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Acer Aspire Revo R3700 desk top PC

An ultra thin desk top PC which will stand discretely on a desk or behind the monitor without taking up too much space, but is capable of providing HD multimedia entertainment. This small but mighty powerful PC is driven by today’s latest mini processor matched by an advanced NVIDIA graphics chipset plus fast DDR3 memory, in addition to HDMI connectivity for enjoying lifelike imagery on a large external display or TV screen.With a memory of 2GB DDR3 800MHz, this is expandable to 4GB and has a 250GB hard drive. This is the Acer Aspire Revo R3700, the newest product to come from Acer. This fantastic new net top looks like a mini desktop while also packing quite a punch, and consumes very little power. Overall this product looks good and by all reports performs very well.

Razer Abyssus Mirror Mouse – Built for gamers!

Razer is renowned for producing high-end gaming peripherals such as keyboards and headphones, but has now released a gaming mouse, the Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition. Especially built for gamers in mind, the Razer Abyssus Mouse features a 3500dpi, 3.5G infrared sensor for even more precision, as well as ultra responsive and large buttons for maximum feedback to the player.The stunning design has a cool high-gloss black finish and a backlit Razer logo adding not just a precision mouse but style to your computer too. The Razer Abyssus Mouse is also designed to be ambidextrous and can be used with either hand.The Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Mouse is available now from the website for €39.99.

HP buys Palm for $1bn

US computer giant HP (Hewlett-Packard) has agreed to buy Smartphone manufacturer Palm for $1bn. The deal is expected to be complete be July with HP stating that Palm’s webOS operating system would help the computer manufacturer expand into the highly lucrative Smartphone and mobile device market.Palm has struggled to compete with other Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and HTC and its newest device the Palm Pre, although well-received didn’t hit sales targets.HP has said that Palm’s chairman, former Apple executive Jon Rubinstein was to say with the company. Todd Bradley HP’s executive vice president talked about the deal saying that, “Between smartphones, slates, and potentially netbooks, there are a lot of opportunities here.”

LaCie Starck Desktop and Mobile Hard Drives

French designer Philippe Starck has designed his latest hard drives in collaboration with computer peripheral manufacturer LaCie. Starck first designed a range of hard drives for the company over a decade ago and his latest creations come in two sizes; a desktop hard drive and a mobile hard drive.First up is the LaCie Starck Desktop hard drive, which sports a strong and durable 3mm thick aluminium case, a touch-sensitive surface that can be customised to open specific applications with a tap of your finger or long touch and a range of automatic backup software to keep all your data safe.The LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is compatible with Windows XP and above including the brand new Windows 7 OS and Mac OS X version 10.4 and higher, meaning that it will work with almost every modern computer. This hard drive also comes with a range of LaCie software including Backup Assistant, Desktop Manager and Shortcut Button to make backing up easy.Powered by an external power supply and connected to the PC via a USB 2.0 cable, the LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is capable of transferring up to 60MB/s and measures 195 x 115 x 52mm making it a stand out feature for your desk.The LaCie Starck Desktop Hard Drive is available now directly from the LaCie website in two versions; a 1TB capacity (£114.99) and a 2TB version (£209.99).   The second of the Philippe Starck designed hard drives is the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive, which has a similar design to the desktop version but boasts a lighter 2mm aluminium case and measuring a smaller 138 x 92 x 20mm.Supporting the same operating systems as the desktop version and connected to a PC via a USB 2.0 cable, the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive is an ideal solution for people who need to take their data with them.Available in 320GB (£84.99) and 500GB (£109.99), the LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive is a great addition to your PC or Laptop.  

HP TouchSmart IQ800 Desktop PC

HP has released a new desktop PC model to their sleek TouchSmart series, the IQ800. Boasting a huge 25.5 inch touchscreen display and packing a wide range of quality components, this new offering by HP is bound to turn some heads.

Asus Eee Box B202 unveiled

The ASUS Eee Box B202 has been floating around for a while in a design style rendering and it didn’t look too bad, almost the same slim white styling as Nintendo’s Wii. A photo has now appeared claiming to be the actual product and although there are some minor changes to the rendering it still looks pretty good.

HP Desktop PC HP DX2250 Series

When looking for a great business machine this micro tower from HP ticks all the boxes with its extensive feature set. Being a compact small form factor it’s hard to believe that the processing power squeezed into the base is the lightening fast AMD 64 3000+ Processor.

Shuttle XPC X100

Here at Techlounge we are big fans of the Shuttle systems and it is what we use in our offices. We were excited to hear that there will soon be a new Shuttle available called the XPC X100.

This Shuttle XPC X100 sets new standards in the PC arena and is the smallest system that Shuttle have produced. It is around 5 cms high and has a footprint of an A4 piece of paper. So roughly the size of a ream of paper. The size does not mean it has lost any performance qualities and the XPC X100 has a fantastic spec.

MyKeyO Keyboard Organiser

What a great idea this Keyboard organiser is from MyKeyO. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? The keyboard organiser is a secret compartment under the keyboard so that you can store cd’s, pens, paper and all your other stuff you tend to hoard on your desk.