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The history of Motorola mobile phones

Motorola was founded in the 1930s as a company that manufactured car radios.  Only with the mobile phone revolution that began in the 1980s did it change and expand to make its most famous line of products.  Motorola had already been making car telephones although these would generally consume so much power that they could only be used whilst the engine was running.

Since that time, Motorola has become known as one of the most important mobile phone manufacturers in the world.  Its first commercial mobile phone was released to the market in 1983 and its first phone had the model name “DynaTAC”, which was short for “Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage”.

Whilst the technology was revolutionary in theory, the fact that it cost many thousands of pounds meant that it did not appeal to the mass market.  As mobile technology changed, it became a household item and by the late 1990s it was estimated that Motorola mobile phones brought in approximately $20 billion revenue for the company.  This figure dropped after 2000 as Motorola mobile phones became less popular and less competitive with other manufacturers.  This was during the era that phone capabilities were widening and some suggest that Motorola phones had poor implementation of those features compared to their competitors.  With the move towards smartphones and the Android platform in particular, Motorola has seen its market share increase again.  Manufacturers now need to place more emphasis on hardware and casing design than software.