ‘phone company HTC is planning a huge sales push in the coming year for its Smartphone. Although they sold an impressive 20 million handsets in 2010, they are planning a massive hike of three times that number in 2011 to 60 million ‘phones.Reaching this goal will of course be very impressive, not to say ambitious, but even then they will fall short of the Finnish phone maker Nokia who currently sells about 100 million phones per year. Regardless though, it is still a good goal for HTC mobile phones and one that many analysts believe that HTC can not only reach but also surpass.Reports of this goal were known when HTC had discussions with their suppliers to ensure that they had sufficient materials on hand and were able to maintain this supply, ensuring that there would be no lack of supply or continuity, which would prevent the company from reaching its goal.

HTC Gratia review

Within weeks of announcing HTC Desire HD and HTC 7 Surround, the company has revealed its plans to bring the latest device that will run on the updated version of Android. HTC Gratia seems to be a good combination of functionality and style. The compact and stylish device comes with a flawless and soft wrap around cover that eradicates the hard corners. Other major highlights of the handset include Qualcomm CPU at 600 MHz, Bluetooth® 2.1, Wi-Fi® b/g, GPS, a digital compass, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensor.Gratia is a smart phone that runs on the latest version of Android™. This means the device is loaded with several top features and applications. It is essential that the memory capacity of the device is good, with a poor storage capacity you cannot expect to enjoy features of the phone perfectly. Its internal memory is 512 MB ROM and 384 MB RAM, and there is a card slot where you can insert microSD™ card and expand the memory up to 32GB, which is huge. HTC Gratia’s camera feature is quite decent as it provides a 5 mega pixel snapper with diverse features such as auto focus, face detection and geo tagging. All in all, the HTC Gratia looks like being well received, the Gratia will be available in Black, Green or White, and is expected to be released in early November.

HTC Mobile Phone Deals

Just a few years ago HTC was a virtually unheard of company in the world of mobile phones, but with a steady release of top of the range Smartphone’s the Chinese company is slowly but surely pushing its way to the top. One reason for this is perhaps HTC’s recent enthusiasm for Android from Google, an operating system that is quickly becoming recognised as the phone OS of choice. It provides all of the same features you can find on the popular Apple OS, along with many improvements, but also has the added advantage of appearing on a wide range of different phones.With its increasing popularity, some cracking HTC deals are now appearing on the market and if you search for these you will be able to own one of the best mobile ‘phones around for just a few pounds a month. Having a free HTC handset from as little as £25 per month is now available on a contract, with free texts and 500mb of data thrown in too.

How to get the best mobile deal

If you are looking for the cheapest and best way to buy mobile phones then you should not just grab the first offer that comes along but check out mobile phone deals. You can be absolutely certain that there is a deal for everyone according to their needs and budget. Some people are crazy about latest innovations in technology and they want to keep their devices and accessories up to date, nothing wrong with that. For these folk as soon as a new product hits the market they just want to be first in there for the very latest in mobile ‘phone. Decide which is going to be the best mobile phone deal for you and if you want the latest handset, then perhaps the contract ‘phone is the way to go, but remember that you have to agree to a fixed term with the service provider. Perhaps a SIM only contract is for you or maybe a “pat as you go” you will get the latest handset possibly with some free air time and texting options too. Perhaps a SIM only contract is for you or maybe a “pay as you go” there is a mobile deal waiting for you. So, when you log onto a ‘phone comparison site to look for deals, you will be amazed to see so many deals on mobile phones are available for everyone. Just keep your eyes wide open and you will get the best deal. Below are some of the great mobile phones your can get at competitively low contract prices.