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How good is your 4g signal?

Well we imagine that unless you live in a large city or conurbation, it will not be very good and even if you do live somewhere that 4g is available, almost certainly it will be patchy. In 2010 the government instructed mobile phone networks to ensure that 90% of the population was covered by a 3g signal by June of this year, so far only Vodafone has achieved that. However, covering 90% of the population is a far cry from covering 90% of the country and many areas in our country are blackspots for a telephone signal never mind 3g, so for many there is a long way to go.

Internet trolls could face up to 2 years in jail under new proposals

To many people it is well overdue that the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has decided to take action against the “keyboard warriors” or as we all know them internet trolls. He has been spurred into action by recent events which have seen the daughter of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, Chloe Madeley receiving online abuse, which Mr Grayling described as “crude and degrading”.

Yahoo Owned Flickr to End Love Affair with Google and Facebook

Online image hosting site Flickr looks set to segregate their user base as owners Yahoo made the announcement that changes would be made to the site, including the withdrawal of Google and Facebook login to accounts held on the picture hosting platform as Yahoo look to capture their own user interaction, revealing that the shut out would come into force June 30th. (more…)

Netflix and Verizon go to war over Net Neutrality

On Thursday Verizon Communications, a leading US broadband provider, sent a cease and desist to Netflix regarding a new loading screen the online streaming services has launched. In the new loading screen Netflix blames Verizon’s over crowded network for the slow loading of video as they adjust the “video for smoother playback”.

Users encourage to reset passwords following release of Heartbleed Bug

A number of tech firms around the world are encouraging users to ensure that they have changed all their passwords following the release of the Heartbleed Bug which poses a major security risk.

The Heartbleed Bug was disclosed only two days ago, but has already potentially exposed usernames and passwords on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google and more. Tumblr, owned by internet giant Yahoo, has advised the public to “change your passwords everywhere – especially your high-security services like email, file storage and banking.”

London Hits ‘Fastest ever’ broadband during Speed Test and South Korea move to 5G

It does often seem like we are playing catch-up here in the UK, the fastest ever broadband speeds have been recorded in London with speeds of 1.4 terabits per second were achieved. Speeds such as this are fast enough to send 44 uncompressed HD films a second. And thousands of miles away in South Korea, where they are planning on introducing 5G wireless service which will allow users to download full-length films in a second.

Backlash of the Tech Giants

It’s safe to say we have lost trust in the internet and the safety of our personal details ever since news about surveillance was announced. Those suffering most from distrust are tech companies who have faced the brunt of the public’s anger by sharing details. These companies, many bitter rivals are joining forces to urge an international ban on bulk collection of data.