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Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Console 320 GB Model

This is a great console, it has a massive hard drive, built in fast speed 802.11g wi-fi, it can detect wireless networks and allows files stored on a laptop to be viewed, the perfect media centre. With a series of games exclusively available on PlayStation 3 as well as an extensive catalogue of major titles, Sony has kept the PlayStation 3 to its gaming roots. With top titles in high definition, you can enjoy the biggest current and future releases such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, FIFA 10, Final Fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo 5, MAG and many more besides.With the ability to watch TV shows on iPlayer, and browse the web, the PS3 plays DVD/Blu-Ray, has excellent battery life fully rechargeable the PS3 is no longer just a console, it does pretty well everything.

Broadband Offers and Packages

Choice is all very well, but when there’s too much of it problems such as headaches are often the result as we are left in a state of paralysis over which way to jump in case we miss the best deal. This is especially the case with broadband providers these days, with everyone from Orange Home Broadband, Tiscali Broadband and TalkTalk Broadband to BT Total Broadband and Virgin Media Broadband and even Tesco Broadband stampeding into the market like so many buffalos, all in fierce competition for customers.The important point to remember is why you want broadband at all, and what you’ll use it for. The level of service required by a corporate user will be very different to that wanted by a normal domestic user, for example. The business user will want the fastest speeds available and a high level of technical support. But even with medium users, the needs will vary, with occasional senders of email requiring less than enthusiastic social network users and live chat addicts.Take into account the length of contract whether you’re looking for mobile broadband, business broadband or any of the domestic broadband deals. Monthly rolling contracts are often a better idea than 12 month or 18 month ones if you may have to terminate and don’t want to pay for the lost months.Many broadband providers also have monthly usage caps embedded in their contracts, whereby if you shoot over a certain level you’ll be charged, so this also will depend on your expected level of usage.

Getting Broadband

Broadband is now fairly ubiquitous, as there’s a limit to what you can do with a dial-up connection, and in business it is indispensable.  The type of cutting-edge software that is now deployed across the internet for everything from casino-style gambling to social networking assumes you have broadband to run the applications.  Dial-up still works, but is extremely limited in terms of speed and functionality, and is a bit like using a manual typewriter and carbon paper when you have word processing available.Broadband, as well as keeping you connected 24 hours a day, dispenses with the need for a telephone line.  Many companies such as Virgin Media Broadband and Sky Broadband offer 3-in-one packages of telephone, broadband and satellite TV provided down the same connection, which can save you money when you consider that telephone calls are often free nationally with such an arrangement. Tiscali Broadband, TalkTalk Broadband, Think Broadband, BT Total Broadband, PlusNet Broadband and many more broadband providers now crowd this very competitive market, and it pays to shop around for broadband deals by using broadband comparison websites to find the best ones on offer.  This is good advice whether you’re taking out a broadband contract for the first time or are due for renewal on an existing one.When choosing broadband providers, you may be better off choosing a monthly rolling contract rather than a fixed one of 12 or 18 months, because if you end it early you will often have to pay for the whole term.

Which is the best 3G network?

The UK’s 3G networks average 2.04MB across the country according to statistics released by a mobile phone comparison website. In the battle for 3G speeds Vodafone emerges triumphant with a 3.04 MB average, closely followed by 02 and Orange at 2.61 MB. Three aren’t far behind with a 1.48 MB average ending finally with T-Mobile at 1.40 MB.Given the number of Smartphone’s currently on the market and the increased load on mobile phone networks, a lot of areas now have slow mobile data. Crucial to any high-end mobile phones is a speedy network, without which users may not enjoy the full benefits of their handset. Things like streaming music and video while on the go can become increasingly difficult particularly in areas that are very slow.

Broadband Provider Buying Tips

There are many internet service providers available that sell an even larger number of packages.  To make things even more confusing for shoppers, many providers will provide free gifts and incentives to choose their services.  Do not choose a broadband provider just for the free gifts or extra minutes.  It is important that you choose a broadband provider that matches your internet usage style. Availability TestThe first thing that should be done, even prior to a broadband comparison, is to check availability to see which broadband providers you can sign up with.  There is no need to waste time comparing broadband packages for a provider that you cannot receive services from.  There are many places online where you can perform a free local availability test.Internet HabitsAfter you have narrowed down the broadband providers in your area, next you want to determine your internet habits.  How often to you access the internet?  What do you do when you are online?  Do you expect to download a lot or play games online?  All of these are important because you may or may not require a broadband package with top speeds.  If you do not use the internet very often, a low monthly access cap is a less expensive option.Computer SpecificationsFind out your computer specifications and the type of router or modem you are using, as these could have some effect on broadband performance.  Some broadband providers have packages that work best with certain types of computers and modems.  Each package will provide a list of required system specifications, and you can then determine which package will work best with your computer equipment.

Hewlett Packard HP Mini 110-3102sa Netbook

Computing on the move with this HP Mini Netbook letting you go everywhere, and stay connected without technology weighing you down. A beautiful thin and versatile design, the HP Mini 110 gives you true mobile computing with the freedom and tools to do more of what you want, wherever you want. The HP Mini is your perfect travel companion, allowing you to surf the web and stay entertained anywhere you go. You’ll get a 93% full-size keyboard and 25.7 cm (10.1″) diagonal screen, plus built-in wireless LANWith its own portable entertainment centre, with one-touch web access via HP QuickWeb, you also enjoy stunning video and digital audio, or you chat with friends via the integrated webcam. Featuring an Intel Atom Processor N455 1.66GHz, and memory of 1GG which is extendable to 2GB this minicomputer will allow you to have fun, surf the net, or do some work whilst away.

