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Microsoft opens up Xbox One development kit to everyone

It was three long years ago when we heard a remark made by Microsoft about the future of their Xbox One, they suggested that it was to be a game console that would encourage and foster creativity and development. They went further and said that any retail unit could be converted into a development kit, which got people thinking. Finally at its annual build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft is to make good on that promise.

Biggest Xbox software update for players rolls out today

The competition between Microsoft and Sony is great news for gamers as the two companies are constantly challenging each other with innovations, all of course to the benefit of the players. Microsoft have answered Sony’s new PS4 firmware beta test by introducing updated software that will see several big changes to their console.

Xbox One February system update

Today we can reveal the first updates for the Xbox One for 2015 and some interesting improvements have been added, together with one or two tips to enhance your enjoyment using your Xbox.

First off are some eye catching ways in which they have improved the controller, first up is Quick Connect where the time has been speeded up to power on, now it only takes a couple of seconds. They have acted on feedback and fixed some of the controller disconnect issues, along with stability issues that have been fixed.

A Quick guide to GTA V on Xbox One and PS4

Rockstar has finally released its re-mastered version of Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so we thought we’d tell you why you need this game.

Grand Theft Auto V was the biggest selling game of 2013, selling more than 30 million copies worldwide. The games huge open-world map allows players to roam free and create all kinds of chaos as you follow three criminals as they plan out and attempt a range of heists.

Xbox One no longer to be sold with Kinect

Microsoft yesterday announced that the Xbox One game console will no longer be sold with the Kinect bundle worldwide from the 9th June. Not only will this decision give gamers more options, it will also lower the price of the console to £350, the same price as the Sony Playstation 4 and $399 in the US.

Top 5 Xbox One games (so far)

Here is our list of the top 5 Xbox One games (so far): Dead Rising 3

It would be easy to choose dead rising 3 on Xbox if you’re in to lots of blood and gore. Dead rising 3 starts off in the walled it version of Los Perdidos. A thinly covered Los Angeles that has been overrun by the undead. The whole map isn’t as big as you would think but the variety of what you can have and do makes up for that and just makes it easy to explore for hours on end. You can craft up and make 100’s of weapons and hardly ever get you to the point where you don’t want to play anymore you can always find something to do.

Xbox One News

This week has been a big week for Xbox One news, from admission, they made ‘wrong decisions’ to possibility of backwards compatibility and new TV shows in-between. The main news was that Microsoft has a new head of Xbox, Phil Spencer and his first job? Apologise and admit that the company did make some mistakes of their new console:

Microsoft announces Xbox One Price Drop in UK

Microsoft has announced that it is dropping the price of its Xbox One console in the UK to £399 on Friday. The console will now include one of the most anticipated next gen games of the year Titanfall in the package.

Sony announce PlayStation 4 sales have hit 5.3 million since launch

With the next gen console war in full swing, Sony today put another feather in its cap by announcing that it had sold 5.3 million PlayStation 4 consoles since its launch in November. The data takes end user sales up to the 8th of February and is great news for the company as it plans to release the console in its strongest market, Japan on February 22nd.

Sony PlayStation 4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft do have the upper hand with sales, releasing them in more countries than Sony, however Sony does have a week advantage for its US sales. So After the Xbox One was released on Friday what are the sales figures looking like after the weekend rush?

Xbox One Released

The new console from Microsoft has been launched across the globe, which means many places other than America get their hands on the console before the Sony PlayStation’s. The first person in the world to get their hands on the Xbox One was a New Zealander, with New Zealand being the first country to sell them (due to time differences). Queues were seen across 13 countries whilst people were waiting to get their hands on the new console.