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Gigaset QV830 – an impressive tablet for under £100

If you caught sight of this whilst browsing the internet or on a shopping trip, you could be forgiven for thinking that, because this device is made by Gigaset the makers of home ‘phones, that it was somehow connected with a landline telephone. However it is in fact an eight inch tablet with a good spec that compares well with some of the cheaper offerings from Amazon, Apple and Tesco.

Tablet market in dramatic slowdown

An unexpected dramatic slowdown in sales of new tablets has taken the industry completely by surprise due to owners of the devices keeping them far longer than expected. One of the causes of this is possibly due to better and more prolonged battery life, software updates and robustness of the tablet itself, which has resulted in owners happier to use their tablets far longer than was first anticipated, much longer than smartphones for example.

Heathrow warns travellers to the US to ensure all electronic gadgets are charged

Heathrow Airport officials are warning passengers travelling to the US with electronic gadgets in their hand luggage that they must ensure that all their devices are charged or face having them confiscated. Details were posted on the airports website and official Facebook page and comes after a request from the US that ‘certain overseas airports’ implement enhanced security protocols over fears of terrorist threats.

Beats for Billions! Apple close in on deal for Beats Electronics

Apple is said to be in talks to buy audio equipment manufacturer Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion, which would be the company’s biggest acquisition to date.

Beats Electronics was founded by rapper and hip-hop producer Dr Dre in 2008, and it products, most notably their Beats headphones have become a worldwide success. Beats headphones have become a fashion accessory for the rich and famous, as well as trend setters, and the new deal if finalised would surely break them into the mainstream.

Essential cycling gear for 2014

Its summer, or at least I think it is and it’ll soon be the time of year where many of you will be venturing deep into your garages to dig out your dusty bikes. Whether you ride to work or just ride for pleasure here are our essential cycling accessories for 2014:

Google Chromecast What You Need To Know

Television viewing has really changed in the last few years, streaming is now a popular choice for many people, stepping away from the big TV companies, people like the flexibility offered by streaming services. Smart TV’s have been on the increase, Apple TV is also proving popular and now Google want to get in the act, with their Chromecast. Launched today and costing £30, will Chromecast change the way we view TV? Maybe, so lets see what it offers: (more…)

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Sees 800,000 units Shifted in two Months

Considered a novelty item, which wouldn’t be of much use nor would many people be interested in it, the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch from Samsung has seen some surprising sales. In an attempt to prove the worth of the device, Samsung published sales figures for the watch which shoes 800,000 units have been sold since the launch. However it’s not clear if these are sold to customers or retailers to sell on.

Looking for a laptop?

If you are looking for a laptop at the budget end of the market, which is ideal for a family or for a student at University, which boots from cold in a matter of seven seconds then the Acer Chromebook could be for you. It has a claimed battery life of eight and a half hours, is tin, 30% less than the previous Acer model and weighs a mere 1.3kg retailing here at an estimated £188.

Barcode suppliers and manufacturers

Barcode suppliers and manufacturers

Barcodes are now accepted as being an essential part of running a modern business, and should you be involved in retailing of any description, the barcode is essential. The barcode on the product, identification label, or asset is not something that you can just make yourself, although with help you could produce a barcode proving you have the right kind of printer which ensures that the code is readable, and you have contacted GS1UK, which is the governing body for all retail barcode numbers in the United Kingdom. All barcodes being used in retail must be purchased from GS1UK.  Most organisations in the UK prefer to let specialist suppliers organise and produce the barcode for them, to many it is a waste of valuable time to go through all the procedures when a specialist will provide the label for you in a very short time frame. For example, barcode labels manufactured and supplied by Data Label ensures that you have exactly what is required, in the shape, size and on material that is suitable for the product and the environment where it will be used or sold. They have a wealth of experience in this field and with their own system, they ensure that every barcode is scanned for its readability prior to dispatch.