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HP Deskjet 2050 Multifunction All in One Colour Inkjet Printer

Top class printers seem to fall in price even as they deliver more features such as scanning and copying. The HP 2050 offers reliable and affordable printing, scanning and copying with this stylish all-in-one. Ideal for printing everyday documents, this compact device is simple to set up and use and designed to help you reduce your environmental impact. Although designed for home users the HP is no slouch at delivering with a print speed black in draft, A4 up to 20 ppm, colour, draft, A4 up to 16 ppm, black, which is laser comparable up to 5.5 ppm, laser comparable colour up to 4 ppm and draft 10×4 photo in as little as 60 seconds. The exact speeds may vary which will depend upon the system configuration, software program and document complexity. Printing, scanning and copying are yours with this HP at the touch of a button.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Broadband

In recent years the range of services offered within the broadband UK market has increased to include mobile broadband.  Whereas conventional broadband is intended for use within a single location and relies on cables to carry the signal, mobile broadband is designed for users who need to access the service anywhere a mobile signal is available.  The signals work along the lines of mobile phone technology, so if you have the right equipment you will be able to access the service anywhere a signal is available.If you want to compare mobile broadband packages then one thing to look for is the technology used to offer the service, as you will need to make sure it is compatible with your laptop.  Typically the signal is received by a mobile internet dongle, a USB stick, or a mobile data card, so check which is most suitable for your laptop.  As with any conventional broadband comparison you will want to check the speed of the service, any download limits there may be, contract length and, of course, the price.  It is worth noting that data transfer can sometimes be more expensive with mobile broadband and therefore you are more likely to reach or exceed download restriction limits.When comparing different offers from broadband providers you should note that one of the downsides of mobile broadband is that you are not guaranteed a signal, as you need to be in an area with reception.  On the plus side it is even worth considering for use within the home, especially if you don’t need a landline, as it will remove the cost of landline rental.

Why you should buy a webcam

A video of your baby, picture for your parents, perhaps it could be your latest song, video conferencing or talking to a relative in Australia through voice over internet, why not just your thoughts on the world? Social networking sites like Facebook have made it easier than ever to connect with the people you care about, but you need the equipment and know-how to do it, the vital piece of equipment that you will need is a webcam.If you have been exploring You Tube or the internet for any length of time, then you have run across any number of these in your travels, webcams range from the silly to the serious. There are business cams, personal cams, private cams, traffic cams, you name it and there’s probably a Webcam pointed at it.

Razer Abyssus Mirror Mouse – Built for gamers!

Razer is renowned for producing high-end gaming peripherals such as keyboards and headphones, but has now released a gaming mouse, the Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition. Especially built for gamers in mind, the Razer Abyssus Mouse features a 3500dpi, 3.5G infrared sensor for even more precision, as well as ultra responsive and large buttons for maximum feedback to the player.The stunning design has a cool high-gloss black finish and a backlit Razer logo adding not just a precision mouse but style to your computer too. The Razer Abyssus Mouse is also designed to be ambidextrous and can be used with either hand.The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Mouse is available now from the website for €39.99.

Gorillapod Magnetic – sticks your camera to any magnetic surface

The Gorillpod has become one of the most popular tripods for digital cameras and camcorders since it hit the market, and things only get better with Joby’s new release, the Gorillapod Magnetic. Designed for compact cameras and mini camcorders like the Flip, the Gorillapod Magnetic has everything you would expect from a Gorillapod, 30 rotating and bending leg joints, quick-release clips for the camera/camcorder and a lock ring to keep the device secure and steady, but the best bit is its magnetic feet which can hold the Gorillapod to any magnetic surface.The Gorillapod Magnetic is available in a range of colours including grey, red, blue and pink and is available now for around £24.95.

Virgin Media XXL Broadband Package – the UK’s fastest!

