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The latest gadget but no pen or pencil

According to schoolteacher union NASUWT school children arrive at school armed with the very latest gadgets including, mobile phones, iPods, hand hold games consoles and even iPads to class, but without the basic tools of a pen or pencil. The problem has become so grave that schools now have to arrange to sign agreements with parents that make it the parents’ responsibility that their children turn up with textbooks and pens for school each day.

Young people aspire to have the MacBook and other expensive equipment but teachers are concerned that the children seem to have all their priorities skewed, automatically reaching for their MP3 players and so on, but not for the writing equipment. With the influence of electronic equipment on people, industrialists are worried that schoolchildren should be able to pick up a pen and construct a sentence, which is correct in terms of grammar and spelling, without resorting to an electronic spellchecking device which will probably give them an incorrect, American version anyway.