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Inline Surge Protector

What a cool idea, instead of one of those massive 4 way surge protectors that tend to cost way more than you want to pay, when really all you want to do is protect your pc.

Well here is the answer the inline protector that will stop 2500 amps.

Cool Computer Mice

If you are looking for something to spice up your desktop then one of these mice will certainly do the trick.

There are mice that will cater for all tastes, from brains, cows, dogs, football styles, floating koi, to sexy ladies.

Furgle Portable Speakers

Ok so they’re just normal PC speakers or they can be used with your MP3 player, but they look a little bit nicer than the normal speakers you get.

They stand 12″ tall and kind of look like Sully from Monsters Inc.

Stealth Table Top – The 21st Century Coffee Table

Ordinary coffee table? We don’t think so! This is a stealth tabletop. Manufactured by Design Concepts it has a 19 inch screen built into it and can be used for all sorts of tasks. The main feature of this is that you can spec it up to be compatible with any mulitmedia feature. For example you could ask for MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) retro gaming, a TV tuner or even full Media Center capability.

Nike + iPod = Nike Plus

Introducing Nike’s new shoe that will be compitable with the iPod Nano. The new shoe will have special sensor’s on the bottom to calculate and give you detailed information about your workout, like your average speed, distance travelled etc. Also, if you find yourself working out extra hard and haven’t got time to look at your ipod to find out the information on your workout, there will be a voice which tells you all the information of your workout through your ipod.

Digital FM Wireless Transmitter

This wireless FM transmitter is the ideal tool for playing music from any portable audio device, such as a Sony NWA3000, with a 3.5mm headphone socket. This device allows you to play the music through your radio. Which is handy if you’re travelling in the car. Instead of carrying around CD’s simply plug this in to your cigarette lighter and listen through your radio.

Aurora Rocket Clock

This Aurora light up alarm clocks looks really good, but it could and more than likely would keep you awake. The good thing is you can turn the light off on this clock. It has 3 modes, off, on where the clock changes colour on the hour, or demo where it scrolls slowly through its colour band.

Fish and Flush Toilet System

A revolutionary way to enhance the look of your toilet comes with the Fish and Flush system. The system is a toilet tank aquarium that looks as if the fish are actually in the toilet system. The aquarium is on the front of the toilet tank with all the flush mechanism at the back. When the toilet is flushed it appears that the fish will be fushed as well, but they are safe in their own tank.

Samsung 2GB MMCmicro

With mobiles getting smaller and smaller memory cards really need to start getting small, but still increase in capacity at the same time which isn’t the easiest thing to do. But just like micro SD there is now the Samsung MMCmicro which is around the size of a finger nail (Now is that the smallest finger nail we can find in the office?).

Podstar iPod Skin

Ok, so it’s just another silicon case to keep your iPod Nano protected, but these are so cool we thought we should really share them with everyone here at Techlounge. They are a devilish design and look great, and for around £17 you can’t really moan.