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BT Seeks Funding

BT are offering to match £830 million of government funding in order to help deliver super-fast broadband to the nation by 2017.  The offer has not yet been formally made, but will be discussed next week.  If BT are given the go ahead, TV licence funds will be tapped into.  Initially it was thought that this would not be enough, but The Times has stated that £150 million a year will go towards broadband projects.  This will be brought into play alongside the £230 million that has already been made available from the Digital Switchover under-spend.  

Broadband Deliver UK (BDUK) has to be seen to be treating all broadband providers equally and as a result they may remain impartial about giving so much money to BT.  Tough competition for funding is expected from smaller rural projects that are able to prove they can deliver broadband services economically.  The Times also claim that BT is going to help out rural market towns with the new super-fast service.  The upgrade will be trialed next year, to see whether or not it is feasible, but it is safe to say that we will witness faster broadband in the very near future.  It is a move to invest in the future of the network, so we can all expect a reliable and consistent service, regardless of the number of users.  BT’s plans are big, but then again, so is super-fast broadband.