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E-Readers are more popular than ever

The popularity of e-readers such as the Sony portable readers system or the Amazon Kindle is growing. These devices allow users to download books, in the case of the Kindle from Amazon, or the Sony from many book stores with online web pages. Both of these items are lightweight and portable so they are ideal for taking away on holiday.

Medical students are prodigious readers, by necessity. But they’re not alone in expressing concern about how electronic reading devices are affecting their eyesight. Whether it’s a Smartphone, a dedicated electronic reader like the Kindle or the Sony, or a multipurpose tablet like the iPad, digital gadgets are becoming the preferred platform for more and more readers. Sales of e-books are now increasing more than hard covers and a 116 percent increase over January 2010. Basic devices like Amazon’s Kindle series, the Sony Readers use “E Ink,” an electronic format that has no lighting and closely resembles the grey printed page of a real book. Many readers prefer this technology to bright liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens like the iPads.