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Digital TV

BBC cuts access to iPlayer through VPNs

As we know a VPN provides a secure way for you to connect one computer to another over the Internet. In the old days, a direct connection would be achieved by using dial-up modems but the ubiquity of the Internet makes it easier to use it for the connection. They have many uses of course; using a UK VPN masks your true location, and convinces the BBC you’re in the country and presumably a license payer. However, the BBC is planning to block access to iPlayer from UK VPNs, no doubt to the dismay of those fans that wish to watch such shows as Doctor Who and others broadcast by the “beeb”.

Finding the right digital television package

Finding the right digital TV package will enable you to have access to the features that you require at a price that is right for you.  Digital TV providers offer different services, so exploring what is available will help you to find a package that suits your requirements.  Comparing different packages will enable you to select the services that you need and avoid paying extra for any features that you are unlikely to use. The main advantage of digital TV deals is that you can have access to your favourite channels as well as many other features.  In addition to digital TV channels, some providers also offer access to digital radio stations and on demand services.  Many of these services are included in package deals.  Broadband and home phone services are also included in deals to enable you to get the most out of your package. Comparing different packages will increase your chances of finding a digital TV deal that is right for you.  There are many comparison sites available such as Recombu Digital that will enable you to compare the many deals available.  In addition to providing information on what is included in each package, some comparison websites will also enable you to go directly to the website of the provider that you are interested in. Comparing different packages will not only enable you to locate a deal that suits your budget, but also one that provides you with the features you need to fully enjoy your package.  For example, if you wish to have access to a package that offers extra film channels, then comparing packages will enable you to find a deal that is right for you.  Some providers include film channels as a standard part of a package, which is ideal for those wishing to have access to a wide selection of films.

Downton Abbey viewers crash ITV Player

If you were one of the many who missed watching Downton Abbey live, then you could have been in for a shock if you tried to catch up online as many of us do, as the ITV player crashed for several hours last night, as thousands of people tried to catch up.This is not the first time that the catch up service, has struggled to cope with demand before, most notably during the 2010 football World Cup is meant to be undergoing to a revamp as it prepares to charge viewers for access to certain piece of content via ITV Player by the start of next year. Adam Crozier, ITV’s chief executive, has publicly said several times that ITV’s online proposition has been neglected and that he was seeking to invest in it and improve the service so it was on par other catch up players, such as the extremely popular and successful BBC iPlayer.

The way technology has advanced over the years

60 years ago things were very different people didn’t have today’s advances in technology particularly mobile ‘phones which we all now take for granted. In those days making a telephone call was made through a fixed landline or a bulky radio telephone and radio was the main form of entertainment outside of the cinema. By the end of that decade TV was in most homes but it came in with a big box supporting all the electronic gadgets and the large picture tube. Now TV’s are really cool with slim or TFT devices and plasma screens that give remarkable imagery, the very latest being high definition or HD which have remarkably sharp pictures, a million miles away from the sets of only a few years ago. It is not just the advances in technology that have given us these slim sharp images, the cost has fallen dramatically. By searching through comparison sites it is now possible to buy a modern TV for what amounts to a week’s wage which is a far cry from the cost of a set in times past which would have set you back a month or two wage packet.

Sky 3D is coming sooner than you think!

BSKYB has announced that its first 3D channel, aptly named Sky 3D will launch on the 3rd of April with a Premier League football match between Manchester United and Chelsea. BSKYB also state that there have been over 1000 clubs and pubs that have signed up to the service and have bought 3D-ready TV sets in a deal between Sky and LG.

Sky HD demand shows sharp rise

BSkyB has announced that demand for its High Definition service has been higher than expected during Q1 of 2009. In a push to sell its HD service, Sky cut its prices in January; this added more than 243,000 new customers to the service in the first three months of this year. The number of Sky HD households is now in excess of one million.The higher demand for Sky HD has meant that BSkyB has created an extra 750 customer service and installation jobs, with another 250 jobs planned.  As well as lowering its HD service charges, BSkyB also cut the price of its Sky Plus HD boxes to £49, in a bid to capitalise on the estimated 7 million households who have already got High Definition Televisions.The company’s report also shows that its operating profits were up by 13% since the start of its financial year last July, and 15% of its customers now have the whole package including TV, Broadband and telephony. Although the figures are promising for the beginning of the year, chief executive Jeremy Darroch stated that he believes that the rest of the year would be a challenge, adding that: “In this environment, and at a time when people are spending more time at home, we will continue to provide our customers great entertainment and money-saving broadband and telephony.”

One For All Xsight Touch Universal Remote

One For All has revealed its latest universal remote, called the Xsight Touch. This new remote features a 2.2 inch colour touchscreen display, and is capable of controlling up to 18 devices from a single remote.The Xsight Touch can store up to 72 favourites, which are displayed as icons and will change to a specific channel if selected on the touchscreen. Favourites can also be put into profiles for users such as Mum, Dad, Kids or by genres like Sports and Movies, with up to 6 profiles available on each remote.The One For All Xsight touch can be updated by USB, so new features and applications can be downloaded, adding to the remotes functions. It also features an easy setup mode, using the EZ-RC application via the internet; this enables all of your devices to be added to the remote with a click of the mouse.The Xsight Touch keypad is backlit so it can be seen in low light situations, and the rechargeable Li-Ion battery and charging cradle means that it will never run out of juice.The One For All Xsight Touch is available now from leading retailers for £129.99.

Sky tests broadcasting of 3D TV programs

Sky Television has announced that it has made significant steps towards broadcasting 3D TV programs to the British public. Over the last six months Sky have been recording a number of events using special 3D cameras, and has successfully transmitted the recordings to a domestic Television through its High-Definition set-top box.

Hyundai Portable Digital TV

Hyundai has released a portable media player that not only plays music and video files, it also has a built-in FM radio and digital TV tuner; ideal for those long journeys during the festive periods. The Hyundai HM-T4300E features a 4.3 inch LCD display and dedicated touch sensitive channel and volume buttons, all encased in a sleek and compact black/silver design.The Hyundai HM-T4300E also boasts 1GB of internal storage and a MiniSD card slot for storing your pictures, music and videos on. Transferring files to and from the device is easy with the integrated USB 2.0 connection, and a standard 3.5mm headphone socket is onboard so you can use your favourite earphones.The device measures a pretty small 127 x 78 x 12mm so it will easily fit into a pocket or bag and the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery is capable of delivering up to 3.5 hours in DVB-T mode, 42.5 hours in MP3 mode and 7.5 hours of video playback.Bundled in with the Hyundai portable DVB-T TV is an AC/DC adapter, earphones, user manual and installation CD as well as a carry case, USB cable and stand.The Hyundai HM-T4300E portable digital TV is available now from major retailers for around £120.