Improving Your Broadband Speed in the UK

One of the main reasons people choose broadband over dialup is that broadband is much faster.  This means if you are downloading videos from the internet, it can take a matter of seconds over a broadband UK connection, instead of the many minutes it takes to download the same video on a dialup connection. The main contributing factor to internet speed is your location.  The closer you are to your local telephone exchange the faster your broadband connection will be.  Your ability to download quickly will never get better, other than moving to a new house.  But, if your connection has become slower than average, there are a few tricks that you can try to speed it up.First, let’s look inside the computer.  Run at least two online speed checks to see what your current speed is.  Try downloading during the evening, when there are less people online.  Check the users on the network.  When multiple people in the house are online at the same time, it could reduce internet speed.  Is someone illegally taking your bandwidth?  Some programs may decrease the speed of the computer, such as file-sharing, BBC iPlayer, and various Windows updates.Moving to the outside of the computer, check for electrical interference.  Excessive use of phone extensions can reduce the line speed.  It has been reported by many people that removing the bell-wire from the master socket makes a significant improvement to download speeds.  A final tip would be to replace the house’s main master socket with a BT iPlate, which will filter interference and boost speed.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Broadband

In recent years the range of services offered within the broadband UK market has increased to include mobile broadband.  Whereas conventional broadband is intended for use within a single location and relies on cables to carry the signal, mobile broadband is designed for users who need to access the service anywhere a mobile signal is available.  The signals work along the lines of mobile phone technology, so if you have the right equipment you will be able to access the service anywhere a signal is available.If you want to compare mobile broadband packages then one thing to look for is the technology used to offer the service, as you will need to make sure it is compatible with your laptop.  Typically the signal is received by a mobile internet dongle, a USB stick, or a mobile data card, so check which is most suitable for your laptop.  As with any conventional broadband comparison you will want to check the speed of the service, any download limits there may be, contract length and, of course, the price.  It is worth noting that data transfer can sometimes be more expensive with mobile broadband and therefore you are more likely to reach or exceed download restriction limits.When comparing different offers from broadband providers you should note that one of the downsides of mobile broadband is that you are not guaranteed a signal, as you need to be in an area with reception.  On the plus side it is even worth considering for use within the home, especially if you don’t need a landline, as it will remove the cost of landline rental.

Low cost broadband packages – Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet Broadband is a broadband internet service provider located in the United Kingdom, with a focus primarily around providing the best value, and all around lowest cost for broadband service.  While their services and offerings range greatly like most every broadband company, Plusnet Broadband home service is well known for being a low cost leader, and is relatively untouched in this market segment of broadband service.  While their low cost plans are most notable, their presence in the high end market is not to be understated, with competitive offerings for high allowance, high speed services as well.A recent addition to Plusnet’s offerings, Plusnet Premium sells for £11.99 and offers 80 gigabyte usage at up to 20 megabit per second speeds.  While not truly “Unlimited”, for many users this plan provides a high speed and sufficient download cap at a very competitive price, and should be considered even by those interested in unlimited plans.Plusnet Broadband’s most notable service is known as “Plusnet Value”, an eight megabit per second connection with a 10 Gigabyte per month download allocation.  Priced at £5.99, it’s the least expensive true broadband service available.  However, despite being priced significantly lower, there still remain comparable services that are slightly more expensive, and immensely more powerful.  TalkTalk’s baseline plan offers up to 24 megabit per second data transfer rates with a 40 gigabyte per month download allocation for just £6.99, just one pound more than Plusnet.  All in all, Plusnet Value is the low cost leader, yet it still is by no means a perfect match for all buyers.

New wireless charger on the way

Fujitsu has unveiled a new device which will recharge the batteries in multiple portable electronic devices simultaneously and without the hassle of connecting cables. The company’s prototype transmits electricity to the devices, everything from a laptop computer to a mobile phone, portable music player or digital camera, through radio waves. The new charging device relies on a resonating magnetic field to send electricity between a recharger fitted with a special device and the batteries in the device. This is a great step forward, but Fujitsu officials say it may one day be developed to the point at which it is able to recharge the batteries in electric cars.The prototype is currently able to charge a battery at a distance of only 1.5 cm, but the company is aiming to improve that distance to several metres and have the system in practical use as soon as 2012. The company declined to comment on how much the devices might cost. It is not just the convenience of the system; Fujitsu said it provides the ability to design charging systems that work in 1/150th of the time currently required for rechargers.

Business broadband in the UK

Business broadband falls into a special category when it comes to choosing broadband providers and categories.  Most of us when deciding compare broadband providers will use broadband comparison websites to obtain an idea of what is on offer.  However, deciding on business broadband, with its multitude of special requirements, will probably entail bringing in a consultant to discuss all the complex issues.The main requirements of business broadband are robustness, speed, security and support, with cost being also a priority but this is balanced against the level of service. In terms of security, any business is prone to viruses and hackers, but the potential cost of these is somewhat more serious when it comes to business integrity than that of the home user.  A leak of the personal details of customers could have devastating consequences, for example.  Therefore, the levels of security offered by business broadband packages will be far higher than in their domestic counterparts.Support is also a major factor in business broadband, with an engineer on call at all times to get the system up and running again in the event of a shutdown.  Service level agreements will be in place that guarantees a solution within a certain period and often has remote support so the engineer does not always have to come on site, which takes time and therefore costs more in terms of lost business.There may be a number of optional extras that the business could take advantage of, and a flexible package may often be preferred.