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Windows 10 finally gets it right!

Microsoft have recently preview the much awaited Windows 10 which it is believed is everything that the previous ones should have been so it looks as though they may have it right this time; Windows 10 is fixing all that was wrong with Windows 8.

Heathrow warns travellers to the US to ensure all electronic gadgets are charged

Heathrow Airport officials are warning passengers travelling to the US with electronic gadgets in their hand luggage that they must ensure that all their devices are charged or face having them confiscated. Details were posted on the airports website and official Facebook page and comes after a request from the US that ‘certain overseas airports’ implement enhanced security protocols over fears of terrorist threats.

D-Wave: The $15m quantum computer of the future

A Canadian start-up company has revealed that it has seemingly done the impossible: it has created a practical quantum computer that is decades before its time. The device itself, while being the size of a garden shed, appears fairly simply from the outside being a black box with the firm’s logo on the side, but it will cost you more than $15m (£9m) to purchase.

This is Razer’s Project Christine! The World’s Most Modular PC

This is project Christine! Razer’s new modular PC concept that could change the way people customise their computers in the future.  For more than 30 years only advanced users have been able to customise their PC, knowing where to put the parts, knowing what does what, but now with Project Christine its easy all you have to do it plug the component you want in and there you go. Yes it is that easy!

Looking for a laptop?

If you are looking for a laptop at the budget end of the market, which is ideal for a family or for a student at University, which boots from cold in a matter of seven seconds then the Acer Chromebook could be for you. It has a claimed battery life of eight and a half hours, is tin, 30% less than the previous Acer model and weighs a mere 1.3kg retailing here at an estimated £188.

Data storage, why is it so important?

It’s unlikely that you have your own power station at home and you probably keep your money in a bank, not stuffed inside your mattress. But you almost certainly keep your important digital files, such as documents, photos, music and videos, on a hard drive in your house. Many people are well organised and decide to backup all that data, but you probably keep your backups on another hard drive somewhere in your house. In the event of a catastrophe of one sort or another burglary, or a flood for example, you could lose both copies of your data.There are many external sources that will allow you to back up your data, for example BT Digital Vault online file and photo storage lets you safely store important or large files like photos or videos without the need for expensive hard drives or disks, and can be accessed from any computer. Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25GB of free online storage. Your stuff is stored in the cloud which means you can access it from any web-enabled PC. There are many others and it is well worth considering getting external data storage.

Table salt increases disc space

We are all demanding more space on our disc drives as we gather and store more information, a simple solution seems to have been found by scientists in Singapore who have developed a surprising use for ordinary salt that they say could help deal with the increasingly quantities of data that companies and individuals require.Their new manufacturing process, involving simple sodium chloride (table salt), can boost the capacity of computer hard disks by six times. With current hard disk manufacturing technology reaching its limits, the new process could mean that current capacity is able to be increased on future computers. In a statement it is reported that the agencies have “developed a process that can increase the data recording density of hard disks to 3.3 Terabits per square inch, six times the recording density of current models”.

Anyone for 3D printing?

If you are a student at the Ravensbourne higher education college the answer to that question would be an emphatic yes. Ravensbourne’s students have access to 3D printers which they use for making rapid prototypes of their designs. Printing can take a while and often the machines are left to run overnight. But it is quicker than traditional methods and making a change is easier because it requires only a tweak to a computer model rather than, say, re-tooling a machine.

Acer 5742 Laptop

Laptops from Acer are known for their sleek looks and have a host of features that make computing a pleasure. More and more tech savvy users are choosing the Acer brand their laptops are increasingly the choice made by computing enthusiasts and give great value for money. Not only are you assured of the quality by way of the brand name behind the laptop but you also do not go beyond your budget to achieve it.The Acer 5742 features powerful processing and wide-ranging communication capabilities, has a generous 15.6” display, great features and as you would expect elegant styling. This streamlined net book is about 12 in thickness making it easy to handle with a truly professional look. Fitted with a 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and Intel core i5-460M processor, this notebook will met most demands asked of it including seamless gaming and multitasking.