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The Hottest Christmas Gifts

No prizes for guessing that the hottest gifts this Christmas are going to be electronic gadgets. You will not be surprised to know that these tech gifts this season are going to be sleekly designed electronic tablets so thin you can barely see them when turned on their sides. Most are elegant, touch-screen devices, inspired by the iPhone, that respond to a flick of your finger. But beyond that, they may not have much in common. Some are souped-up music and mp3 video players that slip into your pocket. Others are designed to take the place either alone or in combination of books, sketchpads, cell phones, cameras, game machines, even laptops suitable for light business tasks.

Amongst the tops this festive season will probably be: Apple iPad, a knockout to look at, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, giving maximum portability, or the Apple iPod Touch 2010, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the latest generation of the iPod. These are only three of what we expect will be a bumper, hot Christmas for tech gadgets.