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Retro iPod dock – the iTeufel Radio

This rather nifty retro looking iPod dock, the iTeufel Radio is a great addition to any household and an ideal alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Wrapped in a stylish walnut veneer, the iTeufel Radio not only plays and charges your iPod but is also a radio alarm clock.Delivering excellent sound via the two full rang speakers and integrated subwoofer, the iTeufel Radio can be controlled with the bundled remote control which can also control your iPod allowing you to play, pause and skip through your songs from a distance. The alarm can be set up as a sound, radio station or your favourite iPod tune so you always get up on time.Measuring just 34 x 14.5 x 16.5cm this radio alarm/iPod dock can be easily transported to any room in the house allowing you to enjoy your favourite radio/iPod songs wherever you are. An integrated 3.5mm headphone socket is also included if you want to listen alone.The iTeufel Radio is available now from the Teufel website priced at £133.

I-MU Vibrating Speaker – changes any hard surface into a speaker!

The I-MU Vibration speaker is a brilliant device capable of turning any hard surface, be it wood, glass or plastic into an impressive sounding speaker. The technology used by the I-MU Speaker was originally designed for the US Navy and transforms sonic audio signals into sonic mechanical vibrations, meaning that any hard surface will transmit your music.The I-MU Vibro is mains powered and comes with a standard 3.5mm connection, meaning that a wide range of music devices and phones can be used with it. Becuase the I-MU speaker has a super-energy crystal speaker, the device itself is only 8cm wide and 12cm high, so is fully portable and it can transmit your music using up to 30 watts of power (depending on which surface it is on).The I-MU Vibro speaker may not be for everyone and the sound quality does depend on the surface being used, but it is sure to find a home with people who have a music player and want a unique speaker to go with it.The I-MU Vibro Speaker is available in white, pink and black and retails for around the £50 mark.

PURE i-10 iPod Dock – Listen to your iPod through your Hi-Fi or DAB radio

PURE is one of the leading manufacturers of DAB digital radios in the world, and with its superior design and sound, PURE Digital boasts the best selling EVOKE and Chronos ranges as well as many other DAB digital radios and accessories. The latest accessory by PURE is the i-10 Universal iPod Dock, that will connect your iPod to any 3.5mm stereo line input or auxiliary socket, meaning that you can play your favourite tune through your home stereo or DAB radio.The PURE i-10 is simple and stylishly designed with black and silver accents; the iPod fits into the dock at the top and can be controlled by the included remote, which can control most of the iPod’s functions such as scrolling through menus, skipping tracks and changing the volume.The PURE i-10 iPod Dock will also charge your iPod when used with the AC adaptor, and the 1 meter long 3.5mm connector cable means that the dock doesn’t need to be close to your Hi-Fi.The PURE i-10 is priced at around £29.99, and the bonus of a remote and the fact that you don’t have to plug it into the wall to work, will appeal to many. The PURE i-10 is available now from major retailers.  

My Tunes MP3 Amp: Guitar amp styled MP3 speaker

My Tunes has released an interesting MP3 speaker that will have your music playing like a real rock stars. The My Tunes Mp3 speaker is styled like a traditional guitar amp and even has three control knobs for volume, treble and bass just like the real thing.

Gear4 StreetParty III iPod Speaker

Gear4 has released its new portable iPod speaker dock which is ideal for using at home or on the move. Called the StreetParty III, this new speaker dock will fit all dock connecting iPod’s including the new iPod Touch and Nano models.

Arcam AVR600 High-Definition AV Receiver

Arcam has announced their new flagship AV receiver, the AVR600. Sporting a full metal case, the AVR600 will be available from November and set you back around £2300 when it’s launched. You may be thinking it’s a bit steep, but the AVR600 boasts the latest in High-Definition audio and video processing combined with Dolby Volume.

Sharp all-in-one home cinema system

Tired of having lots of wires and boxes connected to your television? Sharp has the answer with its new home cinema rack, the ANPR1500H. Not just content in being a TV stand capable of holding a screen up to 46 inches, the ANPR1500H also boasts an upscaling DVD player, 2.1 speaker system with 300 watts of output, HDMI and scart interfaces and USB connectivity.

Mordaunt-Short Alumni 2 Speakers

Mordaunt-Short has been producing high quality and stylish home cinema and stereo speakers for many year now, and the Alumni 2 speakers are no exception. The Alumni 2 satellite speakers benefit from Mordaunt-Short’s vast speaker experience with an improved signal path, produced by an upgraded crossover that improves clarity and detail whilst reducing distortion.

Tangent Evo E24 Center Speaker

The Tangent Evo E24 Centre speaker has been especially designed to match Tangent’s Evo range of speakers. Finished in the same high gloss black or high gloss white, the Evo E24 centre looks as stylish as the other Evos.

Tangent Evo E34 Speakers

Tangent’s new range of floorstanding speakers, the Evo E34 combines sleek and unobtrusive styling with a powerful and dynamic sound. Each speaker is over a metre high and features three woofer units, which gives the speakers a mighty punch.

iPod alarm clock wakes you up with your favourite tunes

Gear 4 has added to its Blackbox product range with the Blackbox 24/7. This new version; the Blackbox 24/7 combines an iPod speaker dock, FM radio and an alarm clock all in one, there’s no excuse for not getting out of bed now. The 24/7 has two different alarm settings so you can set one up for your work during the week and the other to have that all important lie in on a weekend.