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Be amongst the first to buy one of Apple’s HomeKit devices

Coming to the UK in July, Elagato confirmed that Eve, the company’s range of sensors used for monitoring your home, will be available here then. So for those of us that is interested in transforming their houses into smart homes, below is a full rundown of all the products Elgato will be releasing.

Still no decent Wi-Fi in British Hotels

In this modern age of mobiles and internet, it is still a shocking revelation to find that for businessmen and travellers around the country, hotels in Britain are some of the worst in the world for providing guests with an adequate Wi-Fi service; we lag behind countries like Romania and Vietnam for example.

New iPhone on the way very soon

We have been reading reports that the new Apple iPhone 6 is about to begin production in Taiwan late this month to be ready for the launch planned in the autumn. The first of the new models is apparently going to be a 4.7 inch, with the widely rumoured 5.5 inch version to begin manufacture in the second week of August this year.

Sell Hack plugin exposes LinkedIn user email addresses

Popular networking site, LinkedIn, has recently been subject to security breaches via a web browser plugin that exposes the email addresses of users of the site.

Sell Hack, which is an add-on extension available for free in Chrome browsers, can be installed by any user. Once set up, a “hack in” button will appear on LinkedIn profiles, giving users the opportunity to search their information for email addresses. Even if the user is not connected via LinkedIn, the email address will still be available to them.

SXSW Snowden, Gaga and Grumpy Cat

The SXSW Festival this year has again hit the top mark with Lady Gaga as a keynote speak and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden speaking to attendees via video link and they even managed an appearance by the ever popular Grumpy Cat. But by far the most popular talk was by Snowden who had filled the auditorium, he spoke about how the US and other governments is “setting fire to the future of the internet”, through their surveillance.

Flappy Birds the Rise and Fall of a Simple Game

Many people, didn’t come to learn about this little addictive game, until it was too late. A spirited frenzy in the last couple of weeks on social media saw sales of this mobile app game pick up to crazy levels as people joined the bandwagon as such. A bit like how Candy Crush took over your social media friends lives, so did Flappy Bird in a short space of time.