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4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and players hit the shelves in the UK

It’s been a long time in the making, but finally 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and players have made it to the UK after arriving earlier this year in the US. As you would expect 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray titles are few and far between at the moment with only 12 titles available, but expect that to change over the coming months and years.

Game of Thrones leaked episodes triggers angry response from HBO

HBO is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Home Box Office Inc., an operating subsidiary of Time Warner and has been angered by the showing on Sunday night of episode 5 of Game of Thrones. This has resulted in the broadcaster sending “take down” notices to Periscope, which is the live-streaming video app owned by Twitter. However Twitter seems unconcerned by the threat as they maintain that the Periscope app complies fully with US copyright law. The verbal battle rumbles on with HBO indirectly criticising the video streaming company, suggesting that developers have the tools to prevent copyright infringement for occurring on their apps, suggesting that presently they only react to copyright infringement allegations rather than trying to prevent them happening. (more…)

The Samsung HU8500 Ultra HD 4k TV has landed!

Samsung have taken TV viewing to the next level with their new and improved curved TV the HU8500 Ultra HD TV. It went on sale in the UK on the 14th of April and will be followed by the company’s flagship version, an impressive 105in monster.

CES Highlights – Samsung’s Bendable TV

As we look ahead to the future of technology at the annual CES, we get a glimpse to see what tech giants have been working on and what we can expect in the future. First up is Samsung, who although haven’t made any official announcements as to where most of their technology is heading, they have showcased their bendable TV.

Samsung PS50C680 50″ 3D TV

The Samsung PS50C680 50″ 3D TV is a great way to join the 3D Television revolution on a budget and at just £999 it’s well worth the money. Encompassing Full 1080p HD resolution and Samsung’s 3D HyperReal Engine picture technology, the PS50C680 delivers crisp High-Definition pictures that all your friends will be jealous of.The 10 Watt per channel audio speakers support Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse audio output making in a truly thrilling experience to watch. This TV has 4 HDMI ports built-in to connect your next generation games consoles, Blu-Ray players and other HD inputs, making it an all in one home cinema and gaming system.The Samsung PS50C680 50″ 3D TV is available now from various electrical outlets for just £999; joining the 3D revolution has never been easier or cheaper!

The way technology has advanced over the years

60 years ago things were very different people didn’t have today’s advances in technology particularly mobile ‘phones which we all now take for granted. In those days making a telephone call was made through a fixed landline or a bulky radio telephone and radio was the main form of entertainment outside of the cinema. By the end of that decade TV was in most homes but it came in with a big box supporting all the electronic gadgets and the large picture tube. Now TV’s are really cool with slim or TFT devices and plasma screens that give remarkable imagery, the very latest being high definition or HD which have remarkably sharp pictures, a million miles away from the sets of only a few years ago. It is not just the advances in technology that have given us these slim sharp images, the cost has fallen dramatically. By searching through comparison sites it is now possible to buy a modern TV for what amounts to a week’s wage which is a far cry from the cost of a set in times past which would have set you back a month or two wage packet.

Forget 3D, Quattron technology is here

The whole world and its mother seem to be talking about 3D right now it’s the very latest gismo and that’s where the hype machine is headed, to an extent unprecedented since the first arrival of HD. Many s till think 3-D TV has an iffy future, but if you’re willing to make the leap of faith, you may as well invest in decent hardware. Sharp’s new Quattron TV models compensate for the dimness that mars the 3-D experience by adding yellow as part of the company’s propriety Quad Pixel technology (most sets use a red/blue/green filter). The sets are capable of converting standard 2-D content, adding a 3-D effect that helps to address that whole lack of content issue, they are also Internet ready.For a start, Sharp reckons pictures should look as much as 20 per cent brighter than those of a ‘normal’ LCD TV, due to the yellow pixel having a greater level of transparency and thus making it easier for the TV’s lighting to pass through than the red, green and blue pixels. The set’s colour response, for instance, is utterly spectacular, the range, purity, dynamism and simple believability of its colour palette across all sources is startling.

Flat panel TVs keep getting thinner

It was not long ago that the concept of a flat panel TV took us all by storm.  We had grown accustom to our large CRT TVs that weighed a considerable amount.  The new plasma and LCD TVs presented an opportunity for us to free up some space on our entertainment stand which many of us took advantage of.  These new flat panel TVs were expensive but they certainly looked much better than the old TVs.Now it appears as though these LCD and plasma TVs are going to quickly become old news.  New technologies including LED and OLED are producing flat panel TVs that are impressively thin.  Many of the first flat panel TVs that were introduced were still several inches thick.  New TVs designed with LED and OLED technologies could one day hang on our walls and appear to be flush mounted.Flat panel TVs based on LED technology are more widely available.  Samsung has introduced a line of LED TVs that are as thin as 3mm.  The screens on these TVs range up to 55 inches in size.  Until OLED technology is developed further, LED appears to be the choice if you want a thinner flat panel TV today.

Sky 3D is coming sooner than you think!

BSKYB has announced that its first 3D channel, aptly named Sky 3D will launch on the 3rd of April with a Premier League football match between Manchester United and Chelsea. BSKYB also state that there have been over 1000 clubs and pubs that have signed up to the service and have bought 3D-ready TV sets in a deal between Sky and LG.