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iPod classic is still selling for £593

It was in September this year that we reported that he iconic iPod classic MP3 player had been quietly withdrawn by Apple, but we are now wondering if it was a hasty decision. Reports are still coming in that retailers who got hold of large stocks of the classic are selling them on the internet, new and boxed for an eye watering £593 leaving us to wonder if they pulled the plug rather too soon.

Apple stops selling the iPod Classic, is this the end of an era?

The beautiful gadget that put paid to the Sony Walkman, has sadly died and is no more; we are referring to the iPod Classic which has apparently been withdrawn, with no announcement from Apple. The fact that it no longer appeared on the webpage for the classic was spotted by tech aficionados and the page took you to the iPod Touch

Is the death of the music store near?

The question is an important one, particularly if you work in a music store because fewer of us are going to a specialist shop to buy a CD now when so many of us are migrating to buying music online. If you have been into one recently you will have noticed that CDs and actual music packages are quietly retreating from shelves and displays across the store. Music accessories, gadgets and assorted electronic gadgets are creeping into the abandoned positions.New giants in the music retailing business are clearly iTunes, Amazon and Google and recent events have seen these tech wizards fight each other in court and online. Amazon became the first of the majors to offer music in the “cloud”. This meant any digital music you had bought legitimately could be uploaded onto Amazon’s systems, and downloaded as and when you wanted it, and how you wanted it. Google was quick to follow with its Google Music Beta, Apple which had almost single-handedly changed the music industry with the launch of iTunes a decade ago, followed with iCloud, which allows online storage and synchronisation of users’ data on all Apple devices.  The music industry is certainly changing.

Skullcandy Smokin Buds – music to your ears!

When all you want to hear is the music then Skullcandy Smokin Buds are the ones for you. These ear buds deliver a full, crisp frequency range and the fast response of full-size headphones in a tiny direct-to-ear package-better than the sticks and stems sound of most other earbuds. They feature in line control on the headphones themselves so if you think your music is too loud then you can turn the volume down, relax and enjoy your music.Smokin Buds deliver the frequency range and fast response found in full-size headphones in a direct-to-ear package all the while isolating you from external haze. The Skullcandy comes with a stylish travel case so you can always keep them neat and tidy and make sure that the cable doesn’t get tangled when they are not in use.

JayBird SB2 Bluetooth Headphones

Designed with a mixture of 80’s retro styling and futuristic sleek design, the JayBird SB2 Bluetooth headphones are the perfect accessory for your iPhone 4. Available in 9 eye-catching colours including red, black, blue, orange and white, these headphones can produce CD quality sound over Bluetooth.The JayBird SB2 headphones can be used with any Bluetooth music device and have built in buttons to play, pause and skip tracks. What’s more there is also a built-in microphone and a button for answering calls should you be using your mobile phone, simply push the button and the music will be paused and will resume when the call has finished.Don’t worry if your music device doesn’t have Bluetooth, as JayBird also sell Bluetooth adapters. The iSport adapter is designed for the iPods, iPhones and iPads, and the uSport adapter is for any device with a 3.5mm headphone socket.The JayBird SB2 Bluetooth headphones are available now for $99 each, the iSport and uSport can be purchased separately for $50 each.

I-Got-Control turns your iPhone into a universal remote

Keep losing your remote controls? Got an iPhone? Then you’re in luck. The i-Got-Control turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a universal remote control that can control virtually any infrared device including TV’s, DVD players and music systems.The IR remote control accessory plugs into the bottom of the iPhone via the 30-pin dock connector and is powered by the device meaning no batteries are needed. To use, simply download the i-Got-Control application from iTunes, connect the control accessory, choose your devices from a list of thousands and sit back and relax with your new universal remote control.Don’t worry if your device isn’t on the list, the application has a learn mode where you simply push the learn button and tap the remote button you want to copy, the application will save it for future reference.The i-Got-Control accessory is available now for $69.95 and the software is free from iTunes.

Retro iPod dock – the iTeufel Radio

This rather nifty retro looking iPod dock, the iTeufel Radio is a great addition to any household and an ideal alarm clock to wake you up in the morning. Wrapped in a stylish walnut veneer, the iTeufel Radio not only plays and charges your iPod but is also a radio alarm clock.Delivering excellent sound via the two full rang speakers and integrated subwoofer, the iTeufel Radio can be controlled with the bundled remote control which can also control your iPod allowing you to play, pause and skip through your songs from a distance. The alarm can be set up as a sound, radio station or your favourite iPod tune so you always get up on time.Measuring just 34 x 14.5 x 16.5cm this radio alarm/iPod dock can be easily transported to any room in the house allowing you to enjoy your favourite radio/iPod songs wherever you are. An integrated 3.5mm headphone socket is also included if you want to listen alone.The iTeufel Radio is available now from the Teufel website priced at £133.

