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Sony PlayStation Vita

Sony PlayStation Vita

The new Sony PlayStation Vita is due to hit the streets on February 22nd and early reports suggest that the new hand held gaming device is going to be a hit. Portable gaming was thought to be a thing of the past, but this is far from the truth when you consider how easy it now is to download decent games to the Smartphone for the next to nothing. This being so you might be forgiven asking what future does a dedicated handheld gaming console offer?From Sony the future looks great with the introduction of the Playstation Vita which is the most powerful and versatile handheld console the market has yet seen. Coming with a 5 inch OLED touch screen, rear touch panel, dual analogue sticks, in-built gyroscopes for motion control, front and rear facing cameras, GPS, wi-fi, that is the answer from, Sony! It can be said that the Vita has all you need and although many believe that the dedicated handheld consoles may be a thing of the past, not if Sony has anything to do with it.

Apple iPad2 is here!

The long awaited Apple iPad 2 has finally arrived in the stores and already many people are wondering just what it has to offer over the original iPad. When it was trailed a few months ago there was a lot of doubt about it, but we can finally reveal the differences between the two models.In the first place the cover is sold separately, with a variety of colours available in the naturally treated leather. Apple’s iPad 2 is faster, lighter, thinner and better than its predecessor, but otherwise essentially the same. It is nearly identical when it comes to software, and though improved, closely related on the hardware side as well. The general size and shape of the device has remained the same, and though inside there’s a new dual core A5 CPU, more memory, and a pair of new cameras, most of the iPad 2’s changes are cosmetic.

New Xbox 360 unleashed into the wild!

Microsoft not only impressed everyone with their new Kinect motion sensor controller for the Xbox 360 (formally known as project Natal), but also revealed a newly designed version of their Xbox 360 console. Simply known as the New Xbox 360, this console boasts a new sleeker gloss black finish with chrome edges and a massive 250GB hard drive.The gloss black case now has touch sensitive buttons to turn the console on and eject discs which all add to the design, but the best news is that the New Xbox 360 is a lot quieter than the original system thanks to a low-RPM fan and the whole box is smaller too.Another great feature of the New Xbox 360 is that it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, meaning that you don’t have to spend an extra £60 to buy the Microsoft dongle. There is also an integrated Kinect socket on the back which controls the sensor and power simultaneously (owners of the original Xbox 360 will have to use a USB socket and separate power adaptor).The New Xbox 360 is set to replace the current Elite system, so we would expect it to be around the same price. Microsoft has also stated that the Arcade system will be discontinued as well meaning that there may be a slightly cheaper version with a smaller hard drive.

OnLive Gaming Service coming to the UK

It’s been a while since we first saw the OnLive Gaming Service, but unfortunately it was only available for Beta testing in the US. All this has changed today with OnLive’s announcement that it has teamed up with BT to offer the service to UK residents, Yay!The OnLive gaming service allows users to play up to date games on any PC or Mac without the need to upgrade their components. Users simply pay for the game they want and click play, the game is then streamed to their computer as they play it via the state-of-the-art OnLive server centre. The new deal will allow BT to have exclusive rights to bundle the OnLive Gaming Service with their broadband packages, while other users wanting the service can order it direct from OnLive. There are no details yet as to when the service will be available in the UK, but the service will be available in the US from the 17th June and includes up to date games such as Assassins Creed, Mass Effect 2 and Prince of Persia.

Broadband Deals – O2 Broadband Premium

One of the most popular broadband deals at the moment is the O2 Broadband Premium package, which gives a super fast speed of up to 20Mbps and an unlimited download limit. O2 has made a major investment in their home and mobile broadband services over the past few years and has become one of the most popular internet service providers in the UK.As with most home broadband packages, the O2 Broadband Premium comes bundled with a free wireless modem, but also comes with 3 licences for McAfee virus and security software so that all of your home computers can be protected.If you are an existing O2 mobile customer you can take advantage of their money off promotion, meaning that you get O2 Broadband Premium for just £10 per month (Non-O2 mobile customers will be charged £15 per month. Set up is free and the contract length for all O2 broadband packages is 12 months; this does not include BT line rental which is £12.50 per month.The O2 Broadband Premium package would suit medium to heavy internet users that download lots of music or videos and people that do a lot of online gaming either through a console or their PC.

Playstation 3 Slim – will this top the charts this Christmas?

No one can say that the PS3 hasn’t been a success in the console market, but it has lagged behind the family friendly Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s powerful Xbox 360 in terms of sales. This was mainly due to it being delayed when it first came out and its price, which was substantially more than the Wii and Xbox 360, but there may be a change on the horizon with the new Sony PS3 Slim.The PS3 Slim has all the features of the original PS3 including a Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and wireless controllers, but is 33% smaller and 36% lighter than the original device. The New PS3 Slim also consumes 34% less energy, making it a more eco-friendly choice.Of course the PS3 Slim plays all of your favourite PS3 games, but Sony still haven’t included any backward compatibility, so your old PS2 games will become redundant as only the earliest PS3 systems came with backward compatibility.Probably the biggest selling point of the PS3 Slim, after the fact you can play the latest High-Definition games, is the fact that it has an integrated Blu-ray player. This opens up the world of HD media with the latest movies and TV programs available to watch at home.The biggest stumbling block of the original PS3 was its price, but the PS3 Slim is available for just £249.99 which brings it more in line with its competitors. Will the PS3 Slim top the console charts this Christmas? Only time will tell, but with built-in Wi-Fi and Blu-ray player it may just sway some people away from the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Initial Thoughts

With Grand Theft Auto IV hot of the press everyone seems to have got there copies if they pre-ordered, we quickly checked eBay earlier with copies selling for around £65, not bad if you bought 2 copies you’ve made a nice quick little profit.