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Problems connecting to Wi-Fi

Many people report that they have trouble connecting to free Wi-Fi outlets in hotels and other places so if you are having a problem what is the best advice? Firstly you should always ensure that your laptop or netbook is has the latest driver so you should find the most up to date version and instructions on how to install it on your computer manufacturer’s website.

Signal strength is often an issue because although it may be showing, with a couple of signal bars, some operating systems such as Windows 7 may have trouble establishing a connection. Get as close to the router as you can and try again. Once a working link has been made it should connect again further away in weaker signal areas. If that doesn’t work go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Centre and click Wireless Network Connection. Click Wireless Network Properties and the Connection tab and make sure that only Connect automatically is checked. Some laptops will not connect to some wifi signals, so perhaps buy an external USB wifi stick and take that with you, it can be that an alternative wifi receiver will resolve this kind of problem. If it still won’t connect then your security software and firewall may be to blame; on an open Wi-Fi system we would not advocate disabling it.