Fitness Gadgets – for a healthier lifestyle

When we think of fitness gadgets the first that comes to mind is the Wii Fit that is marketed by Nintendo, the game itself guides you through various exercise moves. The Wii Fit is still one of the bestselling video games in history and with retail price of around £60 it’s hardly surprising.There are many more fitness gadgets out there, take for example the Body Bugg this is a device from Apex Fitness that monitors with its sensors your activity levels throughout the day and even has its own web program allowing you to carefully track food intake. Then there is Nike + IPod which can track the progress of any work out, especially that early morning jog where you can calculate distance, pace and calories burned. The support kit for the Nike + IPod retails at around £18.00. Special running shoes are needed and access to a running machine is recommended.The Kitrics Nutrition Label Scale is another handy fitness gadget used for weighing your food and seeing just how many calories, carbohydrates and fats are in the food that you are eating. The scale retails at around less than £30.Our favourite fitness gadget of all is the Meal Measure, a really simple idea that allows you to manage the food portion sizes on a plate.  

Apple introduces the new iPod Shuffle

Apple has unveiled the new iPod Shuffle, which is now the smallest audio player in the world and is also the first to introduce VoiceOver, which tells you what song you’re listening to by saying it to you. The new iPod Shuffle has its controls mounted on the headphones as opposed to being on the unit itself, meaning that it measures just 45.2 x 7.8mm.With the new control layout, you can navigate through your music and activate the VoiceOver command without looking, making it easier to concentrate on what you are doing. The new iPod Shuffle has an internal 4GB flash drive capable of holding up to 1000 of your favourite tunes and battery power has also been increased, meaning that it will last up to 10 hours when fully charged.The device is made from stainless steel and has a small clip on the back so you can attract it to your clothes or bag without worrying about it getting lost. There is also space to personalise the Shuffle’s clip with the text of your choice.The VoiceOver feature is really unique and at the touch of a button, the iPod will tell you what track you are listening to and it can even announce the names of your playlists as well. The VoiceOver feature can also speak in 14 different languages so it can tell you artists and songs in there correct languages.The new iPod Shuffle is available in silver or black and comes bundled with Apple’s headphones with remote and a USB cable for charging; the iPod Shuffle is available now from the Apple website for £59 each.

Griffin PowerDock – Charges up to 4 iPods at the same time

Griffin Technology has a range of innovative accessories for the iPod and iPhone, and the newest of these is the Griffin Powerdock. Designed as a power solution for the iPod, the Powerdock allows charging of up to 4 iPods at the same time. There are two models, the Powerdock 2 for 2 iPods and the Powerdock 4 for charging up to 4 iPods.This elegantly designed charger is finished in brushed aluminium and has rubber grips on the bottom to keep in on your work surface or desktop. The Powerdock plugs straight into the wall and will charge any combination of iPod models.Each Powerdock comes with a set of 8 universal adaptors that are compatible with most iPods, iPod nano’s, iPod Touch and even the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. The Griffin Powerdock is an ideal solution if you have multiple iPods in your household.The Griffin Powerdock is available now for around £25 (2 iPod charger) and £40 (4 iPod charger).

Sony X-series walkman set to take on iPod Touch

Sony has announced a new range of walkman MP3 players to compete with the iPod Touch. The X-series walkman has an impressive 3 inch touchscreen OLED display with a resolution of 432×240. The X-series will be the first Sony Walkman to have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so you can browse the web, download podcasts and DRM-free tracks straight from iTunes as well as watch content from the BBC iPlayer.The X-series walkman will be available in 16GB or 32GB versions and can play various audio and video formats. Together with the touchscreen, the X-series also has buttons to access certain features and improve navigation. The device is also the first to offer digital noise cancelling technology to block out ambient noise and bundled with the device is a pair of EX headphones, carry case and charging stand with USB connection.There is no word on price yet, but expect it to be competitive with the iPod touch. The Sony X-series Walkman will be available before summer in the UK.