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Android Wear now compatible with iPhone

So this is great news for those Android Wear users that might just happen to have an iPhone as it has been officially announced that the watches are now compatible with iPhones Users will be able to check messages, track fitness and use voice commands by installing the new Android Wear iOS app, compatible iPhones are 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 and above.

Google announces fingerprint unlocking for Android M

Possibly unwittingly, but Google has confirmed that that it’s going to unveil Android M at its I/O 2015 conference next week and it will have fingerprint technology. This is just one of the major new features that will be available to the users of Android M, which we think is really Android 6. If it is true them it will allow users to log in to all of the supported applications on their Android devices without entering a password, perhaps taking on Apple’s TouchID with native fingerprint unlocking. (more…)

Merry Christmas from Techlounge!

It’s been a fun filled year full of great technology and our team here at Techlounge want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

If you have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket here are our top technology picks for 2014: (more…)

Gigaset QV830 – an impressive tablet for under £100

If you caught sight of this whilst browsing the internet or on a shopping trip, you could be forgiven for thinking that, because this device is made by Gigaset the makers of home ‘phones, that it was somehow connected with a landline telephone. However it is in fact an eight inch tablet with a good spec that compares well with some of the cheaper offerings from Amazon, Apple and Tesco.

The New Mini Cooper S is Android-enabled

The motoring world is catching up with the tech world, and the new Mini Cooper S is a fine example of technology and motoring working well together. Featuring the well-known Mini styling, the curvy hot hatchback may look like normal Mini on the outside. However inside it features a number of technological additions as well as a few engineering improvements.

The Final Android Nokia

Nokia have recently been focusing mainly on Windows OS handsets, however since acquisition of BlackBerry last year, Nokia have concentrated on some of the companies popular features, mainly BBM which will be pre-installed on this handset on the Android platform. The takeover of Nokia by Microsoft will most probably see the end of Android after this release which was announced at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona.

Xbox music comes to Android and iOS

The big players in the music downloading business are of course Apple iTunes and Spotify and Microsoft is hitting back by making its Xbox Music service available on iOS and Android devices, to try to close the gap.

Android apps soon dominant

Android apps soon dominant

It was predicted that once Google’s Android format took hold it would become dominant and with the success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 now standing at sales of ten million units and the new Galaxy S4 mini launched it is only a short time before the apps on Android format overtake Apple. Currently the rate of downloading is running at an impressive 500 more per month through the Google play system. There are now 900million Android devices in the market compared to 600million Apple products.The Android has attracted big players with even the BBC moving to a new approach that attempts to deliver on both Apple and Android of its popular apps simultaneously. Similarly Sky has developed and delivered apps specifically targeting the most popular mobile phone models.Although figures can be made to prove almost anything, if the current rate continues, then Google will be in the lead in this particular race within four months. Although Apple claims to have 850, titles at its store Google claims 48 billion apps have been downloaded from them, with 2.5 billion downloads each month. Competition can only be good for us all.

What is so special about an Android phone?

What is so special about an Android phone?

Choosing the right mobile phone really is a matter of deciding what you want out of your mobile phone.  There are many different types of Android phones on the market today and all have varying features that suit different users.  An Android phone is essentially one that runs on the Google operating system called ‘Android’, hence the origin of the term ‘Android phone’. These phones offer a great deal when it comes to mobile phones.  They have an endless list of features and a variety of phone designs and styles to suit each individual.  They have the all important email functionality and if you use Gmail, you are in luck because the Android operating system cleverly integrates all of your existing email contacts into your phone, a feature that inevitably saves a lot of time and effort. You can access the internet and view your pages on different screen sizes depending on the type of Android phone you have.  The majority of Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Y, have cameras and video recorders that take fairly decent photographs. The Galaxy Y has an eight megapixel camera but there are many different quality Android cameras out there.  Androids normally offer a decent internal memory in the event you want to store anything on your phone, such as photos or music. However, the amount of memory available on each phone varies. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Y has 16GB of internal memory whereas the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has 32GB of internal memory, and the amount of memory you need depends on each user’s preference. And the list of features goes on and on.  There are some great deals out there on Android phones.  It is simply a matter of shopping around to find the best phone and best deal for you.

Free apps will drain your battery

Free mobile apps which use third-party services to display advertising consume considerably more battery life, a new study suggests. Everyone likes to have a “freebee” but do we have to suffer because of them. Some research has been done and in this the researchers used a special tool to monitor use by several of the apps on both Android and Windows Mobile handsets.In one case, 75% of an app’s energy consumption was spent on powering advertisements. This is apparently because they typically have built-in advertisements so developers can make money to pay for the initial app download, as they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. The tests were carried out by running the app over a 3G connection. The results noted that many apps leave connections open for up to 10 seconds after downloading information. So it is as well to remember that if you do have a number of free apps on your mobile, just watch your battery, and either have a spare or a mobile recharger with you.