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Sony MYLO – My Life Online

My Life Online or MYLO for short, is Sony’s ummm well, what actually is it? Well its kind of a posh PDA but with more uses.

The Sony MYLO features a 2.4″ 320 by 240 pixel LCD and a rather gorgeous looking glossy front, which is very much like the PSP. It has 1GB of onboard flash memory and being upgradeable with the Memory Stick Pro Duo slot, the MYLO really will hold some data as long as you fork out loads of cash for a large storage Duo. Coming with a 802.11b wireless connection, the most common connection out there, allows it to connect to the net and gives you access to Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo chat.

BenQ BW1000 Blu-Ray Writer – Trio

Blu-Ray is becoming the all new buzz word as this latest storage technology starts to become a reality.

BenQ will be releasing their new 3 in 1 Blu-Ray writer, the BW1000, that they are calling the Trio, at the end of August. This will be very exciting as during the same month you can expect to see other Blu-ray writer coming to market as well.

Longhorn M-series Portable Media Players

Supporting MP3, WMA and MPEG 4 media and displaying JPEG/BMP/GIF, oh and don’t forget TXT files, the Longhorn M Series has pretty much everything covered.

The Longhorn M18 features a 3.5″ TFT with a 16:9 screen ratio. Having no onboard memory the M16 is stuck to having a memory slot which supports SD and MMC up to 2GB in size.

Sony DVD Walkman D-VE7000s & DVP-FX810

Sony yesterday unveiled two new “portable cinemas” the D-VE7000S and the DVP-FX810.

The D-VE7000S is shown on the right and is a classy looking tablet design which is barely larger than a DVD case. The D-VE7000S will be lightwieght, compact and come fully supplied with sound isolating walkman headphones, a speaker cradle and with an optional car kit so there is no worry about keeping kids entertained over long trips. The D-VE7000S has a 7 inch LCD screen and will support the following playback disc formats: DVD, DVD±R/±RW, DVD±R dual layer discs, CD, Video CD, CD-R/RW, and supports the commonly-used DivX®, MP3 and JPEG formats.

Sony MZ RH1 Mini Disc Walkman

Since you all seem to love the Sony Walkman range here is the new MZ-RH1 which will be joining Hi-MD.

Just when we thought Mini Discs where dead and buried there’s now the 1GB Mini Disc which can hold up to 45 hours worth of music.

Touch Screen Video iPod

It was less than 6 months ago that we reviewed the new Video iPod that was hitting the shelves and has become popular with the people who are regularly on the move and like to take entertainment with them.

Ipod Nano 1GB Mp3 player

We all love the Ipod Nano, and we all love to hate it! Apple have just released the 1GB Ipod Nano. We reviewed the 4GB Ipod Nano back in September and it was impressive, just for it’s sheer slimness alone. The 1GB Ipod Nano has the same features as the 4GB version, the only difference is the storage size.

Samsung YP-T8Q Digital Audio Player

The Samsung YP-T8Q is the latest digital audio player from Samsung which bring you a great solution for playing Mp3’s and Mpeg4’s to name but a few. It is a great looking gadget that comes in the sleek black as shown or the ipod styled white. It has a 1.8 inch TFT screen that will give you a clear display for your photos or videos. It’s dimensions are 8.3cm x 4.4cm x 1.5cm and weighs just 55 grams.

SanDisk Sansa E200 Mp3 Player

So will this 6GB SanDisk Sansa E200 beat the iPod Nano or will it just fade into the background? With so many features packed in you would like to think it will take a big chunk of sales from the Nano. These are due to be available at the end of March 2006.

Samsung YM-P1 Media Player

The Samsung YM-P1 media player is equipped with a 20GB hard disk drive and a 4″ 16:9 LCD-TFT. It claims to have 6 hours video viewing and 15 hours of audio listing.

The YM-P1 also acts as a digital Photo viewer. The player is capable of recording straight from the TV, Supporting MP3, WMA, OGG, AC3, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, AVI, WMV, JPG, BMP and text files. There’s such a wide variety of file formats available it’s going to be hard for the consumer to lose out. All of this as well for under £250.