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Microsoft opens up Xbox One development kit to everyone

It was three long years ago when we heard a remark made by Microsoft about the future of their Xbox One, they suggested that it was to be a game console that would encourage and foster creativity and development. They went further and said that any retail unit could be converted into a development kit, which got people thinking. Finally at its annual build conference in San Francisco, Microsoft is to make good on that promise.

Is this the Nintendo NX game controller?

The gaming world is excited by the rumours that Nintendo is shortly to unveil a new gaming console; the system is currently being called codenamed NX. Not a great deal is known about the rumoured console, but it is sure that it will delight core gamers, but what we can deduce is that it could be just what everyone has been looking for in a Nintendo console, but time will tell.

Biggest Xbox software update for players rolls out today

The competition between Microsoft and Sony is great news for gamers as the two companies are constantly challenging each other with innovations, all of course to the benefit of the players. Microsoft have answered Sony’s new PS4 firmware beta test by introducing updated software that will see several big changes to their console.

What caught our eye at E3 2015

E3 2015 was a great success and proved once again that game developers and coming up with exciting new games that are sure to wow us for many years to come.

Star Wars Battlefront was high up on our list of things we wanted to see at this year’s event, but there were also a lot of surprises too. Here are some of the games that caught our eye at E3 2015: (more…)

What we’re looking forward to seeing at E3 2015

E3 2015 is but a few short weeks away and the rumours and hype are already at fever pitch around the internet. An array of AAA titles will be battling it out for column space at this year’s event and we’re sure some developers have something hidden up their sleeves too, but what are we looking forward to seeing at this year’s event?

Controversy and Video Games – Is it just part of the industry now?

With the latest game in the highly popular Battlefield series dropping this week, it seems that controversy isn’t far away when it comes to first person shooters.

Battlefield: Hardline shuns away from army warfare, instead opting for a cops vs robbers gameplay style; this has already caused a bit of a stir with some of the more conservative folk out there and does pose a question of the morality of law enforcement and militarisation, and ethics when it comes to shooting police officers with all manner of weapons and missiles. (more…)

Nintendo to bring its games to mobile devices

The news that many fans have been waiting for seemingly for a long time has finally been announced, Nintendo is to bring its games to mobile devices after concluding a deal, which took the industry by surprise, after signing an alliance with Japanese mobile gaming firm DeNA.