A new level of broadband has arrived with the XXL broadband package from Virgin Media which is the UK’s fastest broadband and boasts speeds of up to 50 Mbps using Virgin’s fibre optic cable network. This means that multiple users can use the same connection to stream or download video content or play High Definition games online simultaneously.The package costs £33 for the first 3 months and £38 per month after that, which may seem a tad expensive, but this package is geared towards large families or those who are house or flat sharing, giving everyone superfast access to the internet at the same time. The package also includes unlimited downloads, a superfast wireless router, internet security and 24 hour support by phone or online.If you don’t need a 50Mbps broadband package you can always compare broadband packages online, where Virgin Media has some of the best packages on the market.

LaCie Starck Desktop and Mobile Hard Drives

French designer Philippe Starck has designed his latest hard drives in collaboration with computer peripheral manufacturer LaCie. Starck first designed a range of hard drives for the company over a decade ago and his latest creations come in two sizes; a desktop hard drive and a mobile hard drive.First up is the LaCie Starck Desktop hard drive, which sports a strong and durable 3mm thick aluminium case, a touch-sensitive surface that can be customised to open specific applications with a tap of your finger or long touch and a range of automatic backup software to keep all your data safe.The LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is compatible with Windows XP and above including the brand new Windows 7 OS and Mac OS X version 10.4 and higher, meaning that it will work with almost every modern computer. This hard drive also comes with a range of LaCie software including Backup Assistant, Desktop Manager and Shortcut Button to make backing up easy.Powered by an external power supply and connected to the PC via a USB 2.0 cable, the LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is capable of transferring up to 60MB/s and measures 195 x 115 x 52mm making it a stand out feature for your desk.The LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is available now directly from the LaCie website in two versions; a 1TB capacity (£114.99) and a 2TB version (£209.99).   The second of the Philippe Starck designed hard drives is the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive, which has a similar design to the desktop version but boasts a lighter 2mm aluminium case and measuring a smaller 138 x 92 x 20mm.Supporting the same operating systems as the desktop version and connected to a PC via a USB 2.0 cable, the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive is an ideal solution for people who need to take their data with them.Available in 320GB (£84.99) and 500GB (£109.99), the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive is a great addition to your PC or Laptop.  

Big Rock Mouse – every girls best friend!

For the lady that has every, you can now surprise her with a diamond shaped mouse available in Black Pink or silver. A part of the SWAG USB mouse collection, The Big Rock mouse is the ultimate eye-catching assessor for your computer and its ergonomic design and style is both comfortable and glitzy.They have the usual left and right click buttons and a scroll wheel in the middle and can be used on PC’s and Apple MAC’s. Connection is via your computers USB port, so it is compatible with most computers and measure approximately 10x6x4cm.These might not be for those busy bodies at your work place that are always on about RSI or health and safety, but these mice really do look the part. The Big Rock mouse is available now from various outlets for around £20. The SWAG mouse collection also has the Chocomouse (shaped like a bar of chocolate) and the Gold Bullion Mouse (shaped like a bar of gold).

Simpsons USB Hub

Simpsons USB Hub

Normal USB hubs can be rather boring so if you’re after something a little bit different in the way of a USB hub then the Simpsons USB Hub might just be for you. After a while off unplugging and plugging in USB devices it might become slightly tiresome and irritating. As each time you remove a USB device or even plug on in then Homer will spin round on his chair and shout Woo Hoo one of his trade mark catchphrases.

USB UK mains charger adapter

Going on holiday can now be bit of a pain as you need to take all the relevant chargers for your different gadgets, such as your I Phone and camera. Well now you can get a USB mains charger which enables you to plug your gadgets in to the Mains charger via USB. This will cut down on weight in your suit case and having various chargers laying around your hotel room.

PopStar Guitar for the Nintendo Wii

Midway and XS Games have announced a new guitar game and add-on peripheral exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. The game, called PopStar Guitar is basically a copy of the highly popular Guitar Hero franchise, but instead of having a guitar shaped controller, a slip on Wii remote add-on is used.