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Tesla model 3 electric car pre-orders hit the 276,000 mark

The figure of 276,000 pre-orders for the Tesla 3 look very impressive, but as all car manufacturers know, until those are turned into an agreement with a deposit those will not necessarily all translate into actual sales when the car is released, with first deliveries due in late 2017.

Google self-driving car in collision with a bus

The fact that a Google self-driving car was in collision with a bus, and has effectively admitted that it was at fault, may set back the time when these are seen on our roads in numbers. This is a blow for the company which had reached a breakthrough with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who were considering giving the self-driving computer the same legal treatment as a human driver.

Apple sets its sights on an electric car by 2019

Apple Mac early computers, iPods, iPhones, iPads and finally watches, Apple has people queueing all night to get the latest product, but will they be just as enthusiastic about an Apple car?

Reports in the Wall Street Journal suggest that Apple is targeting a major effort to create its first electric car; it has committed employees and resources to get the car ready for an unveiling in 2019. Sources are claiming the project is called Titan, for this Apple has drawn in an extra swathe of employees from across the company and the original number of 600 has been tripled. (more…)

Taxi booking app Uber fined $7.3m in California

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American company that specialises in allowing customers with a smartphone or computer to arrange a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars. Uber’s app allows passengers to request rides from drivers in the area and its fares are generally lower than those of traditional taxis.

Mercedes-Benz self-driving car causes a stir in San Francisco

Mercedes-Benz self-driving car the F015 Luxury In Motion has been creating a stir this week as it was seen on the streets of San Francisco for the first time. Unveiled at the International CES in Las Vegas in January, the F015 Luxury In Motion was caught on camera by stunned bystanders as it cruised through the city.

The Google Driverless Car

Google has unveiled its plans to start building its own range of self-driving cars that function without a steering wheel, an accelerator or a brake pedal.

In 2008, Google kickstarted their own driverless car project, working on modifying cars that had been built by other manufacturers, equipping them with sensors, computers and navigation equipment, but has now begun developing a vehicle of their own making. In pictures and promotional videos that have been released, the Google vehicle features what has been described as a “friendly face” that is non-threatening and will help people to accept the new technology. (more…)

Netherlands unveils glow in the dark road

A new era for road marking has been unveiled in the Netherlands after a 500 meter stretch of highway was opened featuring glow in the dark marking. The paint, which contains ‘photo-luminising’ powder charges up during the day and slowly releases a green light at night.

Android Sat Nav Applications

Founded in the USA in 2003, Android is a mobile phone operating system that was taken over by internet giant Google in 2005. Google’s online app store, Android Market, sells upwards of 250,000 Android apps, which are fuelling the company’s phenomenal success as it strives to become a brand leader.  Android sat nav apps are just some of the diverse applications and, competitively, Android sat nav apps are now offered free on Android smartphones in the UK. There are a range of Android sat nav apps, including the free Google Maps Navigation, but also many others that are worth paying for.  Highly rated Android sat nav apps include Co-Pilot Live, which ranks favourably with standalone GPS systems and even offers the facility to receive live traffic updates and petrol prices. With great usability, it comes highly recommended. Other Android sat nav apps worth exploring are AndNav2; TeleNav, for the occasional user, which works on a subscription basis; or the highly innovative BreadCrumbz, which even works within the confines of a building, allowing the user to plot every step.Some smartphones even come with Android sat nav apps as their integral feature and USP, such as the nuvifone A50, produced by Garmin-Asus. Other sat nav apps include Sygic, which fully maps the UK and Ireland and provides real time updates of traffic alongside lane guidance features and warnings of safety cameras.

LG Renoir KC910

The LG Renoir KC910 is one impressive phone that is quickly gaining attention.  This action packed device offers features that the majority of mobile phones today simply do not have.  It has a sophisticated design and large touch screen to enjoy as well.One of the most notable features that you will find on the LG Renoir KC910 is its built in camera which is 8 megapixels. Very few mobile phones today offer such a high quality camera which even provides a xenon flash.  The camera can be put into a beauty function which eliminates any blemishes you might not want to remember in your photographs.  The Renoir’s camera also features an image stabilizer and facial tracking.  This powerful LG mobile phone provides a great deal of connectivity to its users.  Take advantage of the built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities, and even a TV Out functionality.  There is a GPS receiver built into the Renoir so you not have to worry about getting lost again!For the variety of features that the LG Renoir KC910 offers, the device manages to stay at a reasonable size.  It is 107.8 mm long by 55.9 mm wide by 14 mm thick.  The Renoir also weighs 114 grams.  Talk time for the included battery is estimated to be around 4 hours while standby is around 430 hours.A bonus that the LG Renoir KC910 provides is an included 8 gigabyte microSD card.  This will allow users to immediately get started capturing photographs with the handy camera.

iTrip for iPod nano 4G

Griffin has announced a new iTrip FM transmitter specially designed for the iPod nano 4th generation. Following the same curves as the nano 4G, the new iTrip nano fits perfectly onto the bottom of the device, although the iTrip will work with other iPod models as well.The iTrip sends the music from your iPod to the nearest FM receiver, so you can listen to your favourite tunes at home, in the car or at work with a touch of a button. New features include SmartScan, which scans the best three FM frequencies and stores them automatically for future use and SmartSound technology, which provides clearer audio in real-world situations.With an easy to use interface, the iTrip nano will be transmitting your music to your chosen FM receiver in a matter of minutes. The Griffin iTrip nano is available now from major retailers and is priced at £29.99.

A Christmas idea for Car Hire companies

Here at TechLounge we’re big fans of sat nav, particularly it’s mystical ability to prevent what might otherwise be relationship ending arguments at bay! If you’ve ever sat fuming beside your other half after they accused you of not knowing left from right, or put up with one too many “we’re not stopping to ask, it’s just down here” then you probably know what we mean. So with Christmas on the horizon and many couples hiring a vehicle as they travel to see friends and family here’s an idea for car hire companies: free sat nav for everyone. OK it may cut into profits a little but with most of the big names hiking prices over the holiday season they can afford it, and you simply can’t buy the kind of goodwill that comes from saving a marriage! Come on car hire chiefs, open your wallets and make the world a slightly less angry place this Christmas!