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Yahoo Owned Flickr to End Love Affair with Google and Facebook

Online image hosting site Flickr looks set to segregate their user base as owners Yahoo made the announcement that changes would be made to the site, including the withdrawal of Google and Facebook login to accounts held on the picture hosting platform as Yahoo look to capture their own user interaction, revealing that the shut out would come into force June 30th. (more…)

Netflix and Verizon go to war over Net Neutrality

On Thursday Verizon Communications, a leading US broadband provider, sent a cease and desist to Netflix regarding a new loading screen the online streaming services has launched. In the new loading screen Netflix blames Verizon’s over crowded network for the slow loading of video as they adjust the “video for smoother playback”.

What would Apple’s Holographic iWatch of the Future look like?

For the past few recent years, Apple have been holding back on the idea of producing an iWatch, despite several other technological firms moving forward with the concept. But perhaps this year will be the one where they decide to go ahead with it, and possibly will even push on to make it holographic as one of their patent filings suggests it will be. (more…)

The Google Driverless Car

Google has unveiled its plans to start building its own range of self-driving cars that function without a steering wheel, an accelerator or a brake pedal.

In 2008, Google kickstarted their own driverless car project, working on modifying cars that had been built by other manufacturers, equipping them with sensors, computers and navigation equipment, but has now begun developing a vehicle of their own making. In pictures and promotional videos that have been released, the Google vehicle features what has been described as a “friendly face” that is non-threatening and will help people to accept the new technology. (more…)

What gifts to get the X-Men?

Giving gifts at any time of the year, whether for a birthday or Christmas, can be difficult, especially if the recipient is one of those people that seems to have everything. Online gift emporium Find Me A Gift understands the problems people can have finding the perfect present for a loved one, so have come up with a fun infographic suggesting some of the best and worst gifts you could buy for the X-Men.

D-Wave: The $15m quantum computer of the future

A Canadian start-up company has revealed that it has seemingly done the impossible: it has created a practical quantum computer that is decades before its time. The device itself, while being the size of a garden shed, appears fairly simply from the outside being a black box with the firm’s logo on the side, but it will cost you more than $15m (£9m) to purchase.

Xbox One no longer to be sold with Kinect

Microsoft yesterday announced that the Xbox One game console will no longer be sold with the Kinect bundle worldwide from the 9th June. Not only will this decision give gamers more options, it will also lower the price of the console to £350, the same price as the Sony Playstation 4 and $399 in the US.

World’s fastest lift to be built by Hitachi

A skyscraper in the city of Guangzhou in Southern China will soon be the recipient of what is said to be the fastest lift in the world, constructed by Hitachi and predicted to be able to reach speeds of up to 45mph (72km/h). Visitors to the Guangzhou CTF Financial Centre, which is currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in 2016, will be able to zoom up 95 floors in just 43 seconds.

Amazon’s latest gadget: The Dash

Last week, Amazon announced the news that they were bringing out a brand new gadget: the Dash. The product is simply a handheld device, resembling a remote control that allows you to remotely order your groceries.