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The Pick of Google IO 2014

Google sees wearable technology in its future This year was one of the first years for a good while, where focus was not on Google Glass, due to the fact it’s officially on its way. But it doesn’t there was no wearable technology being showcased and no attention grabbing products, in fact, at a time when many companies are scaling back what the offer, Google are expanding even further, from watches, to televisions and gaming set-top boxes to cars, is there nothing Google won’t try their hand at? (more…)

Announced the Amazon Fire Phone

The online retail giant Amazon is now venturing into the smartphone market. They have put themselves into streaming services, have their own tablet and even have edged into console gaming with their latest release the Amazon Fire TV. So it only makes sense that they now push forward into the smartphone arena.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Bigger but is it Better?

The new Surface Pro 3 has been officially launched by Microsoft, and for many its size caught quite a number of people off guard as many were expecting a Surface Mini to be launched. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is bigger than the predecessor and it is also faster than its predecessor. (more…)

Carphone Warehouse and Dixons to Create Retail Giant with Merger

For many people Carphone Warehouse and Dixons have been huge high-street names for a long time, a staple and mainstay in a time where competitors and other high-street stores have disappeared. So the announcement that both these retail giants are merging, will be good news for staff and customers alike as they look to cement themselves in the high-street for years to come. Both companies have agreed to a £3.8bn merger which will create an electrical retail giant which will have under its belt 3,000 stores and sales of almost £12bn. (more…)

Does the EU Support Censorship? Backs ‘right to be forgotten’

It’s a tricky subject matter, removing data from the internet upon request, could see us heading towards censorship. At the moment the test case as seen by the European Union Court of Justice in regards to “irrelevant” and outdated data being erased on request is a simple matter of privacy. The EU has ruled in favour of the case brought by a Spanish man and they state that Google must amend some search results at the request of ordinary people in a test of the so-called “right to be forgotten”.

NASA Looking At the Extraordinary Possibility of Deep Space Missions – And the Death’s of Colin Pillinger and Bill Dana

The Mars Rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity have spent several months exploring the red planet Mars, sending back data and collecting samples. The next step to exploring this fascinating planet which is the next closest one to us, is send humans to explore. $17 million worth of funding has been given to the Three NASA Ames Research Center studies. These studies aim to explore the effects of deep space exploration on astronauts’ health. (more…)

Dreadful Start to the Year for Nintendo Blame laid with the Wii U

With both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 launching at the end of 2013, you knew it wouldn’t be a brilliant year for the competitors, especially Nintendo who haven’t been fairing very well in the last couple of years. However even investors in Nintendo would probably be shocked at the staggering losses the company have seen in the past financial year. The loss of $456 million is being blamed on the poor sales of the Wii U which hasn’t been able to have capitalised on the success of its predecessor the Wii. There has been a reduction in the price of the Wii U in both the US and Europe which is impacting the financial situation, with not enough consoles being sold to make up the price drop. Nintendo’s software sales have also been poor, with 18.9 million software units sold during the last fiscal year which wasn’t a sufficient enough growth. If you want to see the comparisons between consoles, you can see why Nintendo has not fared well in the last 12 months: (more…)

Amazing New Tech – 3D Printing Pen

A 3D printing pen is not a new idea, last year 3Doodler was launched as the world’s first 3D printing pen which had a massive Kickstarter campaign. The 3Doodler used a quick-hardening filament which allows you to draw free-form three-dimensional objects by hand with no need to draw the designs on a computer first. Such an awesome idea, now U.K. start Lix is building a precise version of the 3Doodler concept. (more…)

For One Day Only – Google Glass for Sale to Anyone (US Only)

For those not on Beta test lists or pre-ordered via special secret codes, you can now, for one day only become a Google Glass Explorer, next week. On Tuesday 15th April 2014 Google will be opening up spots in its Explorer programme to test the fascinating and somewhat controversial technology. It is open to any adult in the US but it will set you back $1500 + tax.

Xbox One News

This week has been a big week for Xbox One news, from admission, they made ‘wrong decisions’ to possibility of backwards compatibility and new TV shows in-between. The main news was that Microsoft has a new head of Xbox, Phil Spencer and his first job? Apologise and admit that the company did make some mistakes of their new console: