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HTC in big sales push for 2011

Not satisfied with the huge impact that it made in 2010, successful ‘phone company HTC is planning a huge sales push in the coming year for its Smartphone. Although they sold an impressive 20 million handsets in 2010, they are planning a massive hike of three times that number in 2011 to 60 million ‘phones.

Reaching this goal will of course be very impressive, not to say ambitious, but even then they will fall short of the Finnish phone maker Nokia who currently sells about 100 million phones per year. Regardless though, it is still a good goal for HTC mobile phones and one that many analysts believe that HTC can not only reach but also surpass.

Reports of this goal were known when HTC had discussions with their suppliers to ensure that they had sufficient materials on hand and were able to maintain this supply, ensuring that there would be no lack of supply or continuity, which would prevent the company from reaching its goal.