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Is the Apple iPad2 any nearer?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the iPad 2, but you have to ask is it any nearer, is it to be any better that he original iPad? So will it be nearer then, there is talk in the ‘States at any rate that it will be coming along in the spring of this year, 2011 but will it have lots of new gizmos?

The talk is that it will have many sophisticated advancements, let’s hope it is more than a front and backward facing camera for example.  It is understood to have things like feature a USB port, SD card slots, Wi-Fi, a dual core processor. Also rumour has it that it will have many internet applications, such as IM and E-mail, social networking and Google search. All of these will make it much more functional to many users more in keeping with the Samsung Galaxy Tab perhaps. One thing is certain; all the leading network service providers in the UK market will come up with several iPad deals.