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VOIP for iPad users

Are you an iPad user and would like to use voice over internet protocol, if so then you are in luck as one of the UKs leading VOIP providers Coms plc has today launched a VoIP telephone service that enables Apple iPad users to make and receive telephone calls over their internet connection. The service includes advanced telephone features such as voicemail and call recording, as well as low cost call plans to all international locations.

The new users’ will be offered a £5 free calling credit and will be able to choose from a selection of monthly subscription packages which start at £5. Although the service is offered to all iPad users, it is particularly useful to travellers, because when they connect to a local Wi Fi network they will be able to receive inbound calls without any high roaming fees, and outgoing calls will be charged at their local call plan rates. It is soon hoped that the company Coms can add the feature which allows customers to transfer their existing BT numbers to the Coms service, as well as making the service compatible with all leading operating systems including Android, OS and Symbian.