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Is Windows 8 on the way?

News is filtering through that Windows 8 may not be too far away and is expected to be available before October 2012. It would seem that demo’s of Windows 8 running on tablets, phones and desktop computers were given at separate conferences in the US and Taiwan.Although we do not have any confirmation it is expected that the software can be used via both traditional keyboard and mouse or by gestures on a gadget’s touch screen. The start screen for Windows 8 seen at the demonstrations closely resembles the tiled layout seen on Microsoft’s newest mobile operating system. The live tiles, that link to popular applications and data streams, can be manipulated via pressing on a screen. The demonstrations were given at the D9 conference in California and Computex in Taipei.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Tablet has Android 3.0

Tablets are big news this year with a range of different companies all clambering to compete with the phenomenally successful Apple iPad and ASUS is no exception as they prepare to release 3 different tablets over the coming months.The one that we are concentrating on today is the Eee Pad Transformer, which quite possibly will become a common form factor for future tablets. The Eee Pad Transformer has a 10.1 inch captive touchscreen display and runs Androids new 3.0 operating system, but the best thing is that it has an optional QWERTY keyboard dock that changes it into a netbook.The screen clicks in and out of the keyboard dock effortlessly, but once in the dock it has a battery life of 16 hours thanks to a second battery; the dock will also recharge the screen when plugged in. Other specs include a dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NIVIDIA, 512MB or 1GB of ram, up to 64GB of hard disk space and two cameras; a 5 megapixel on the rear and 1.2 megapixel on the front.Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is included and 3G is optional if you need it as well as a microSD card slot for memory expansion. The keyboard dock has two USB 2.0 connectors and 93% sized keys making it easy to type on.The Eee Pad Transformer is due out in early April; there is no word on price yet, but expect it to be competitively priced with the likes of the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab.