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Be amongst the first to buy one of Apple’s HomeKit devices

Coming to the UK in July, Elagato confirmed that Eve, the company’s range of sensors used for monitoring your home, will be available here then. So for those of us that is interested in transforming their houses into smart homes, below is a full rundown of all the products Elgato will be releasing.

Power line networking could get you into trouble

Thousands of households in the UK use power line networking equipment as an alternative for WiFi as a cheap and very effective way of connecting their television set top boxes to their broadband. It is used for a variety of purposes such as “catch up” and “on demand” and is the perfect choice if you want to avoid running any additional cabling through your home. Power line Adapters are devices that use the electricity power lines in your home to send your broadband signal between the two devices. (more…)

How good is your 4g signal?

Well we imagine that unless you live in a large city or conurbation, it will not be very good and even if you do live somewhere that 4g is available, almost certainly it will be patchy. In 2010 the government instructed mobile phone networks to ensure that 90% of the population was covered by a 3g signal by June of this year, so far only Vodafone has achieved that. However, covering 90% of the population is a far cry from covering 90% of the country and many areas in our country are blackspots for a telephone signal never mind 3g, so for many there is a long way to go.

London Hits ‘Fastest ever’ broadband during Speed Test and South Korea move to 5G

It does often seem like we are playing catch-up here in the UK, the fastest ever broadband speeds have been recorded in London with speeds of 1.4 terabits per second were achieved. Speeds such as this are fast enough to send 44 uncompressed HD films a second. And thousands of miles away in South Korea, where they are planning on introducing 5G wireless service which will allow users to download full-length films in a second.

HP offers partial refund to full-price TouchPad buyers

The TouchPad was on sale in Britain for just over a month and failed to make an impression on the market which has been dominated by the Apple iPad. HP is to refund hundreds of pounds each to customers who bought its failed TouchPad tablet at full price. The compensation programme means buyers who paid full price for their TouchPad before August 23 will have effectively acquired it at the fire-sale price.For the bottom-of-the-range, 16GB, Wi-Fi only HP TouchPad, buyers will receive the difference between whatever they paid and £89, which is the heavily discounted rate at which HP sold off remaining stocks once it decided to scrap the product. When it appeared in British shops just over a month earlier, the recommended price was £399. Similar compensation will be offered on more expensive models, and to buyers of the Pre3 Smartphone, which was also culled as part of a major shift by HP away from consumer electronics.

Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones sells telecoms business

Dragons’ Den serial entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE has sold one of his telecoms businesses, Wireless Logic, to ECI Partners, the UK mid-market private equity firm, and management for £38m. This is the third telecoms business that the star of Dragons’ Den has sold in the last year. In the last twelve months alone he has sold various telecoms interests receiving almost £100 million in the process.

New BBC iPlayer planned

The BBC has released an updated version of the iPlayer designed for televisions in a move that it’s hoped will broaden access to the catch-up service to those viewers who may be a bit less technologically minded. It is available from today on the PlayStation 3 games console, and is being adapted for an array of set-top boxes and internet-capable televisions. Many such devices were already able to access iPlayer, but the presentation was inconsistent and it could be frustrating to navigate.

Problems connecting to Wi-Fi

Many people report that they have trouble connecting to free Wi-Fi outlets in hotels and other places so if you are having a problem what is the best advice? Firstly you should always ensure that your laptop or netbook is has the latest driver so you should find the most up to date version and instructions on how to install it on your computer manufacturer’s website.

Deals on Motorola Atrix Phones

The hype surrounding the Motorola Atrix has not died down since the mobile first debuted.  One reason that this phone is a popular choice is its WebTop feature, which is distinctive to the Motorola Atrix and especially appeals to tech-savvy consumers.  Fortunately, getting such a popular and high-tech phone does not have to be a costly venture.  Several Motorola Atrix deals are available.  One form these deals may take is refurbishment.  A refurbished Motorola Atrix phone is not brand new but is still in good condition.  If someone returned the phone for any reason, the company may refurbish it before reselling at a discount.  There is no need to sacrifice quality in order to save money, as a refurbished model is still high-functioning and can be bought from reputable dealers.Other deals on the Motorola Atrix take the form of tariffs.  Sometimes it is possible to get these types of deals by being selective about the calling, messaging, and data plan purchased for the device.  For example, with a 2-year contract, Amazon Wireless will sell the Motorola Atrix 4G smart phone for AT&T Wireless at an approximate price of £30.  This offer also includes free shipping. also sells Motorola Atrix phones at a discount directly on its website.  The phone will cost more if it is purchased along with a contract.  However, it is possible to buy only the phone, without any sort of calling, messaging, or data contract, at a discounted price.  Just be sure to pay close attention to the exact item description.

Kobo eReader goes European

Amazon’s Kindle may have a leadership position right now in electronic reading devices and digital books, but this is a hot market and is getter more competitive. Toronto-based Kobo is turning a new page in its history, announcing a whopping $50 million investment from Fidelity and existing investors. Today at the London Book Fair, Canadian based e-reader giant Kobo announced that they will be tailoring their Kobo eBook Store towards selected European markets.The foray by Kobo into the European market is not just launching a new eBook store, but also localized versions of its Kobo Wireless e-reader. This will insure that books downloaded will automatically be translated to your home language. The company now boasts 2.3 million eBooks, newspapers and magazines in its digital storefront, with more than one million users of the offering added in the past three months.