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Black Friday VS Cyber Monday – Battle of the discounts

As the battle for early Christmas sales begins today on Black Friday and after the weekend on Cyber Monday, and with the popularity growing in the UK for these ‘American Imports’, an online voucher code website looked to see where and why it all started.

Disney unveil new device to give parents control over their Wi-Fi network

They though that they were on to a really great idea, but for Circle With Disney it all went wrong when they discovered that it locked down the kid’s devices from afar! The idea was that for the small sum of just $99 parents could see what their children were could access through a connection to the WiFi network, but it has all been sorted.

Virgin upgrades its broadband to 200 Mbps

From the 1st October, Virgin broadband customers will be able to get broadband speeds of up to 200Mbps on the company’s top package, which the company is branding as “Vivid”. The company are claiming that it will be available for 90% of its existing customers by the end of this year, the higher speeds has been made by the use of Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS 3) technology, this allows the more data to be carried over the cable.

BBC unveils new features for the iPlayer streaming service

National broadcaster BBC is going to roll out some new changes to its streaming service which will bring it more into line with Netflix and Amazon Prime. These changes will be brought in over the next few weeks and will also offer extended hardware support for existing options.

Be amongst the first to buy one of Apple’s HomeKit devices

Coming to the UK in July, Elagato confirmed that Eve, the company’s range of sensors used for monitoring your home, will be available here then. So for those of us that is interested in transforming their houses into smart homes, below is a full rundown of all the products Elgato will be releasing.

Taylor Swift buys .porn and .adult web domains

Web domain names traditionally go for general public sale on June 1st but some stars and companies are given the opportunity to buy them ahead of this date. These are all part of public sale by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Many famous named people do this for any number of reasons, but it can be well understood in one particular case.

Still no decent Wi-Fi in British Hotels

In this modern age of mobiles and internet, it is still a shocking revelation to find that for businessmen and travellers around the country, hotels in Britain are some of the worst in the world for providing guests with an adequate Wi-Fi service; we lag behind countries like Romania and Vietnam for example.

Power line networking could get you into trouble

Thousands of households in the UK use power line networking equipment as an alternative for WiFi as a cheap and very effective way of connecting their television set top boxes to their broadband. It is used for a variety of purposes such as “catch up” and “on demand” and is the perfect choice if you want to avoid running any additional cabling through your home. Power line Adapters are devices that use the electricity power lines in your home to send your broadband signal between the two devices. (more…)

Micro networks connects rural blackspots

We have seen over a number of years a lot of talk and little action on the problem of covering rural mobile phone blackspots. However it does seem as though one service provider, EE is taking steps to fill the black hole by using new “micro network” technology that can be deployed without building masts and laying extra cables.

Are the “Trolls” winning the battle?

Comment forums can make interesting reading and reading other people’s views on a subject can be informative, or infuriating, depending upon your particular point of view. But whether we like it or not, these comment forums have gained a reputation as a haven for internet trolls.