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Philips DCP951 DVD player and iPod dock

Enjoy your movies and music on the go with the Philips DCP951 DVD player and iPod dock. The DCP951 features a 9 inch 16:9 widescreen display with DVD player, retractable iPod dock and SD/MMC memory card slot.

Mio’s Knight Rider GPS gives you directions from K.I.T.T.

Mio Technology has announced a new GPS unit sporting the widely popular 1980’s TV series Knight Rider. Knight Rider was a hit back in the 80’s and propelled the career of David Hasselhoff, who was a crime fighter helped by a Pontiac Trans Am, fully modified to do an array wonderful stuff and could drive itself called K.I.T.T.

HTC Touch Diamond set to rival the iPhone

With its rich and colorful 2.8” screen we welcome the HTC Diamond after much anticipation.

The elegant body has clearly not been rushed in the design process, and is as nice to touch as it is easy to use. The body has faceted edges which really add to the phones stunning looks.

Fuzion 44 Bluetooth GPS receiver

It’s a first and we are showing it to you.

You’re looking at the only Bluetooth GPS satellite receiver in the world that’s got a massive 44 channels. It picks up USA and EU satellites and has an amazing reacquisition time of 0.1 seconds. The battery life is outstanding at 14 hours run time and a 3 charging cycle.Wow an amazing run-time then of 14 hours and a standby time of over a week on one charge.

Caparo T1 Supercar

On Techlounge we don’t normally tell you the latest information on cars but this one is a real eye catcher. If you have $250,000 spare or just sat in your bank account, and you like cars here is the ultimate buy.

H & B Car Audio MP3 CA-5555i

For those Techlounge readers that can’t wait to solve their in car audio problems and find a way to be able to listen to all of your Mp3’s with the Kenwood HDM-555, then we have a solution for you that will cost you less than £100

Kenwood HDM-555 Navigation System

We have had a request from one of our readers to find a car stereo that not only has a CD player and FM tuner, but is all singing, all dancing, with a HDD and the ability to play Mp3 files. We thought we would find one that has still not been released yet in Europe so that you can see what is possible to produce and adapt to a car.

Road Angel Satellite Navigator

Here is a UK designed and manufactured Satellite Navigation system that is also a speed camera and traffic black spot alert system. It retails out at just under £600 but it’s worth every penny in our opinion here at Techlounge.

TomTom Go700 Satellite Navigation

Wow, how cool is this Tomtom Go700. If you have Bluetooth on your mobile phone, the TomTom Go700 will act as a hands free kit. But once you’ve had a few 15 minute conversations it starts eating away at the battery so we would advise getting the in car charger for it. This unit is amazing, we took it out on a test run and in a town we didn’t know. We felt a bit peckish so we tapped in restaurants and McDonalds and before you knew it we were at the Golden Arches. The ladies voice is a bit irritating but this can soon be sorted with the official add-ons of John Cleese’s voice to cheer you up on your dull motorway drive.