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Annoy your friends and family with the drum kit keychain

Fancy annoying your friends, while creating music and learning a new skill? Well you can with the drum kit keychain. Great for messing about, the drum kit keychain plays six different drum sounds including bass drum, floor tom, snare, rack tom, hi-hat and crash cymbal when you tap it. The drum kit keychain play authentic sounds and will have you performing your own drum solos in no time. If you have a recording device you could save your works of art as drum loops and use them on full songs.As well as being a nifty music device, it also holds you keys (obviously) and will fit into most pockets. The drum kit keychain is available for $7.99 from ThinkGeek and is a perfect present for any drum enthusiast. Batteries are included.

One For All Xsight Touch Universal Remote

One For All has revealed its latest universal remote, called the Xsight Touch. This new remote features a 2.2 inch colour touchscreen display, and is capable of controlling up to 18 devices from a single remote.The Xsight Touch can store up to 72 favourites, which are displayed as icons and will change to a specific channel if selected on the touchscreen. Favourites can also be put into profiles for users such as Mum, Dad, Kids or by genres like Sports and Movies, with up to 6 profiles available on each remote.The One For All Xsight touch can be updated by USB, so new features and applications can be downloaded, adding to the remotes functions. It also features an easy setup mode, using the EZ-RC application via the internet; this enables all of your devices to be added to the remote with a click of the mouse.The Xsight Touch keypad is backlit so it can be seen in low light situations, and the rechargeable Li-Ion battery and charging cradle means that it will never run out of juice.The One For All Xsight Touch is available now from leading retailers for £129.99.

Wii Fit from Nintendo

Wii Fit is set to revolutionise the way we exercise forever. It comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board which was developed exclusively for the Wii console and the software has over 40 different activities to choose from.

SanDisk 4GB micro SD card

Want to fit more music, videos or pictures on you mobile phone or mobile device? You can with the new 4GB micro SD card from SanDisk. The card will fit into any mobile device with a micro SD slot and the included adapter means it works with any SD compatible devices as well.

Mira Showers

Now it’s not often that we review something that is not your typical gadget such as a mobile phone, mp3 player or the new toy in the gaming world… but there is something to be said about the Mira range of electric and power showers.

Superman Returns Mouse

With the release of the new Superman movie it would be silly not to have a related gadget. These are available in 3 colours Blue/Red, Blue/Black and Silver/Black. You can purchase a whole array of Superman Returns goodies for your PC/Mac. Also available is a keyboard, USB Hub and a Card Reader.

Lime Green Motorola RAZR

Ok, don’t all be rushing out to your local mobile phone shop to snap up one of these lime green Motorola RAZR as they are not out yet. There is much speculation though that this will be the next big craze to hit the UK just like the Hot Pink RAZR did at the end of last year.

Official Nintendo RC Mario Karts

These 3 racing carts have been officially licensed by Nintendo themselves so expect these to be great. You can choose from Donkey Kong, Yoshi and of course Mario. It would have been nice to see Mushroom and Princess too but you can’t expect everything and hopefully we may see them if these are a big hit.

Motorola P970 Charger

Sick of your battery dying on your Motorola RAZR or SLVR, then this is the official gadget for you.

The Motorola P970 is a portable charger, it contains batteries inside which hold their charge until you require it.

Xbox 360 Chrome Faceplate

Do you fancy pimpin’ your Xbox 360, well here’s your chance. You can now buy brand new face plates for it.

These kits include the DVD drawer cover and eject button. Now be warned, to replace the eject button you will need to open your xbox 360 to put the eject button on, so unless you have already opened it, or your xbox 360 is out of the warranty then don’t bother. If you only have the core version it will stick out like a sore thumb with a white eject button and the rest chrome.