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HTC Incredible S Review

The HTC Incredible S is one of the latest handsets offered by market leading mobile phone manufacturer HTC and an updated version of their successful HTC Incredible model. The new HTC Incredible S carries with it a number of significant upgrades on its predecessor, including an improved 4′ screen, reduction in weight and updated Android operating system. One of the best features on the HTC Incredible S is the 8 megapixel, 720p HD camera the phone has, which will take crystal clear HD images and videos. These images can then either be uploaded to a computer or streamed directly to any HD Ready TV with a DLNA wireless connection.

People looking for contract HTC Incredible S deals can expect to pay between £20 and £28 per month for their phone, which will give an average of 100-500 minutes of free calls, over 500 free texts and around 500MB of data transfer allowance per month. Perhaps the best part of the contract HTC Incredible S deals which are on offer at the moment is the fact that they all offer the actual handset either for free or a nominal fee of less than £10.

Customers looking to buy the handset by itself without a contract should expect to pay between £350 and £400, depending on the exact retailer and conditions. Unfortunately, as there are no HTC Incredible S deals for pay as you go customers, they will have to buy the handset at full price.