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Amazon to release $50 tablet to combat poor sales of more expensive devices

The Amazon Kindle book readers has been a huge success, the same cannot be said for the company’s more expensive tablets, as a result it has decided to go down market and produce a cheaper version. This is clearly illustrated by research carried out by the firm IDC; this showed that in the second quarter Apple and Samsung Electronics Co. alone commanded 42% of the U.S. tablet market, while Amazon held less than 1%.

New Hero4 Session mini action camcorder from GoPro

This very proactive US Company already dominates the market, but that does not stop it from continuing to develop and introduce new improved products. The latest of these is the all new Hero4 session cam which is smaller and lighter than its earlier models.

Top 5 pairs of headphones

We all love to listen to music at some time in your life whether it is on your own at home or on a train! It is always good to have a brilliant pair of headphones with you. Here are 5 pairs you should definitely consider getting if you just love to listen to music!  (more…)

Apple Watches and tattoos just do not mix

What appears to be a malfunction with the just released Apple Watch has come to light and it was affecting only those people who had tattoos. This was first discovered by a user who was tattooed and reported it on Reddit the entertainment, social networking, and news website, who complained that his watch would regularly lose connection, and report inaccurate heart rate results.

84% of Britons Fear Remote Controlled Technology in Their Homes

Research conducted on behalf of an online window blind retailer has found that the majority of Britons fear remote controlled technology in their homes. As technology creeps into every aspect of our lives, it appears that many are not comfortable with Artificial Intelligence or remote controlled technology.

Online bullying and access to adult content worries parent’s most about technology

Technology has come a long way in the last decade and now even children are using mobile phones and tablets to search the internet and keep in touch with their friends and families. Online voucher site My Voucher Codes wanted to find out what parents feared most about their children using this technology and found that the majority of parents were most worried about online bullying and access to adult content.

Merry Christmas from Techlounge!

It’s been a fun filled year full of great technology and our team here at Techlounge want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

If you have some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket here are our top technology picks for 2014: (more…)

Mobile phone and tablet devices now outnumber humans

Give or take the odd person, there are 7.197 billion people in our world which at one time we thought was a pretty big place, but with the rise of the internet it has become much smaller. The smartphone continues its inevitable expansion in terms of ownership and the tablet is growing in strength daily and now we can report that ownership of mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet stands currently at 7.229 billion, outnumbering the population of the world.