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Ofcom caps BT’s broadband prices for rural Britain

Good news for subscribers in rural Britain was the ruling that Ofcom had imposed a cap on BT’s wholesale prices to internet service providers (ISPs). The regulator said that BT must reduce its prices to 12pc below inflation by mid-August in areas where it is the only wholesale provider of broadband, or 11.7pc of the country. It added that it expects ISPs in those areas to drop retail prices for customers by the end of the year.

What concerns people more though is reliability and many ask why is technology the preserve of the city or town dweller? Many are prepared to pay for a quality service, with adequate bandwidth, as well as reliability and not 6mb at 6am which goes down steadily during the day and at 6pm delivers a massive 0.25! Such a disparity makes it easy for BT to say you get 6mb when in reality this is not the case.