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Dell UltraSharp 24″ Widescreen LCD Flat Panel 2405FPW

The product title says it all… how many features can one desktop monitor have? This Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW 24″ LCD Flat Panel monitor is becoming the most sort after monitor at the moment. With it being a Dell they are only available online direct from Dell and normally retail out at £799, but for March they have a “buy one get one half price” offer on, so they work out to be just over £600 each. This is well worth every penny.

Optimus Mini Three Keyboard

We reviewed back in October that a keyboard was being developed by the Art Lebedev Studios in Russia that would consist of OLED’s for keys giving the ultimate in flexibility in designing and creating your own keys on your keyboard. This was the Optimus OLED keyboard.

Kill A Watt

Have you always been interested to know how much it costs you to run your computer?

Well here is your answer… just plug this baby in to your wall socket and then plug your PC into the adaptor and your KWH per hour will be shown. Then all you need to do is multiply the cost of one unit of electricity, by the power you’re using and you will get the cost… magic!

DAS Keyboard

Imagine being able to impress your work colleagues and friends with the DAS keyboard, the keyboard which has totally blank keys. Unlike the Optimus OLED keyboard which allows you to create your own keys, the DAS keyboard has no marks on the keys at all, apart from the usual raised marks on F, J and 5. This may at first scare you off thinking that you would never be able to master it, but people who are fairly good typists will become faster as they are not distracted by having to look down at the keys all the time. The super fast touch type programmers or administrative staff will be able to adapt to this keyboard easily, but more importantly they will be a marvel in the office.

Asus W5000 White Laptop

It’s not often you get a laptop in white unless you get an Apple. Asus are now putting their white W5000 on the market for just under £1200, and it looks great. One of the first things we noticed here at Techlounge is that the keyboard will benefit from regular cleaning at least once a week if you’re using it regularly, as the gorgeous white keys show the dirt really easily.

Fujitsu Siemens Celeron D336 2.8GHz

This PC is no power house but it’s absolutely fine for general office use and the home user that doesn’t want to do high powered gaming. It has a Celeron D336 2.8Ghz processor, with 256mb memory, 40GB HDD, DVD drive and installed with XP Home.

Cooler Master Centurion

When you say budget cases you think of a cheap £20 case, that has flimsy side panels, and the metal inside is so sharp that you need to wear gloves just so you don’t cut your self. They also tend to have fans that are cheap and noisy and last all of 2 days. Here we have the Cooler Master Centurion. Ok, this one is the bottom of the Cooler Master price range but does not mean that the quality factor has disappeared. As soon as you open the box and get the case out you notice how the case is still fairly weighty. There are two thumb screws holding the left hand side panel on which instantly suggests that you can expect the same quality inside. Upon taking the side off you’re startled to see a 120MM fan screwed in the back. This isn’t any old fan, its again another great Cooler Master fan, there’s also a nice small fan at the front. The pressed metal inside is so smooth all the edges are rolled over and even the bits that aren’t are so smooth you can run your hand over and not lose a finger which is the normal practice. Great you think no tools needed which in reality is true, but you’ll realise that because there are no screws holding the DVD-R drive in when you push the button it feels a bit flimsy. So we screwed all the drives in down the right hand side. Getting the blanking plates in is bit of a fiddle if you are building on your own, as you need to nip together the two prongs. If you don’t do it enough it pops back in so we just stuck a screw driver in the bottom to keep it in place. Once the front is off you notice that all the blanking plates are screwed in place, with a fine fabric mesh clipped in acting as a filter. This case doesn’t come with a power supply but again we find this a bonus as we can then customise the case and use a FSP power supply. Although this is a budget case it does not lack sophistication or modern styling.

Alienware Shuttle XPC

Wow as soon as we opened the box we were met by the superior Shuttle standards that we have become use to over the past 2/3 years. Ok we’ve gone for the best we can get here:

NVIDIA® GeForce™ 6800 GT PCI-E 256MB DDR3 Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 570J w/ HT Technology 3.8GHz 800MHz FSB 1MB 1GB Dual Channel Low-Latency DDR PC-3200 at 400MHz – 2 x 512MB 400GB Serial ATA 7,200 RPM w/8MB Cache 16x Dual Layer DVD±R/W Drive w/Light Scribe Technology

Sony Vaio S4XP Laptop

If you are looking for a top quality, wireless laptop from Sony then look at this Sony Vaio S4XP Centrino 750. This laptop has a combination of great speed and reliability, while being lightweight with a stunning display.