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Phillips Cinema 21:9 super widescreen TV

Phillips has announced a new TV that could revolutionise the way we watch films in the future. The TV, called the Phillips Cinema has a super widescreen display with a 21:9 aspect ratio; this is the first ever cinema proportioned LCD TV.Combining a massive 56 inch screen and Phillips Ambilight technology, the Phillips Cinema 21:9 is the first TV to deliver a genuine cinematic viewing experience. Televisions that have an aspect ratio of 16:9 either distort the picture to get it to display on the full screen or display the film in a letterbox format.Phillips also say that the Cinema 21:9 will use advanced formatting technology, so that standard 16:9 images from TV broadcasts and games consoles can be adapted to fill the 21:9 screen with no loss of quality.Phillips will be releasing more detailed specifications and pricing at the end of February; the Cinema 21:9 is expected to be available this spring.

HP TouchSmart tx2 notebook

HP has announced a new notebook to join their TouchSmart range, the tx2. The all in one notebook/tablet is HP’s first touchscreen laptop aimed at the consumer market and boasts a 12.1 inch High-Definition LED widescreen with integrated multi-touch interface.The HP tx2 features the mediasmart 2.0 software to control multiple functions via the touchscreen including playing and watching multimedia files such as video and music, browsing the internet and resizing pictures.The standard model has a AMD Turion X2 Dual-core 2.1GHz processor, 3GB DDR2 memory, ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics card, 250GB hard drive and DVD recorder drive. The tx2 also comes with a front mounted webcam, integrated slide out remote, digital pen for writing and using the tablet and come with Windows Vista Home Premium operating system.The tx2’s display can be rotated through 180 degrees and can fold flat for tablet use and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared connectivity are also present. Compact and easily portable, the HP tx2 comes in a glossy titanium finish with HP’s ‘Reaction’ imprint pattern.The HP tx2 is due for release in the US on December 5th, with the UK getting it in January 2009. The standard model will set you back £799, but it can be upgraded to higher specs including a 2.4GHz processor and up to 8GB DDR2 memory for extra.  

HP TouchSmart IQ800 Desktop PC

HP has released a new desktop PC model to their sleek TouchSmart series, the IQ800. Boasting a huge 25.5 inch touchscreen display and packing a wide range of quality components, this new offering by HP is bound to turn some heads.

Arcam AVR600 High-Definition AV Receiver

Arcam has announced their new flagship AV receiver, the AVR600. Sporting a full metal case, the AVR600 will be available from November and set you back around £2300 when it’s launched. You may be thinking it’s a bit steep, but the AVR600 boasts the latest in High-Definition audio and video processing combined with Dolby Volume.

Sony eBook reader to hit our shores this month

Sony is set to release their new eBook reader, the PRS-505 for the UK market this month. This ultra portable device offers book readers the chance to take up to 160 books on their travels; all stored on one handy little device. The Sony PRS-505 is slimmer than previous designs and boasts an Eink screen, which replicates the look of traditional books on its large 6 inch screen. The text on the screen can also be resized for sight-impaired readers and has a viewing angle of up to 180 degrees.

TVonics 250GB freeview recorder

TVonics new freeview recorder, the DTR-FP2500 is one of the better looking boxes on the market and has a lot of feature as well. The DTR-FP2500 boasts a supper sleek design, dual tuners and a 250GB hard drive.

Philips DCP951 DVD player and iPod dock

Enjoy your movies and music on the go with the Philips DCP951 DVD player and iPod dock. The DCP951 features a 9 inch 16:9 widescreen display with DVD player, retractable iPod dock and SD/MMC memory card slot.

Ixos HDMI Adapters

Ixos have extended their HDMI range with the introduction of their new HDMI Adapters the XS118 and XS218 adapters. The XS118 and XS218 are ideal for side mounted HDMI inputs and keeps wires out of sight due to its 90 degree angle.

Panasonic TH-42PX80 Plasma TV

The TH-42PX80 is the first of Panasonic’s new 2008 Viera high-definition TV’s to hit the UK market and promises to create a bit of a stir. This 42 inch TV features Panasonic’s Viera V-Real technology that effortlessly provides a superb picture quality.

Acer Aspire 8920G Gemstone Blue Gaming Laptop

Acer’s stunning Gemstone Blue design has just been upgraded with quality components, and has its sights firmly on the home entertainment and gaming market. The Acer Aspire 8920G is the first laptop to feature an 18.4 inch full HD screen, capable of a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080.