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4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and players hit the shelves in the UK

It’s been a long time in the making, but finally 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and players have made it to the UK after arriving earlier this year in the US. As you would expect 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray titles are few and far between at the moment with only 12 titles available, but expect that to change over the coming months and years.

Sony follows Fox and announces Ultra HD films on disc

It seems a long time ago when the war between VHS and Betamax was in full cry and both Philips and Sony decided, very sensibly in most people’s eyes to co-operate when it came to the DVD which is now universal. There have been a lot of improvements since 1994 and just like television the picture quality has improved beyond recognition.

BBC cuts access to iPlayer through VPNs

As we know a VPN provides a secure way for you to connect one computer to another over the Internet. In the old days, a direct connection would be achieved by using dial-up modems but the ubiquity of the Internet makes it easier to use it for the connection. They have many uses of course; using a UK VPN masks your true location, and convinces the BBC you’re in the country and presumably a license payer. However, the BBC is planning to block access to iPlayer from UK VPNs, no doubt to the dismay of those fans that wish to watch such shows as Doctor Who and others broadcast by the “beeb”.

Game of Thrones leaked episodes triggers angry response from HBO

HBO is an American premium cable and satellite television network that is owned by Home Box Office Inc., an operating subsidiary of Time Warner and has been angered by the showing on Sunday night of episode 5 of Game of Thrones. This has resulted in the broadcaster sending “take down” notices to Periscope, which is the live-streaming video app owned by Twitter. However Twitter seems unconcerned by the threat as they maintain that the Periscope app complies fully with US copyright law. The verbal battle rumbles on with HBO indirectly criticising the video streaming company, suggesting that developers have the tools to prevent copyright infringement for occurring on their apps, suggesting that presently they only react to copyright infringement allegations rather than trying to prevent them happening. (more…)

The Samsung HU8500 Ultra HD 4k TV has landed!

Samsung have taken TV viewing to the next level with their new and improved curved TV the HU8500 Ultra HD TV. It went on sale in the UK on the 14th of April and will be followed by the company’s flagship version, an impressive 105in monster.

CES Highlights – Samsung’s Bendable TV

As we look ahead to the future of technology at the annual CES, we get a glimpse to see what tech giants have been working on and what we can expect in the future. First up is Samsung, who although haven’t made any official announcements as to where most of their technology is heading, they have showcased their bendable TV.

Xbox music comes to Android and iOS

The big players in the music downloading business are of course Apple iTunes and Spotify and Microsoft is hitting back by making its Xbox Music service available on iOS and Android devices, to try to close the gap.

Finding the right digital television package

Finding the right digital TV package will enable you to have access to the features that you require at a price that is right for you.  Digital TV providers offer different services, so exploring what is available will help you to find a package that suits your requirements.  Comparing different packages will enable you to select the services that you need and avoid paying extra for any features that you are unlikely to use. The main advantage of digital TV deals is that you can have access to your favourite channels as well as many other features.  In addition to digital TV channels, some providers also offer access to digital radio stations and on demand services.  Many of these services are included in package deals.  Broadband and home phone services are also included in deals to enable you to get the most out of your package. Comparing different packages will increase your chances of finding a digital TV deal that is right for you.  There are many comparison sites available such as Recombu Digital that will enable you to compare the many deals available.  In addition to providing information on what is included in each package, some comparison websites will also enable you to go directly to the website of the provider that you are interested in. Comparing different packages will not only enable you to locate a deal that suits your budget, but also one that provides you with the features you need to fully enjoy your package.  For example, if you wish to have access to a package that offers extra film channels, then comparing packages will enable you to find a deal that is right for you.  Some providers include film channels as a standard part of a package, which is ideal for those wishing to have access to a wide selection of films.

Downton Abbey viewers crash ITV Player

If you were one of the many who missed watching Downton Abbey live, then you could have been in for a shock if you tried to catch up online as many of us do, as the ITV player crashed for several hours last night, as thousands of people tried to catch up.This is not the first time that the catch up service, has struggled to cope with demand before, most notably during the 2010 football World Cup is meant to be undergoing to a revamp as it prepares to charge viewers for access to certain piece of content via ITV Player by the start of next year. Adam Crozier, ITV’s chief executive, has publicly said several times that ITV’s online proposition has been neglected and that he was seeking to invest in it and improve the service so it was on par other catch up players, such as the extremely popular and successful BBC iPlayer.