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Acer 5742 Laptop

Laptops from Acer are known for their sleek looks and have a host of features that make computing a pleasure. More and more tech savvy users are choosing the Acer brand their laptops are increasingly the choice made by computing enthusiasts and give great value for money. Not only are you assured of the quality by way of the brand name behind the laptop but you also do not go beyond your budget to achieve it.

The Acer 5742 features powerful processing and wide-ranging communication capabilities, has a generous 15.6” display, great features and as you would expect elegant styling. This streamlined net book is about 12 in thickness making it easy to handle with a truly professional look. Fitted with a 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive and Intel core i5-460M processor, this notebook will met most demands asked of it including seamless gaming and multitasking.


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