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The HTC Incredible S Smartphone

When the HTC Incredible S debuted, many were curious about the design and function of this smartphone.  HTC markets the Incredible S as a new and improved phone that uses the Sense interface.

Some aspects of the Incredible S remain the same as those of other HTC models.  One such component is HTC Sense, the basic interface used on most HTC mobile phones.  Sense allows users to access weather, internet browsers, maps, clocks, and additional smartphone apps. 

One new feature of the Incredible S phone involves the buttons.  They are lit rather than painted on and can flip depending on what direction the phone is facing.  However, some HTC Incredible S reviewers have expressed criticisms, as these users feel that the buttons are not sufficiently vibrant or evenly lit.

Browsing is a popular smartphone activity, and consumers seeking HTC Incredible S deals will be pleased with the phone’s capability in this area.  The screen of the Incredible S is a good size, more than 10 centimetres in total.  This allows for easy viewing of websites.  Additionally, HTC Sense is powerful enough to quickly display browsers on the phone’s wide screen.  Website content appears clearly on the screen and can be read with ease.

The large screen is also useful for other functions, such as watching movies, recording video, and taking pictures.  The 8-megapixel camera and HD camcorder are also bonuses for users who want to use the phone for recording images.  High-quality videos and pictures are accessible in the palm of a user’s hand with the HTC Incredible S.